120c794b3Sgavinm /*
220c794b3Sgavinm  * CDDL HEADER START
320c794b3Sgavinm  *
420c794b3Sgavinm  * The contents of this file are subject to the terms of the
520c794b3Sgavinm  * Common Development and Distribution License (the "License").
620c794b3Sgavinm  * You may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
720c794b3Sgavinm  *
820c794b3Sgavinm  * You can obtain a copy of the license at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE
920c794b3Sgavinm  * or http://www.opensolaris.org/os/licensing.
1020c794b3Sgavinm  * See the License for the specific language governing permissions
1120c794b3Sgavinm  * and limitations under the License.
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1320c794b3Sgavinm  * When distributing Covered Code, include this CDDL HEADER in each
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1920c794b3Sgavinm  * CDDL HEADER END
2020c794b3Sgavinm  */
2220c794b3Sgavinm /*
23*85738508SVuong Nguyen  * Copyright 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
2420c794b3Sgavinm  * Use is subject to license terms.
2520c794b3Sgavinm  */
2720c794b3Sgavinm #ifndef _NB_LOG_H
2820c794b3Sgavinm #define	_NB_LOG_H
3020c794b3Sgavinm #ifdef __cplusplus
3120c794b3Sgavinm extern "C" {
3220c794b3Sgavinm #endif
3420c794b3Sgavinm #include <sys/cpu_module.h>
3520c794b3Sgavinm #include "nb5000.h"
3720c794b3Sgavinm #define	NB_MAX_ERRORS	4
3920c794b3Sgavinm /* North Bridge front side bus error registers */
4120c794b3Sgavinm typedef struct nb_fsb_regs {
4220c794b3Sgavinm 	uint8_t	fsb;		/* cpu slot */
4320c794b3Sgavinm 	uint8_t ferr_fat_fsb;
4420c794b3Sgavinm 	uint8_t nerr_fat_fsb;
4520c794b3Sgavinm 	uint8_t ferr_nf_fsb;
4620c794b3Sgavinm 	uint8_t nerr_nf_fsb;
4720c794b3Sgavinm 	uint64_t nrecfsb_addr;
4820c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t nrecfsb;
4920c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t recfsb;
5020c794b3Sgavinm } nb_fsb_regs_t;
5220c794b3Sgavinm /* PCI express ESI (South Bridge) error registers */
5420c794b3Sgavinm typedef struct nb_pex_regs {
5520c794b3Sgavinm 	uint8_t pex;		/* pci express slot */
5620c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t pex_fat_ferr;
5720c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t pex_fat_nerr;
5820c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t pex_nf_corr_ferr;
5920c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t pex_nf_corr_nerr;
6020c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t uncerrsev;		/* uncorrectable error severity */
6120c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t rperrsts;		/* root error status */
6220c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t rperrsid;		/* error source identification */
6320c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t uncerrsts;		/* uncorrectable error status */
6420c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t aerrcapctrl;	/* advanced error capabilities and control */
6520c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t corerrsts;	/* correctable error status */
6620c794b3Sgavinm 	uint16_t pexdevsts;	/* pci express device status */
6720c794b3Sgavinm } nb_pex_regs_t;
6920c794b3Sgavinm /* North Bridge memory controller hub internal error registers */
7120c794b3Sgavinm typedef struct nb_int {
725f28a827Saf 	uint16_t ferr_fat_int;	/* first fatal error */
735f28a827Saf 	uint16_t ferr_nf_int;	/* first non-fatal error */
745f28a827Saf 	uint16_t nerr_fat_int;	/* next fatal error */
755f28a827Saf 	uint16_t nerr_nf_int;	/* next non-fatal error */
7620c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t nrecint;	/* non recoverable error log */
7720c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t recint;	/* recoverable error log */
7820c794b3Sgavinm 	uint64_t nrecsf;	/* non recoverable control information */
7920c794b3Sgavinm 	uint64_t recsf;		/* recoverable control information */
8020c794b3Sgavinm } nb_int_t;
8220c794b3Sgavinm /* memory errors */
8420c794b3Sgavinm typedef struct nb_fat_fbd {
8520c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t ferr_fat_fbd;	/* fb-dimm first fatal error */
8620c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t nerr_fat_fbd;	/* fb-dimm next fatal error */
875f28a827Saf 	uint32_t nrecmema;	/* non recoverable memory error log */
8820c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t nrecmemb;	/* non recoverable memory error log */
8920c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t nrecfglog;	/* non recoverable dimm configuration */
9020c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t nrecfbda;	/* non recoverable dimm log A */
9120c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t nrecfbdb;	/* non recoverable dimm log B */
9220c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t nrecfbdc;	/* non recoverable dimm log C */
9320c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t nrecfbdd;	/* non recoverable dimm log D */
9420c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t nrecfbde;	/* non recoverable dimm log E */
955de8e333Saf 	uint32_t nrecfbdf;	/* non recoverable dimm log F */
9620c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t spcpc;		/* spare copy control */
9720c794b3Sgavinm 	uint8_t spcps;		/* spare copy status */
9820c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t uerrcnt;	/* uncorrectable error count */
9920c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t uerrcnt_last;	/* saved copy of uncorrectable error count */
10020c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t badrama;	/* bad dram marker A */
10120c794b3Sgavinm 	uint16_t badramb;	/* bad dram marker B */
10220c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t badcnt;	/* bad dram counter */
10320c794b3Sgavinm } nb_fat_fbd_t;
10520c794b3Sgavinm typedef struct nb_nf_fbd {
10620c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t ferr_nf_fbd;	/* fb-dimm first non-fatal error */
10720c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t nerr_nf_fbd;	/* fb-dimm next non-fatal error */
10820c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t redmemb;	/* recoverable dimm data error log */
1095f28a827Saf 	uint32_t recmema;	/* recoverable memory error log A */
11020c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t recmemb;	/* recoverable memory error log B */
11120c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t recfglog;	/* recoverable dimm configuration */
11220c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t recfbda;	/* recoverable dimm log A */
11320c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t recfbdb;	/* recoverable dimm log B */
11420c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t recfbdc;	/* recoverable dimm log C */
11520c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t recfbdd;	/* recoverable dimm log D */
11620c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t recfbde;	/* recoverable dimm log E */
1175de8e333Saf 	uint32_t recfbdf;	/* recoverable dimm log F */
11820c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t spcpc;		/* spare copy control */
11920c794b3Sgavinm 	uint8_t spcps;		/* spare copy status */
1205f28a827Saf 	uint32_t cerrcnta;	/* correctable error count A */
1215f28a827Saf 	uint32_t cerrcntb;	/* correctable error count B */
1225f28a827Saf 	uint32_t cerrcntc;	/* correctable error count C */
1235f28a827Saf 	uint32_t cerrcntd;	/* correctable error count D */
1245f28a827Saf 	uint32_t cerrcnta_last;	/* saved copy of correctable error count A */
1255f28a827Saf 	uint32_t cerrcntb_last;	/* saved copy of correctable error count B */
1265f28a827Saf 	uint32_t cerrcntc_last;	/* saved copy of correctable error count C */
1275f28a827Saf 	uint32_t cerrcntd_last;	/* saved copy of correctable error count D */
12820c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t badrama;	/* bad dram marker A */
12920c794b3Sgavinm 	uint16_t badramb;	/* bad dram marker B */
13020c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t badcnt;	/* bad dram counter */
13120c794b3Sgavinm } nb_nf_fbd_t;
133*85738508SVuong Nguyen typedef struct nb_nf_mem {
134*85738508SVuong Nguyen 				/* Memory registers */
135*85738508SVuong Nguyen 	uint32_t ferr_nf_mem;	/* MC first non-fatal error */
136*85738508SVuong Nguyen 	uint32_t nerr_nf_mem;	/* MC next non-fatal error */
137*85738508SVuong Nguyen 	uint32_t nrecmema;	/* non-recoverable memory error log A */
138*85738508SVuong Nguyen 	uint32_t nrecmemb;	/* non-recoverable memory error log B */
139*85738508SVuong Nguyen 	uint32_t redmema;	/* recoverable memory data error log A */
140*85738508SVuong Nguyen 	uint32_t redmemb;	/* recoverable memory data error log B */
141*85738508SVuong Nguyen 	uint32_t recmema;	/* recoverable memory error log A */
142*85738508SVuong Nguyen 	uint32_t recmemb;	/* recoverable memory error log B */
143*85738508SVuong Nguyen 
144*85738508SVuong Nguyen 				/* Spare rank */
145*85738508SVuong Nguyen 	uint32_t spcpc;		/* spare copy control */
146*85738508SVuong Nguyen 	uint8_t spcps;		/* spare copy status */
147*85738508SVuong Nguyen 
148*85738508SVuong Nguyen 				/* RAS */
149*85738508SVuong Nguyen 	uint32_t cerrcnt;	/* correctable error count A */
150*85738508SVuong Nguyen 	uint32_t cerrcnt_ext;	/* correctable error count B */
151*85738508SVuong Nguyen 	uint32_t cerrcnt_last;	/* correctable error count A */
152*85738508SVuong Nguyen 	uint32_t cerrcnt_ext_last;	/* correctable error count B */
153*85738508SVuong Nguyen 	uint32_t badram;	/* bad dram marker */
154*85738508SVuong Nguyen 	uint32_t badcnt;	/* bad dram counter */
155*85738508SVuong Nguyen 	uint32_t validlog;	/* valid log markers */
156*85738508SVuong Nguyen } nb_nf_mem_t;
157*85738508SVuong Nguyen 
15820c794b3Sgavinm typedef struct nb_dma {
15920c794b3Sgavinm 	uint16_t pcists;
16020c794b3Sgavinm 	uint16_t pexdevsts;
16120c794b3Sgavinm } nb_dma_t;
1635f28a827Saf typedef struct nb_thr {
1645f28a827Saf 	uint8_t ferr_fat_thr;
1655f28a827Saf 	uint8_t ferr_nf_thr;
1665f28a827Saf 	uint8_t nerr_fat_thr;
1675f28a827Saf 	uint8_t nerr_nf_thr;
1685f28a827Saf 	uint8_t ctsts;
1695f28a827Saf 	uint16_t thrtsts;
1705f28a827Saf } nb_thr_t;
17220c794b3Sgavinm typedef struct nb_regs {
17320c794b3Sgavinm 	int flag;
17420c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t chipset;
17520c794b3Sgavinm 	uint64_t ferr;
17620c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t nerr;
17720c794b3Sgavinm 	union {
17820c794b3Sgavinm 		nb_fsb_regs_t fsb_regs;
17920c794b3Sgavinm 		nb_pex_regs_t pex_regs;
18020c794b3Sgavinm 		nb_int_t int_regs;
18120c794b3Sgavinm 		nb_fat_fbd_t fat_fbd_regs;
18220c794b3Sgavinm 		nb_nf_fbd_t nf_fbd_regs;
183*85738508SVuong Nguyen 		nb_nf_mem_t nf_mem_regs;
18420c794b3Sgavinm 		nb_dma_t dma_regs;
1855f28a827Saf 		nb_thr_t thr_regs;
18620c794b3Sgavinm 	} nb;
18720c794b3Sgavinm } nb_regs_t;
18920c794b3Sgavinm #define	NB_REG_LOG_FREE		0
19020c794b3Sgavinm #define	NB_REG_LOG_FSB		1
19120c794b3Sgavinm #define	NB_REG_LOG_PEX		2
19220c794b3Sgavinm #define	NB_REG_LOG_INT		3
19320c794b3Sgavinm #define	NB_REG_LOG_FAT_FBD	4
19420c794b3Sgavinm #define	NB_REG_LOG_NF_FBD	5
19520c794b3Sgavinm #define	NB_REG_LOG_DMA		6
1965f28a827Saf #define	NB_REG_LOG_THR		7
197*85738508SVuong Nguyen #define	NB_REG_LOG_NF_MEM	8
19920c794b3Sgavinm typedef struct nb_logout {
20020c794b3Sgavinm 	uint64_t acl_timestamp;
20120c794b3Sgavinm 	char *type;
20220c794b3Sgavinm 	nb_regs_t nb_regs;
20320c794b3Sgavinm } nb_logout_t;
20520c794b3Sgavinm typedef struct nb_mem_scatchpad {
20620c794b3Sgavinm 	int intel_error_list;		/* error number in Chipset Error List */
20720c794b3Sgavinm 	int branch;
20820c794b3Sgavinm 	int channel;
20920c794b3Sgavinm 	int rank;
21020c794b3Sgavinm 	int dimm;
21120c794b3Sgavinm 	int bank;
21220c794b3Sgavinm 	int cas;
21320c794b3Sgavinm 	int ras;
21420c794b3Sgavinm 	uint64_t offset;
21520c794b3Sgavinm 	uint64_t pa;
21620c794b3Sgavinm } nb_mem_scatchpad_t;
21820c794b3Sgavinm typedef union nb_scatchpad {
21920c794b3Sgavinm 	nb_mem_scatchpad_t ms;
22020c794b3Sgavinm 	int intel_error_list;		/* error number in Chipset Error List */
22120c794b3Sgavinm } nb_scatchpad_t;
22320c794b3Sgavinm typedef struct nb_dimm {
22420c794b3Sgavinm 	uint64_t dimm_size;
22520c794b3Sgavinm 	uint8_t mtr_present;
226*85738508SVuong Nguyen 	uint8_t start_rank;		/* id of the 1st rank */
227*85738508SVuong Nguyen 	uint8_t nranks;			/* number of ranks */
22820c794b3Sgavinm 	uint8_t nbanks;
22920c794b3Sgavinm 	uint8_t ncolumn;
23020c794b3Sgavinm 	uint8_t nrow;
23120c794b3Sgavinm 	uint8_t width;
23220c794b3Sgavinm 	uint8_t manufacture_location;
23320c794b3Sgavinm 	uint8_t manufacture_week;
23420c794b3Sgavinm 	uint8_t manufacture_year;	/* years from 2000 */
23520c794b3Sgavinm 	uint16_t manufacture_id;
23620c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t serial_number;
23720c794b3Sgavinm 	char part_number[16];
23820c794b3Sgavinm 	char revision[2];
23920c794b3Sgavinm 	char label[64];
24020c794b3Sgavinm } nb_dimm_t;
24220c794b3Sgavinm typedef struct bank_select {
24320c794b3Sgavinm 	uint64_t base;
24420c794b3Sgavinm 	uint64_t limit;
24520c794b3Sgavinm 	uint8_t	way[2];
24620c794b3Sgavinm } bank_select_t;
24820c794b3Sgavinm typedef struct rank_select {
24920c794b3Sgavinm 	uint64_t base;
25020c794b3Sgavinm 	uint64_t limit;
25120c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t hole_base;
25220c794b3Sgavinm 	uint32_t hole_size;
25320c794b3Sgavinm 	uint8_t	rank[4];
25420c794b3Sgavinm 	uint8_t interleave;
25520c794b3Sgavinm 	uint8_t branch_interleave;
25620c794b3Sgavinm } rank_select_t;
25820c794b3Sgavinm enum nb_memory_mode { NB_MEMORY_SINGLE_CHANNEL, NB_MEMORY_NORMAL,
25920c794b3Sgavinm     NB_MEMORY_SPARE_RANK, NB_MEMORY_MIRROR };
26120c794b3Sgavinm extern int nb_5000_memory_controller;
26220c794b3Sgavinm extern int nb_number_memory_controllers;
263*85738508SVuong Nguyen extern int nb_channels_per_branch;
26420c794b3Sgavinm extern int nb_dimms_per_channel;
26620c794b3Sgavinm extern nb_dimm_t **nb_dimms;
26720c794b3Sgavinm extern uint32_t nb_chipset;
26920c794b3Sgavinm extern int nb_init(void);
27020c794b3Sgavinm extern int nb_dev_init(void);
27120c794b3Sgavinm extern void nb_dev_reinit(void);
27220c794b3Sgavinm extern void nb_unload(void);
27320c794b3Sgavinm extern void nb_dev_unload(void);
27420c794b3Sgavinm extern uint32_t top_of_low_memory;
2755de8e333Saf extern bank_select_t nb_banks[NB_MAX_MEM_BRANCH_SELECT];
2765de8e333Saf extern rank_select_t nb_ranks[NB_5000_MAX_MEM_CONTROLLERS]
2775de8e333Saf 	[NB_MAX_MEM_RANK_SELECT];
27820c794b3Sgavinm extern uint8_t spare_rank[NB_5000_MAX_MEM_CONTROLLERS];
27920c794b3Sgavinm extern enum nb_memory_mode nb_mode;
280*85738508SVuong Nguyen extern int nb_rank2dimm(int, int);
28220c794b3Sgavinm extern int inb_mc_register(cmi_hdl_t, void *, void *, void *);
28320c794b3Sgavinm extern void nb_scrubber_enable(void);
28420c794b3Sgavinm extern void nb_error_trap(cmi_hdl_t, boolean_t, boolean_t);
28620c794b3Sgavinm extern void nb_pci_cfg_setup(dev_info_t *);
28720c794b3Sgavinm extern void nb_pci_cfg_free(void);
28920c794b3Sgavinm extern void *ras_regs;
29120c794b3Sgavinm extern uint8_t nb_pci_getb(int, int, int, int, int *);
29220c794b3Sgavinm extern uint16_t nb_pci_getw(int, int, int, int, int *);
29320c794b3Sgavinm extern uint32_t nb_pci_getl(int, int, int, int, int *);
29420c794b3Sgavinm extern void nb_pci_putb(int, int, int, int, uint8_t);
29520c794b3Sgavinm extern void nb_pci_putw(int, int, int, int, uint16_t);
29620c794b3Sgavinm extern void nb_pci_putl(int, int, int, int, uint32_t);
29820c794b3Sgavinm extern void nb_fsb_mask_mc(int, uint16_t);
29920c794b3Sgavinm extern void nb_fbd_mask_mc(uint32_t);
300*85738508SVuong Nguyen extern void nb_mem_mask_mc(uint32_t);
3015f28a827Saf extern void nb_int_mask_mc(uint32_t);
3025f28a827Saf extern void nb_thr_mask_mc(uint16_t);
30320c794b3Sgavinm extern void nb_mask_mc_reset(void);
30520c794b3Sgavinm extern int nb_mask_mc_set;
30720c794b3Sgavinm extern errorq_t *nb_queue;
30820c794b3Sgavinm extern kmutex_t nb_mutex;
31020c794b3Sgavinm extern void nb_drain(void *, const void *, const errorq_elem_t *);
31120c794b3Sgavinm extern void nb_used_spare_rank(int, int);
31320c794b3Sgavinm extern uint_t nb_config_gen;
31520c794b3Sgavinm #ifdef __cplusplus
31620c794b3Sgavinm }
31720c794b3Sgavinm #endif
31920c794b3Sgavinm #endif /* _NB_LOG_H */