History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/lib/gss_mechs/mech_krb5/krb5/os/hostaddr.c (Results 1 – 5 of 5)
Revision Date Author Comments
# 6a634c9d 19-Aug-2010 Richard Lowe

merge with onnv_147
Reviewed by: garrett@nexenta.com
Approved by: garrett@nexenta.com

# 5e01956f 17-Aug-2010 Glenn Barry

PSARC 2010/135 Kerberos Diagnostic Enhancements (umbrella case)
6835328 Error messages generated by applications using RPCSEC_GSS are too vague

# 35ea52c6 06-Apr-2010 Mark Phalan

6941201 double-frees on error path in krb5_os_hostaddr()

# 159d09a2 24-Oct-2008 Mark Phalan

PSARC/2008/631 Kerberos PKINIT
PSARC/2008/358 removal of kadm5.keytab
6698059 Resync with mit 1.6.3 (pkinit)
6749302 pam_krb5 auth fails with key table entry not found

# 7c478bd9 14-Jun-2005 stevel@tonic-gate

OpenSolaris Launch