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H A Dlimits.h49 # define PATH_MAX MAXPATHLEN macro
51 # define PATH_MAX 2048 macro
H A Ddo_printer.c54 #define PATH_MAX 1024 macro
58 #define PATH_MAX 1024 macro
H A Dsyslimits.h63 #define PATH_MAX 1024 /* max bytes in pathname */ macro
H A Dpathcd.c37 #define PATH_MAX 16 macro
H A Ddst_internal.h30 # define PATH_MAX POSIX_PATH_MAX macro
32 # define PATH_MAX 255 /*%< this is the value of POSIX_PATH_MAX */ macro
H A Dpkgserv.c79 pkgfilename(char path[PATH_MAX], const char *root, const char *sadmdir, in pkgfilename()
157 pkgfindrealsadmdir(char fullpath[PATH_MAX], const char *root, in pkgfindrealsadmdir()
H A Dport_after.h76 #define PATH_MAX _POSIX_PATH_MAX macro
H A Dsaslint.h104 # define PATH_MAX MAX_PATH macro
107 # define PATH_MAX _POSIX_PATH_MAX macro
109 # define PATH_MAX 1024 /* arbitrary; probably big enough will macro
H A Dlimits.h94 #define PATH_MAX 1024 /* max # of characters in a path name */ macro
H A Dnftw.c124 #define PATH_MAX 1023 macro
H A Dfsys_minix.c156 #define PATH_MAX 1024 /* include/linux/limits.h */ macro
H A Dfsys_ext2fs.c245 #define PATH_MAX 1024 /* include/linux/limits.h */ macro
H A Dfsys_reiserfs.c290 #define PATH_MAX 1024 /* include/linux/limits.h */ macro
H A Dast.h46 #define PATH_MAX 1024 macro
H A Dpre-process.c900 #define PATH_MAX 4096 // for Hurd where it's not defined macro
H A Dtpmtok_int.h100 #define PATH_MAX MAXPATHLEN macro
H A Dratz.c4457 #define PATH_MAX 256 macro