xref: /illumos-gate/usr/src/uts/sun4u/opl/Makefile.opl (revision 0aaef2f5)
12063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#
425cf1a30Sjl# The contents of this file are subject to the terms of the
525cf1a30Sjl# Common Development and Distribution License (the "License").
625cf1a30Sjl# You may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
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925cf1a30Sjl# or http://www.opensolaris.org/os/licensing.
1025cf1a30Sjl# See the License for the specific language governing permissions
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1325cf1a30Sjl# When distributing Covered Code, include this CDDL HEADER in each
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1925cf1a30Sjl# CDDL HEADER END
222063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek# Copyright (c) 2006, 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
232063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#
242063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#	Global definitions for sun4u opl implementation specific modules.
252063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#
262063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek# uts/sun4u/opl/Makefile.opl
272063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#
282063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek
292063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#
302063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#	Define directories.
312063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#
322063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#
332063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#
342063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekROOT_OPL_DIR	= $(ROOT_PLAT_DIR)/SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise
352063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekROOT_OPL_MOD_DIR	= $(ROOT_OPL_DIR)/kernel
362063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekROOT_OPL_KERN_DIR_32 = $(ROOT_OPL_MOD_DIR)
372063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekROOT_OPL_KERN_DIR_64 = $(ROOT_OPL_MOD_DIR)/$(SUBDIR64)
382063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekROOT_OPL_MISC_DIR_32 = $(ROOT_OPL_MOD_DIR)/misc
392063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekROOT_OPL_MISC_DIR_64 = $(ROOT_OPL_MOD_DIR)/misc/$(SUBDIR64)
402063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekROOT_OPL_DRV_DIR_32 = $(ROOT_OPL_MOD_DIR)/drv
412063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekROOT_OPL_DRV_DIR_64 = $(ROOT_OPL_MOD_DIR)/drv/$(SUBDIR64)
422063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekROOT_OPL_CPU_DIR_32 = $(ROOT_OPL_MOD_DIR)/cpu
432063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekROOT_OPL_CPU_DIR_64 = $(ROOT_OPL_MOD_DIR)/cpu/$(SUBDIR64)
442063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekROOT_OPL_CRYPTO_DIR_32 = $(ROOT_OPL_MOD_DIR)/crypto
452063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekROOT_OPL_CRYPTO_DIR_64 = $(ROOT_OPL_MOD_DIR)/crypto/$(SUBDIR64)
462063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek
472063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekROOT_OPL_KERN_DIR	= $(ROOT_OPL_KERN_DIR_$(CLASS))
482063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekROOT_OPL_MISC_DIR	= $(ROOT_OPL_MISC_DIR_$(CLASS))
492063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekROOT_OPL_DRV_DIR	= $(ROOT_OPL_DRV_DIR_$(CLASS))
502063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekROOT_OPL_CPU_DIR	= $(ROOT_OPL_CPU_DIR_$(CLASS))
512063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekROOT_OPL_CRYPTO_DIR	= $(ROOT_OPL_CRYPTO_DIR_$(CLASS))
522063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek
532063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekROOT_PLAT_MOD_DIRS	+= $(ROOT_OPL_MOD_DIR)
542063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekROOT_PLAT_MISC_DIRS_32	+= $(ROOT_OPL_MISC_DIR_32)
552063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek
562063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekUSR_OPL_DIR		= $(USR_PLAT_DIR)/SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise
572063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekUSR_OPL_LIB_DIR		= $(USR_OPL_DIR)/lib
582063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekUSR_OPL_SBIN_DIR	= $(USR_OPL_DIR)/sbin
592063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekUSR_OPL_SBIN_PRTDIAG	= $(USR_OPL_SBIN_DIR)/prtdiag
602063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekUSR_OPL_SBIN_FRUADM	= $(USR_OPL_SBIN_DIR)/fruadm
612063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekUSR_OPL_INC_DIR		= $(USR_OPL_DIR)/include
622063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekUSR_OPL_ISYS_DIR	= $(USR_OPL_INC_DIR)/sys
632063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek
642063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekOPLMSU_OPTION		= options
652063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek
662063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#
672063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#	Define modules.
682063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#
692063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekOPL_KMODS	= platmod
702063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekOPL_KMODS	+= dm2s
712063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekOPL_KMODS	+= oplkmdrv
722063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekOPL_KMODS	+= pcicmu
732063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekOPL_KMODS	+= oplpanel
742063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekOPL_KMODS	+= dr .WAIT drmach
752063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekOPL_KMODS	+= oplmsu
762063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekOPL_KMODS	+= mc-opl
772063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek
792063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#	CPU modules.
802063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#
812063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekOPL_CPU_KMODS += olympus_c
822063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek
832063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#	Links to OPL crypto modules
842063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#
852063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekOPL_CRYPTO_LINKS	= aes
872063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#
882063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#	Include the makefiles which define build rule templates, the
892063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#	collection of files per module, and a few specific flags. Note
902063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#	that order is significant, just as with an include path. The
912063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#	first build rule template which matches the files name will be
922063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#	used. By including these in order from most machine dependent
932063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#	to most machine independent, we allow a machine dependent file
942063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#	to be used in preference over a machine independent version
952063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#	(Such as a machine specific optimization, which preserves the
962063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#	interfaces.)
972063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#
982063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipekinclude $(UTSBASE)/sun4u/ngdr/Makefile.files
992063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipekinclude $(UTSBASE)/sun4u/opl/Makefile.files
1002063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek
1012063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#
1022063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#	Include common rules.
1032063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#
1042063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipekinclude $(UTSBASE)/sun4u/Makefile.sun4u
1052063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek
1062063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#
1072063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#	Everybody needs to know how to build modstubs.o and to locate unix.o
1082063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#
1092063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekUNIX_DIR	= $(UTSBASE)/$(PLATFORM)/opl/unix
1102063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekMODSTUBS_DIR	= $(UNIX_DIR)
1112063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekDSF_DIR		= $(UTSBASE)/$(PLATFORM)/opl/genassym
1122063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek
1132063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekUNIX_O		= $(UNIX_DIR)/$(OBJS_DIR)/unix.o
1142063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek
1152063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek
1162063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#
1172063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#	Define the actual specific platforms
1182063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#
1192063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekMACHINE_DEFS	= -D$(PLATFORM) -D_MACHDEP -DSFMMU -DMP
1202063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekMACHINE_DEFS	+= -D_CPU_SIGNATURE
1212063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek
1222063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#
1232063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek# Maximum CPUID  =   01111 11 01 1 = 0x1FB (507)
1242063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek# Maximum CHIPID = 1 01111 11 00 0 = 0x5F8 (1528)
1252063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#
1262063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekMACHINE_DEFS	+= -DNCPU=512
1272063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekMACHINE_DEFS	+= -DMAX_CPU_CHIPID=1529
1282063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekMACHINE_DEFS	+= -DMAX_UPA=256
1292063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekMACHINE_DEFS	+= -DIGN_SIZE=8
1302063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekMACHINE_DEFS	+= -DMAX_MEM_NODES=16
1312063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#
1322063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek# UTSB_PHYS will enable user TSB physical access for TL>0
1332063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#
1342063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekMACHINE_DEFS	+= -DUTSB_PHYS
1352063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekMACHINE_DEFS	+= -D_OPL
1362063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekMACHINE_DEFS    += -DOLYMPUS_SHARED_FTLB
1382063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekMACHINE_DEFS	+= -DDO_CORELEVEL_LOADBAL
1392063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' SipekMACHINE_DEFS	+= -DITLB_32M_256M_SUPPORT
1402063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#
1412063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek# OLYMPUS C cross-call erratas.
1422063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#  - revision A can only deliver one xcall at a time.
1432063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#  - revision B can dispatch xcalls to 31 (IDSR_BN_SETS) CPUs at a time,
1442063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#    but it can not send more xcalls until all the pending xcalls are
1452063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#    dispatched. In other words, all previous 31 xcall slots must be
1462063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#    in non-busy state before further xcalls can be issued.
1492063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#
1502063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek# OLYMPUS C Spurious interrupts
151*0aaef2f5SRichard Lowe# - When an UE is detected in a interrupt packet,
1522063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#   Olympus-C takes an interrupt_vector_trap (TT=0x60) while
1532063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#   ASI_INTR_RECIEVE.BUSY is set to zero to indicate the existence
1542063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#   of the error. Software will see this as a spurious interrupt since
1552063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#   the interrupt busy bit is set to zero. SW will still need to
1562063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#   explicitly clear the interrupt busy bit to reset the HW state.
1572063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#   Failure to do so will result in the processor continuously taking
1582063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#   an interrupt vector trap when PSTATE.IE is reset to one.
1592063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#   Note that UE in interrupt packet is reported to the SP and handled
1602063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#   accordingly. For the domain, the system should panic as it is not
1612063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek#   recoverable.
1632063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek
1642063d9c0SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek.KEEP_STATE: