1349b53dStuart Maybee/*
2349b53dStuart Maybee * CDDL HEADER START
3349b53dStuart Maybee *
4349b53dStuart Maybee * The contents of this file are subject to the terms of the
5349b53dStuart Maybee * Common Development and Distribution License (the "License").
6349b53dStuart Maybee * You may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
7349b53dStuart Maybee *
8349b53dStuart Maybee * You can obtain a copy of the license at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE
9349b53dStuart Maybee * or http://www.opensolaris.org/os/licensing.
10349b53dStuart Maybee * See the License for the specific language governing permissions
11349b53dStuart Maybee * and limitations under the License.
12349b53dStuart Maybee *
13349b53dStuart Maybee * When distributing Covered Code, include this CDDL HEADER in each
14349b53dStuart Maybee * file and include the License file at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE.
15349b53dStuart Maybee * If applicable, add the following below this CDDL HEADER, with the
16349b53dStuart Maybee * fields enclosed by brackets "[]" replaced with your own identifying
17349b53dStuart Maybee * information: Portions Copyright [yyyy] [name of copyright owner]
18349b53dStuart Maybee *
19349b53dStuart Maybee * CDDL HEADER END
20349b53dStuart Maybee */
21349b53dStuart Maybee/*
226e5580cFrank Van Der Linden * Copyright (c) 2009, 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
23349b53dStuart Maybee */
24349b53dStuart Maybee
25349b53dStuart Maybee#include <sys/types.h>
26349b53dStuart Maybee#include <sys/archsystm.h>
27349b53dStuart Maybee#include <sys/machsystm.h>
28349b53dStuart Maybee#include <sys/sunndi.h>
29349b53dStuart Maybee#include <sys/sunddi.h>
30349b53dStuart Maybee#include <sys/ddi_subrdefs.h>
31349b53dStuart Maybee#include <sys/xpv_support.h>
32349b53dStuart Maybee#include <sys/xen_errno.h>
33349b53dStuart Maybee#include <sys/hypervisor.h>
34349b53dStuart Maybee#include <sys/gnttab.h>
35349b53dStuart Maybee#include <sys/xenbus_comms.h>
36349b53dStuart Maybee#include <sys/xenbus_impl.h>
37349b53dStuart Maybee#include <sys/sysmacros.h>
38349b53dStuart Maybee#include <sys/x86_archext.h>
39349b53dStuart Maybee#include <sys/mman.h>
40349b53dStuart Maybee#include <sys/stat.h>
41349b53dStuart Maybee#include <sys/conf.h>
42349b53dStuart Maybee#include <sys/devops.h>
43349b53dStuart Maybee#include <sys/pc_mmu.h>
44349b53dStuart Maybee#include <sys/cmn_err.h>
45349b53dStuart Maybee#include <sys/cpr.h>
46349b53dStuart Maybee#include <sys/ddi.h>
47349b53dStuart Maybee#include <vm/seg_kmem.h>
48349b53dStuart Maybee#include <vm/as.h>
49349b53dStuart Maybee#include <vm/hat_pte.h>
50349b53dStuart Maybee#include <vm/hat_i86.h>
51349b53dStuart Maybee
52349b53dStuart Maybeestatic int xen_hvm_inited;
53349b53dStuart Maybee
54349b53dStuart Maybee/*
55349b53dStuart Maybee * This structure is ordinarily constructed by Xen. In the HVM world, we
56349b53dStuart Maybee * manually fill in the few fields the PV drivers need.
57349b53dStuart Maybee */
58349b53dStuart Maybeestatic start_info_t __xen_info;
59349b53dStuart Maybeestart_info_t *xen_info = NULL;
60349b53dStuart Maybee
61349b53dStuart Maybeestatic int xen_bits = -1;
62349b53dStuart Maybeestatic int xen_major = -1, xen_minor = -1;
63349b53dStuart Maybee
64349b53dStuart Maybee/*
65349b53dStuart Maybee * Feature bits; more bits will be added, like direct I/O, etc.
66349b53dStuart Maybee */
67349b53dStuart Maybee#define	XEN_HVM_HYPERCALLS	0x0001
68349b53dStuart Maybee#define	XEN_HVM_TLBFLUSH	0x0002
69349b53dStuart Maybeestatic uint64_t xen_hvm_features;
70349b53dStuart Maybee
71349b53dStuart Maybee/* Metadata page shared between domain and Xen */
72349b53dStuart Maybeeshared_info_t *HYPERVISOR_shared_info = NULL;
73349b53dStuart Maybeepfn_t xen_shared_info_frame;
74349b53dStuart Maybee
75349b53dStuart Maybee/* Page containing code to issue hypercalls.  */
76349b53dStuart Maybeeextern caddr_t hypercall_page;
77349b53dStuart Maybeeextern caddr_t hypercall_shared_info_page;
78349b53dStuart Maybee
79349b53dStuart Maybeestatic int
80349b53dStuart Maybeehvm_get_param(int param_id, uint64_t *val)
81349b53dStuart Maybee{
82349b53dStuart Maybee	struct xen_hvm_param xhp;
83349b53dStuart Maybee
84349b53dStuart Maybee	xhp.domid = DOMID_SELF;
85349b53dStuart Maybee	xhp.index = param_id;
86349b53dStuart Maybee	if ((HYPERVISOR_hvm_op(HVMOP_get_param, &xhp) < 0))
87349b53dStuart Maybee		return (-1);
88349b53dStuart Maybee	*val = xhp.value;
89349b53dStuart Maybee	return (0);
90349b53dStuart Maybee}
91349b53dStuart Maybee
92349b53dStuart Maybeevoid
93349b53dStuart Maybeexen_hvm_init(void)
94349b53dStuart Maybee{
95349b53dStuart Maybee	struct cpuid_regs cp;
966e5580cFrank Van Der Linden	uint32_t xen_signature[4], base;
97349b53dStuart Maybee	char *xen_str;
98349b53dStuart Maybee	struct xen_add_to_physmap xatp;
99349b53dStuart Maybee	xen_capabilities_info_t caps;
100349b53dStuart Maybee	pfn_t pfn;
101349b53dStuart Maybee	uint64_t msrval, val;
102349b53dStuart Maybee
103349b53dStuart Maybee	if (xen_hvm_inited != 0)
104349b53dStuart Maybee		return;
105349b53dStuart Maybee
106349b53dStuart Maybee	xen_hvm_inited = 1;
107349b53dStuart Maybee
108349b53dStuart Maybee	/*
1096e5580cFrank Van Der Linden	 * Xen's pseudo-cpuid function returns a string representing
1106e5580cFrank Van Der Linden	 * the Xen signature in %ebx, %ecx, and %edx.
1116e5580cFrank Van Der Linden	 * Loop over the base values, since it may be different if
1126e5580cFrank Van Der Linden	 * the hypervisor has hyper-v emulation switched on.
1136e5580cFrank Van Der Linden	 *
114349b53dStuart Maybee	 * %eax contains the maximum supported cpuid function.
115349b53dStuart Maybee	 */
1166e5580cFrank Van Der Linden	for (base = 0x40000000; base < 0x40010000; base += 0x100) {
1176e5580cFrank Van Der Linden		cp.cp_eax = base;
1186e5580cFrank Van Der Linden		(void) __cpuid_insn(&cp);
1196e5580cFrank Van Der Linden		xen_signature[0] = cp.cp_ebx;
1206e5580cFrank Van Der Linden		xen_signature[1] = cp.cp_ecx;
1216e5580cFrank Van Der Linden		xen_signature[2] = cp.cp_edx;
1226e5580cFrank Van Der Linden		xen_signature[3] = 0;
1236e5580cFrank Van Der Linden		xen_str = (char *)xen_signature;
1246e5580cFrank Van Der Linden		if (strcmp("XenVMMXenVMM", xen_str)  == 0 &&
1256e5580cFrank Van Der Linden		    cp.cp_eax >= (base + 2))
1266e5580cFrank Van Der Linden			break;
1276e5580cFrank Van Der Linden	}
1286e5580cFrank Van Der Linden	if (base >= 0x40010000)
129349b53dStuart Maybee		return;
130349b53dStuart Maybee
131349b53dStuart Maybee	/*
1326e5580cFrank Van Der Linden	 * cpuid function at base + 1 returns the Xen version in %eax.  The
133349b53dStuart Maybee	 * top 16 bits are the major version, the bottom 16 are the minor
134349b53dStuart Maybee	 * version.
135349b53dStuart Maybee	 */
1366e5580cFrank Van Der Linden	cp.cp_eax = base + 1;
137349b53dStuart Maybee	(void) __cpuid_insn(&cp);
138349b53dStuart Maybee	xen_major = cp.cp_eax >> 16;
139349b53dStuart Maybee	xen_minor = cp.cp_eax & 0xffff;
140349b53dStuart Maybee
141349b53dStuart Maybee	/*
142349b53dStuart Maybee	 * Below version 3.1 we can't do anything special as a HVM domain;
143349b53dStuart Maybee	 * the PV drivers don't work, many hypercalls are not available,
144349b53dStuart Maybee	 * etc.
145349b53dStuart Maybee	 */
146349b53dStuart Maybee	if (xen_major < 3 || (xen_major == 3 && xen_minor < 1))
147349b53dStuart Maybee		return;
148349b53dStuart Maybee
149349b53dStuart Maybee	/*
1506e5580cFrank Van Der Linden	 * cpuid function at base + 2 returns information about the
151349b53dStuart Maybee	 * hypercall page.  %eax nominally contains the number of pages
152349b53dStuart Maybee	 * with hypercall code, but according to the Xen guys, "I'll
153349b53dStuart Maybee	 * guarantee that remains one forever more, so you can just
154349b53dStuart Maybee	 * allocate a single page and get quite upset if you ever see CPUID
155349b53dStuart Maybee	 * return more than one page."  %ebx contains an MSR we use to ask
156349b53dStuart Maybee	 * Xen to remap each page at a specific pfn.
157349b53dStuart Maybee	 */
1586e5580cFrank Van Der Linden	cp.cp_eax = base + 2;
159349b53dStuart Maybee	(void) __cpuid_insn(&cp);
160349b53dStuart Maybee
161349b53dStuart Maybee	/*
162349b53dStuart Maybee	 * Let Xen know where we want the hypercall page mapped.  We
163349b53dStuart Maybee	 * already have a page allocated in the .text section to simplify
164349b53dStuart Maybee	 * the wrapper code.
165349b53dStuart Maybee	 */
166349b53dStuart Maybee	pfn = va_to_pfn(&hypercall_page);
167349b53dStuart Maybee	msrval = mmu_ptob(pfn);
168349b53dStuart Maybee	wrmsr(cp.cp_ebx, msrval);
169349b53dStuart Maybee
170349b53dStuart Maybee	/* Fill in the xen_info data */
171349b53dStuart Maybee	xen_info = &__xen_info;
172349b53dStuart Maybee	(void) sprintf(xen_info->magic, "xen-%d.%d", xen_major, xen_minor);
173349b53dStuart Maybee
174349b53dStuart Maybee	if (hvm_get_param(HVM_PARAM_STORE_PFN, &val) < 0)
175349b53dStuart Maybee		return;
176349b53dStuart Maybee	/*
177349b53dStuart Maybee	 * The first hypercall worked, so mark hypercalls as working.
178349b53dStuart Maybee	 */
179349b53dStuart Maybee	xen_hvm_features |= XEN_HVM_HYPERCALLS;
180349b53dStuart Maybee
181349b53dStuart Maybee	xen_info->store_mfn = (mfn_t)val;
182349b53dStuart Maybee	if (hvm_get_param(HVM_PARAM_STORE_EVTCHN, &val) < 0)
183349b53dStuart Maybee		return;
184349b53dStuart Maybee	xen_info->store_evtchn = (mfn_t)val;
185349b53dStuart Maybee
186349b53dStuart Maybee	/* Figure out whether the hypervisor is 32-bit or 64-bit.  */
187349b53dStuart Maybee	if ((HYPERVISOR_xen_version(XENVER_capabilities, &caps) == 0)) {
188349b53dStuart Maybee		((char *)(caps))[sizeof (caps) - 1] = '\0';
189349b53dStuart Maybee		if (strstr(caps, "x86_64") != NULL)
190349b53dStuart Maybee			xen_bits = 64;
191349b53dStuart Maybee		else if (strstr(caps, "x86_32") != NULL)
192349b53dStuart Maybee			xen_bits = 32;
193349b53dStuart Maybee	}
194349b53dStuart Maybee
195349b53dStuart Maybee	if (xen_bits < 0)
196349b53dStuart Maybee		return;
197349b53dStuart Maybee#ifdef __amd64
198349b53dStuart Maybee	ASSERT(xen_bits == 64);
199349b53dStuart Maybee#endif
200349b53dStuart Maybee
201349b53dStuart Maybee	/*
202349b53dStuart Maybee	 * Allocate space for the shared_info page and tell Xen where it
203349b53dStuart Maybee	 * is.
204349b53dStuart Maybee	 */
205349b53dStuart Maybee	xen_shared_info_frame = va_to_pfn(&hypercall_shared_info_page);
206349b53dStuart Maybee	xatp.domid = DOMID_SELF;
207349b53dStuart Maybee	xatp.idx = 0;
208349b53dStuart Maybee	xatp.space = XENMAPSPACE_shared_info;
209349b53dStuart Maybee	xatp.gpfn = xen_shared_info_frame;
210349b53dStuart Maybee	if (HYPERVISOR_memory_op(XENMEM_add_to_physmap, &xatp) != 0)
211349b53dStuart Maybee		return;
212349b53dStuart Maybee
213349b53dStuart Maybee	HYPERVISOR_shared_info = (void *)&hypercall_shared_info_page;
214349b53dStuart Maybee
215349b53dStuart Maybee	/*
216349b53dStuart Maybee	 * A working HVM tlb flush hypercall was introduced in Xen 3.3.
217349b53dStuart Maybee	 */
218349b53dStuart Maybee	if (xen_major > 3 || (xen_major == 3 && xen_minor >= 3))
219349b53dStuart Maybee		xen_hvm_features |= XEN_HVM_TLBFLUSH;
220349b53dStuart Maybee}
221349b53dStuart Maybee
222349b53dStuart Maybee/*
223349b53dStuart Maybee * Returns:
224349b53dStuart Maybee *          -1 if a feature is not available
225349b53dStuart Maybee *          1 if a boolean feature is available
226349b53dStuart Maybee *          > 0 if numeric feature is available
227349b53dStuart Maybee */
228349b53dStuart Maybeeint
229349b53dStuart Maybeexpv_feature(int which)
230349b53dStuart Maybee{
231349b53dStuart Maybee	switch (which) {
232349b53dStuart Maybee	case XPVF_BITS:
233349b53dStuart Maybee		return (xen_bits);
234349b53dStuart Maybee	case XPVF_VERSION_MAJOR:
235349b53dStuart Maybee		return (xen_major);
236349b53dStuart Maybee	case XPVF_VERSION_MINOR:
237349b53dStuart Maybee		return (xen_minor);
238349b53dStuart Maybee	case XPVF_HYPERCALLS:
239349b53dStuart Maybee		if (xen_hvm_features & XEN_HVM_HYPERCALLS)
240349b53dStuart Maybee			return (1);
241349b53dStuart Maybee		break;
242349b53dStuart Maybee	case XPVF_SHARED_INFO:
243349b53dStuart Maybee		if (HYPERVISOR_shared_info != NULL)
244349b53dStuart Maybee			return (1);
245349b53dStuart Maybee		break;
246349b53dStuart Maybee	case XPVF_TLB_FLUSH:
247349b53dStuart Maybee		if (xen_hvm_features & XEN_HVM_TLBFLUSH)
248349b53dStuart Maybee			return (1);
249349b53dStuart Maybee		break;
250349b53dStuart Maybee	default:
251349b53dStuart Maybee		break;
252349b53dStuart Maybee	}
253349b53dStuart Maybee
254349b53dStuart Maybee	return (-1);
255349b53dStuart Maybee}