History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/uts/common/net/route.h (Results 1 – 8 of 8)
Revision Date Author Comments
# 550b6e40 01-Jul-2010 Sowmini Varadhan

PSARC 2010/166 layer-3 net properties for exclusive-IP zones
6944327 need to support address and defrouter resources for exclusive-IP zones

# 1cb875ae 17-Nov-2009 Cathy Zhou

PSARC/2008/693 VRRP
PSARC/2009/388 VRRP Update
6288572 RFE: VRRP implementation desired for Solaris

# bd670b35 11-Nov-2009 Erik Nordmark

PSARC/2009/331 IP Datapath Refactoring
PSARC/2008/522 EOF of 2001/070 IPsec HW Acceleration support
PSARC/2009/495 netstat -r flags for blackhole and reject routes
PSARC 2009/496 EOF of X

PSARC/2009/331 IP Datapath Refactoring
PSARC/2008/522 EOF of 2001/070 IPsec HW Acceleration support
PSARC/2009/495 netstat -r flags for blackhole and reject routes
PSARC/2009/494 IP_DONTFRAG socket option
PSARC/2009/515 fragmentation controls for ping and traceroute
6798716 ip_newroute delenda est
6798739 ARP and IP are too separate
6807265 IPv4 ip2mac() support
6756382 Please remove Venus IPsec HWACCEL code
6880632 sendto/sendmsg never returns EHOSTUNREACH in Solaris
6748582 sendmsg() return OK, but doesn't send message using IPv4-mapped x IPv6 addr
1119790 TCP and path mtu discovery
4637227 should support equal-cost multi-path (ECMP)
5078568 getsockopt() for IPV6_PATHMTU on a non-connected socket should not succeed
6419648 "AR* contract private note" should be removed as part of ATM SW EOL
6274715 Arp could keep the old entry in the cache while it waits for an arp response
6605615 Remove duplicated TCP/IP opt_set/opt_get code; use conn_t
6874677 IP_TTL can be used to send with ttl zero
4034090 arp should not let you delete your own entry
6882140 Implement IP_DONTFRAG socket option
6883858 Implement ping -D option; traceroute -F should work for IPv6 and shared-IP zones
1119792 TCP/IP black hole detection is broken on receiver
4078796 Directed broadcast forwarding code has problems
4104337 restrict the IPPROTO_IP and IPPROTO_IPV6 options based on the socket family
4203747 Source address selection for source routed packets
4230259 pmtu is increased every ip_ire_pathmtu_interval timer value.
4300533 When sticky option ipv6_pktinfo set to bogus address subsequent connect time out
4471035 ire_delete_cache_gw is called through ire_walk unnecessarily
4514572 SO_DONTROUTE socket option doesn't work with IPv6
4524980 tcp_lookup_ipv4() should compare the ifindex against tcpb->tcpb_bound_if
4532714 machine fails to switch quickly among failed default routes
4634219 IPv6 path mtu discovery is broken when using routing header
4691581 udp broadcast handling causes too many replicas
4708405 mcast is broken on machines when all interfaces are IFF_POINTOPOINT
4770457 netstat/route: source address of interface routes pretends to be gateway address
4786974 use routing table to determine routes/interface for multicast
4792619 An ip_fanout_udp_ipc_v6() routine might lead to some simpler code
4816115 Nuke ipsec_out_use_global_policy
4862844 ipsec offload corner case
4867533 tcp_rq and tcp_wq are redundant
4868589 NCEs should be shared across an IPMP group
4872093 unplumbing an improper virtual interface panics in ip_newroute_get_dst_ill()
4901671 FireEngine needs some cleanup
4907617 IPsec identity latching should be done before sending SYN-ACK
4941461 scopeid and IPV6_PKTINFO with UDP/ICMP connect() does not work properly
4944981 ip does nothing with IP6I_NEXTHOP
4963353 IPv4 and IPv6 proto fanout codes could be brought closer
4963360 consider passing zoneid using ip6i_t instead of ipsec_out_t in NDP
4963734 new ip6_asp locking is used incorrectly in ip_newroute_v6()
5008315 IPv6 code passes ip6i_t to IPsec code instead of ip6_t
5009636 memory leak in ip_fanout_proto_v6()
5092337 tcp/udp option handling can use some cleanup
5035841 Solaris can fail to create a valid broadcast ire
5043747 ar_query_xmit: Could not find the ace
5051574 tcp_check_policy is missing some checks
6305037 full hardware checksum is discarded when there're more than 2 mblks in the chain
6311149 ip.c needs to be put through a woodchipper
4708860 Unable to reassemble CGTP fragmented multicast packets
6224628 Large IPv6 packets with IPsec protection sometimes have length mismatch.
6213243 Solaris does not currently support Dead Gateway Detection
5029091 duplicate code in IP's input path for TCP/UDP/SCTP
4674643 through IPv6 CGTP routes, the very first packet is sent only after a while
6207318 Multiple default routes do not round robin connections to routers.
4823410 IP has an inconsistent view of link mtu
5105520 adding interface route to down interface causes ifconfig hang
5105707 advanced sockets API introduced some dead code
6318399 IP option handling for icmp and udp is too complicated
6321434 Every dropped packet in IP should use ip_drop_packet()
6341693 ifconfig mtu should operate on the physical interface, not individual ipif's
6352430 The credentials attached to an mblk are not particularly useful
6357894 uninitialised ipp_hoplimit needs to be cleaned up.
6363568 ip_xmit_v6() may be missing IRE releases in error cases
6364828 ip_rput_forward needs a makeover
6384416 System panics when running as multicast forwarder using multicast tunnels
6402382 TX: UDP v6 slowpath is not modified to handle mac_exempt conns
6418413 assertion failed ipha->ipha_ident == 0||ipha->ipha_ident == 0xFFFF
6420916 assertion failures in ipv6 wput path
6430851 use of b_prev to store ifindex is not 100% safe
6446106 IPv6 packets stored in nce->nce_qd_mp will be sent with incorrect tcp/udp checksums
6453711 SCTP OOTB sent as if genetated by global zone
6465212 ARP/IP merge should remove ire_freemblk.esballoc
6490163 ip_input() could misbehave if the first mblk's size is not big enough
6496664 missing ipif_refrele leads to reference leak and deferred crash in ip_wput_ipsec_out_v6
6504856 memory leak in ip_fanout_proto_v6() when using link local outer tunnel addresses
6507765 IRE cache hash function performs badly
6510186 IP_FORWARD_PROG bit is easily overlooked
6514727 cgtp ipv6 failure on snv54
6528286 MULTIRT (CGTP) should offload checksum to hardware
6533904 SCTP: doesn't support traffic class for IPv6
6539415 TX: ipif source selection is flawed for unlabeled gateways
6539851 plumbed unworking nic blocks sending broadcast packets
6564468 non-solaris SCTP stack over rawip socket: netstat command counts rawipInData not rawipOutDatagrams
6568511 ipIfStatsOutDiscards not bumped when discarding an ipsec packet on the wrong NIC
6584162 tcp_g_q_inactive() makes incorrect use of taskq_dispatch()
6603974 round-robin default with many interfaces causes infinite temporary IRE thrashing
6611750 ilm_lookup_ill_index_v4 was born an orphan
6618423 ip_wput_frag_mdt sends out packets that void pfhooks
6620964 IRE max bucket count calculations performed in ip_ire_init() are flawed
6626266 various _broadcasts seem redundant
6638182 IP_PKTINFO + SO_DONTROUTE + CIPSO IP option == panic
6647710 IPv6 possible DoS vulnerability
6657357 nce should be kmem_cache alloc'ed from an nce_cache.
6685131 ilg_add -> conn_ilg_alloc interacting with conn_ilg[] walkers can cause panic.
6730298 adding key with mask != 0 causes 'route delete default' to fail
6730976 vni and ipv6 doesn't quite work.
6740956 assertion failed: mp->b_next == 0L && mp->b_prev == 0L in nce_queue_mp_common()
6748515 BUMP_MIB() is occasionally done on the wrong ill
6753250 ip_output_v6() `notv6' error path has an errant ill_refrele()
6756411 NULL-pointer dereference in ip_wput_local()
6769582 IP must forward packet returned from FW-HOOK
6781525 bogus usesrc usage leads directly to panic
6422839 System paniced in ip_multicast_loopback due to NULL pointer dereference
6785521 initial IPv6 DAD solicitation is dropped in ip_newroute_ipif_v6()
6787370 ipnet devices not seeing forwarded IP packets on outgoing interface
6791187 ip*dbg() calls in ip_output_options() claim to originate from ip_wput()
6794047 nce_fp_mp prevents sharing of NCEs across an IPMP group
6797926 many unnecessary ip0dbg() in ip_rput_data_v6
6846919 Packet queued for ND gets sent in the clear.
6856591 ping doesn't send packets with DF set
6861113 arp module has incorrect dependency path for hook module
6865664 IPV6_NEXTHOP does not work with TCP socket
6874681 No ICMP time exceeded when a router receives packet with ttl = 0
6880977 ip_wput_ire() uses over 1k of stack
6595433 IPsec performance could be significantly better when calling hw crypto provider synchronously
6848397 ifconfig down of an interface can hang.
6849602 IPV6_PATHMTU size issue for UDP
6885359 Add compile-time option for testing pure IPsec overhead
6889268 Odd loopback source address selection with IPMP
6895420 assertion failed: connp->conn_helper_info == NULL
6851189 Routing-related panic occurred during reboot on T2000 system running snv_117
6896174 Post-async-encryption, AH+ESP packets may have misinitialized ipha/ip6
6896687 iptun presents IPv6 with an MTU < 1280
6897006 assertion failed: ipif->ipif_id != 0 in ip_sioctl_slifzone_restart

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# e11c3f44 07-Jan-2009 meem

PSARC/2007/272 Project Clearview: IPMP Rearchitecture
PSARC/2008/773 IPQoS if_groupname Selector Removal
PSARC/2009/001 Move in.mpathd into /lib/inet
6783149 Clearview IPMP Rearchitecture

PSARC/2007/272 Project Clearview: IPMP Rearchitecture
PSARC/2008/773 IPQoS if_groupname Selector Removal
PSARC/2009/001 Move in.mpathd into /lib/inet
6783149 Clearview IPMP Rearchitecture
4472956 libipmp should provide administrative interfaces
4494577 ipmp is opaque - there's no way to get current status
4509788 IPMP's usage of interface flags is not backward compatible
4509869 IPMP's address move mechanism needs to be transparent to applications
4531232 "in.rdiscd: sendto: Bad file number" seen during IPMP DR
4533876 new instances of interfaces under ipmp are generated with each dr/op
4699003 in.mpathd should squawk if interfaces in a group have the same hwaddr
4704937 SUNW_ip_rcm.so is sloppy with strings
4713308 IPMP shouldn't failover unconfigured logical interfaces
4785694 non-homogeneous IPMP group does not do failback
4850407 if_mpadm and IPMP DR failure
5015757 ip can panic with ASSERT(attach_ill == ipif->ipif_ill) failure
5086201 in.ndpd's phyint_reach_random() spews "SIOCSLIFLNKINFO Invalid argument"
6184000 routes cannot be created on failed interfaces
6246564 if_mpadm -r <ifname> doesn't bring up IPv6 link-local data address
6359058 SIOCLIFFAILBACK repeatedly fails with EAGAIN; in.mpathd fills logs
6359536 enabling STANDBY on an interface with no test address acts oddly
6378487 in.dhcpd doesn't work well in an IPMP setup
6462335 cannot offline to IPMP interfaces that have no probe targets
6516992 in.routed spews "Address already in use" during IPMP address move
6518460 ip_rcm`update_pif() must remain calm when logical interfaces disappear
6549957 failed IP interfaces at boot may go unreported
6591186 rpcbind can't deal with indirect calls if all addresses are deprecated
6667143 NCE_F_UNSOL_ADV broken
6698480 IGMP version not retained during IPMP failover
6726235 IPMP group failure can sometimes lead to an extra failover
6726645 in.routed skips DEPRECATED addresses even when no others exist
6738310 ip_ndp_recover() checks IPIF_CONDEMNED on the wrong ipif flags field
6739454 system panics at sdpib`sdp_rts_announce
6739531 IPv6 DAD doesn't work well with IPMP
6740719 in.mpathd may fail to switch to router target mode
6743260 ipif_resolver_up() can fail and leave ARP bringup pending
6746613 ip's DL_NOTE_SDU_SIZE logic mishandles ill_max_frag < ill_max_mtu
6748145 in.ndpd's IPv6 link-local hardware address mappings can go stale
6753560 ilg_delete_all() can race with ill_delete_tail() when ilg_ill changes
6755987 stillborn IFF_POINTOPOINT in.mpathd logic should be hauled out
6775126 SUBDIRS ipsecutils element does not in order be
6775811 NCEs can get stuck in ND_INCOMPLETE if ARP fails when IPMP is in-use
6777496 receive-side ILL_HCKSUM_CAPABLE checks look at the wrong ill
6781488 IPSQ timer restart logic can deadlock under stress
6781883 ip_ndp_find_solicitation() can be passed adverts, and has API issues
6784852 RPCIB, SDP, and RDS all break when vanity naming is used
6786048 IPv6 ND probes create IREs with incorrect source addresses
6786091 I_PLINK handling in IP must not request reentry via ipsq_try_enter()
6786711 IPQoS if_groupname selector needs to go
6787091 assertion failure in ipcl_conn_cleanup() due to non-NULL conn_ilg
6789235 INADDR_ANY ILMs can trigger an assertion failure in IPMP environments
6789502 ipif_resolver_up() calls after ipif_ndp_up() clobber ipif_addr_ready
6789718 ip6.tun0 cannot be plumbed in a non-global-zone post-6745288
6789732 libdlpi may get stuck in i_dlpi_strgetmsg()
6789870 ipif6_dup_recovery() may operate on a freed ipif, corrupting memory
6789874 ipnet_nicevent_cb() may call taskq_dispatch() on a bogus taskq
6790310 in.mpathd may core with "phyint_inst_timer: invalid state 4"

rename : usr/src/lib/libinetutil/common/inetutil4.c => usr/src/lib/libinetutil/common/inetutil.c
rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/vni/vni.c => usr/src/uts/common/inet/dlpistub/dlpistub.c
rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/vni/vni.conf => usr/src/uts/common/inet/dlpistub/dlpistub.conf
rename : usr/src/uts/common/inet/vni/vni_impl.h => usr/src/uts/common/inet/dlpistub/dlpistub_impl.h
rename : usr/src/uts/intel/vni/Makefile => usr/src/uts/intel/dlpistub/Makefile
rename : usr/src/uts/sparc/vni/Makefile => usr/src/uts/sparc/dlpistub/Makefile

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# 5c0b7ede 07-Aug-2007 seb

PSARC 2007/311 EOF of Mobile IP
6479886 mipagent and related kernel interfaces should be removed
6511070 mobile IP code in onnv is in dubious state.
6574880 route is missing the FIXEDMTU,

PSARC 2007/311 EOF of Mobile IP
6479886 mipagent and related kernel interfaces should be removed
6511070 mobile IP code in onnv is in dubious state.
6574880 route is missing the FIXEDMTU, VIRTUAL, and DUPLICATE interface flags

rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/common/mipagentstat_door.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/common/mipagentstat_door.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/etc/init.d/mipagent => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/etc/init.d/mipagent
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/etc/mipagent.conf-sample => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/etc/mipagent.conf-sample
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/etc/mipagent.conf.fa-sample => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/etc/mipagent.conf.fa-sample
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/etc/mipagent.conf.ha-sample => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/etc/mipagent.conf.ha-sample
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/Makefile => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/Makefile
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/THIRDPARTYLICENSE => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/THIRDPARTYLICENSE
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/THIRDPARTYLICENSE.descrip => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/THIRDPARTYLICENSE.descrip
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/aaa.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/aaa.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/aaa.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/aaa.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agent.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agent.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agent.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agent.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentID.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentID.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentInit.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentInit.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentKernelIntfce.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentKernelIntfce.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentKernelIntfce.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentKernelIntfce.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentNet.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentNet.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentPeriodic.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentPeriodic.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentSaveState.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/agentSaveState.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/auth.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/auth.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/auth.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/auth.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/fakeDiameter.pl => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/fakeDiameter.pl
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/hash.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/hash.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/hash.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/hash.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/inc.flg => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/inc.flg
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/mip.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/mip.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/mipagent.acl => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/mipagent.acl
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/mipagent.reg => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/mipagent.reg
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/mipagentstat_server.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/mipagentstat_server.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/pool.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/pool.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/pool.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/pool.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/setup.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/setup.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/setup.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/setup.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_appl.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_appl.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_faCOAEntry.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_faCOAEntry.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_faVisitorEntry.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_faVisitorEntry.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_haCounterEntry.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_haCounterEntry.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_haMobilityBindingEntry.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_haMobilityBindingEntry.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_maAdvConfigEntry.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_maAdvConfigEntry.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_mipSecAssocEntry.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_mipSecAssocEntry.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_mipSecViolationEntry.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_mipSecViolationEntry.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_stub.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_stub.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_stub.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_stub.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_trap.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_trap.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_tree.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/snmp_tree.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/thq.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/thq.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/thq.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/thq.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/utils.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.lib/mipagent/utils.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/Makefile => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/Makefile
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/addr.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/addr.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/addr.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/addr.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/advertisements.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/advertisements.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/advertisements.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/advertisements.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/general.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/general.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/general.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/general.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/gsp.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/gsp.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/gsp.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/gsp.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/inc.flg => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/inc.flg
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/mipagentconfig.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/mipagentconfig.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/mipagentconfig.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/mipagentconfig.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/pool.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/pool.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/pool.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/pool.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/spi.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/spi.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/spi.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/spi.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/utils.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/utils.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/utils.h => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentconfig/utils.h
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentstat/Makefile => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentstat/Makefile
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentstat/inc.flg => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentstat/inc.flg
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentstat/main.c => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/mipagentstat/main.c
rename : usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipr/Makefile => deleted_files/usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipr/Makefile
rename : usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipr/depend => deleted_files/usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipr/depend
rename : usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipr/pkginfo.tmpl => deleted_files/usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipr/pkginfo.tmpl
rename : usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipr/prototype_com => deleted_files/usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipr/prototype_com
rename : usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipr/prototype_i386 => deleted_files/usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipr/prototype_i386
rename : usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipr/prototype_sparc => deleted_files/usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipr/prototype_sparc
rename : usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipu/Makefile => deleted_files/usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipu/Makefile
rename : usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipu/depend => deleted_files/usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipu/depend
rename : usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipu/pkginfo.tmpl => deleted_files/usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipu/pkginfo.tmpl
rename : usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipu/prototype_com => deleted_files/usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipu/prototype_com
rename : usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipu/prototype_i386 => deleted_files/usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipu/prototype_i386
rename : usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipu/prototype_sparc => deleted_files/usr/src/pkgdefs/SUNWmipu/prototype_sparc

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# b7b2cb06 01-May-2006 jarrett

6411400 Solaris trusted extensions putback breaks SC build

# 45916cd2 24-Mar-2006 jpk

PSARC/2002/762 Layered Trusted Solaris
PSARC/2005/060 TSNET: Trusted Networking with Security Labels
PSARC/2005/259 Layered Trusted Solaris Label Interfaces
PSARC/2005/573 Solaris Trusted

PSARC/2002/762 Layered Trusted Solaris
PSARC/2005/060 TSNET: Trusted Networking with Security Labels
PSARC/2005/259 Layered Trusted Solaris Label Interfaces
PSARC/2005/573 Solaris Trusted Extensions for Printing
PSARC/2005/691 Trusted Extensions for Device Allocation
PSARC/2005/723 Solaris Trusted Extensions Filesystem Labeling
PSARC/2006/009 Labeled Auditing
PSARC/2006/155 Trusted Extensions RBAC Changes
PSARC/2006/191 is_system_labeled
6293271 Zone processes should use zone_kcred instead of kcred
6394554 integrate Solaris Trusted Extensions

rename : usr/src/cmd/dminfo/Makefile => deleted_files/usr/src/cmd/dminfo/Makefile
rename : usr/src/cmd/dminfo/dminfo.c => usr/src/cmd/allocate/dminfo.c

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# 7c478bd9 14-Jun-2005 stevel@tonic-gate

OpenSolaris Launch