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22fcf3ce4John Forte/*
238f23e9fHans Rosenfeld * Copyright (c) 2004-2011 Emulex. All rights reserved.
248252773Sukumar Swaminathan * Use is subject to license terms.
25fcf3ce4John Forte */
26fcf3ce4John Forte
27fcf3ce4John Forte#ifndef _EMLXS_DEVICE_H
28fcf3ce4John Forte#define	_EMLXS_DEVICE_H
29fcf3ce4John Forte
30fcf3ce4John Forte#ifdef	__cplusplus
31fcf3ce4John Forteextern "C" {
32fcf3ce4John Forte#endif
33fcf3ce4John Forte
34fcf3ce4John Forte/*
35fcf3ce4John Forte * This is the global device driver control structure
36fcf3ce4John Forte */
37fcf3ce4John Forte
38fcf3ce4John Forte#ifndef EMLXS_HBA_T
39fcf3ce4John Fortetypedef struct emlxs_hba emlxs_hba_t;
40fcf3ce4John Forte#endif
41fcf3ce4John Forte
42fcf3ce4John Forte/* This structure must match the one in ./mdb/msgblib.c */
43291a2b4Sukumar Swaminathantypedef struct emlxs_device
44291a2b4Sukumar Swaminathan{
45fcf3ce4John Forte	uint32_t hba_count;
46fcf3ce4John Forte	emlxs_hba_t *hba[MAX_FC_BRDS];
47fcf3ce4John Forte	kmutex_t lock;
48fcf3ce4John Forte
49fcf3ce4John Forte	time_t drv_timestamp;
50291a2b4Sukumar Swaminathan	clock_t	log_timestamp;
51291a2b4Sukumar Swaminathan	emlxs_msg_log_t *log[MAX_FC_BRDS];
52291a2b4Sukumar Swaminathan
53291a2b4Sukumar Swaminathan#ifdef DUMP_SUPPORT
54291a2b4Sukumar Swaminathan	emlxs_file_t *dump_txtfile[MAX_FC_BRDS];
55291a2b4Sukumar Swaminathan	emlxs_file_t *dump_dmpfile[MAX_FC_BRDS];
56291a2b4Sukumar Swaminathan	emlxs_file_t *dump_ceefile[MAX_FC_BRDS];
57291a2b4Sukumar Swaminathan#endif /* DUMP_SUPPORT */
58fcf3ce4John Forte
59fcf3ce4John Forte} emlxs_device_t;
60fcf3ce4John Forte
61fcf3ce4John Forte#ifdef	__cplusplus
62fcf3ce4John Forte}
63fcf3ce4John Forte#endif
64fcf3ce4John Forte
65fcf3ce4John Forte#endif	/* _EMLXS_DEVICE_H */