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H A Dacsolaris.h111 #define ACPI_ACQUIRE_GLOBAL_LOCK(Facs, Acq) \ argument
114 #define ACPI_RELEASE_GLOBAL_LOCK(Facs, Acq) \ argument
H A Dtbutils.c186 ACPI_TABLE_FACS *Facs; in AcpiTbInitializeFacs() local
H A Dhwxfsleep.c227 ACPI_TABLE_FACS *Facs, in AcpiHwSetFirmwareWakingVector()
H A Daxutils.c669 ACPI_TABLE_FACS *Facs = (ACPI_TABLE_FACS *) (void *) Header; in AxDumpTableHeader() local
H A Dactbl.h368 UINT32 Facs; /* 32-bit physical address of FACS */ member