1*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
2*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * CDDL HEADER START
3*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni *
4*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * The contents of this file are subject to the terms of the
5*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * Common Development and Distribution License, v.1,  (the "License").
6*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * You may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
7*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni *
8*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * You can obtain a copy of the license at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE
9*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * or http://opensource.org/licenses/CDDL-1.0.
10*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * See the License for the specific language governing permissions
11*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * and limitations under the License.
12*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni *
13*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * When distributing Covered Code, include this CDDL HEADER in each
14*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * file and include the License file at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE.
15*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * If applicable, add the following below this CDDL HEADER, with the
16*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * fields enclosed by brackets "[]" replaced with your own identifying
17*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * information: Portions Copyright [yyyy] [name of copyright owner]
18*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni *
19*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * CDDL HEADER END
20*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni */
21*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
22*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
23*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * Copyright 2014-2017 Cavium, Inc.
24*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * The contents of this file are subject to the terms of the Common Development
25*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * and Distribution License, v.1,  (the "License").
26*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
27*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * You may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
28*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
29*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * You can obtain a copy of the License at available
30*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * at http://opensource.org/licenses/CDDL-1.0
31*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
32*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
33*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * limitations under the License.
34*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni */
35*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
36*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #ifndef __ECORE_MCP_H__
37*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define __ECORE_MCP_H__
38*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
39*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #include "bcm_osal.h"
40*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #include "mcp_public.h"
41*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #include "ecore.h"
42*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #include "ecore_mcp_api.h"
43*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #include "ecore_dev_api.h"
44*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
45*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /* Using hwfn number (and not pf_num) is required since in CMT mode,
46*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * same pf_num may be used by two different hwfn
47*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * TODO - this shouldn't really be in .h file, but until all fields
48*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * required during hw-init will be placed in their correct place in shmem
49*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * we need it in ecore_dev.c [for readin the nvram reflection in shmem].
50*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
51*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define MCP_PF_ID_BY_REL(p_hwfn, rel_pfid) (ECORE_IS_BB((p_hwfn)->p_dev) ? \
52*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					    ((rel_pfid) | \
53*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					     ((p_hwfn)->abs_pf_id & 1) << 3) : \
54*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					     rel_pfid)
55*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define MCP_PF_ID(p_hwfn) MCP_PF_ID_BY_REL(p_hwfn, (p_hwfn)->rel_pf_id)
56*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
57*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define MFW_PORT(_p_hwfn)	((_p_hwfn)->abs_pf_id % \
58*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 				 ((_p_hwfn)->p_dev->num_ports_in_engine * \
59*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 				  ecore_device_num_engines((_p_hwfn)->p_dev)))
60*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
61*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni struct ecore_mcp_info {
62*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	/* Spinlock used for protecting the access to the MFW mailbox */
63*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	osal_spinlock_t lock;
64*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
65*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	/* Spinglock used for syncing SW link-changes and link-changes
66*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	 * originating from attention context.
67*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	 */
68*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	osal_spinlock_t link_lock;
69*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
70*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	/* Flag to indicate whether sending a MFW mailbox is forbidden */
71*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	bool block_mb_sending;
72*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
73*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	/* Address of the MCP public area */
74*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u32 public_base;
75*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	/* Address of the driver mailbox */
76*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u32 drv_mb_addr;
77*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	/* Address of the MFW mailbox */
78*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u32 mfw_mb_addr;
79*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	/* Address of the port configuration (link) */
80*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u32 port_addr;
81*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
82*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	/* Current driver mailbox sequence */
83*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u16 drv_mb_seq;
84*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	/* Current driver pulse sequence */
85*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u16 drv_pulse_seq;
86*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
87*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	struct ecore_mcp_link_params       link_input;
88*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	struct ecore_mcp_link_state	   link_output;
89*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	struct ecore_mcp_link_capabilities link_capabilities;
90*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
91*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	struct ecore_mcp_function_info	   func_info;
92*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
93*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u8 *mfw_mb_cur;
94*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u8 *mfw_mb_shadow;
95*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u16 mfw_mb_length;
96*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u16 mcp_hist;
97*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
98*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	/* Capabilties negotiated with the MFW */
99*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u32 capabilities;
100*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
101*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
102*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni struct ecore_mcp_mb_params {
103*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u32 cmd;
104*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u32 param;
105*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	void *p_data_src;
106*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u8 data_src_size;
107*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	void *p_data_dst;
108*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u8 data_dst_size;
109*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u32 mcp_resp;
110*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u32 mcp_param;
111*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
112*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
113*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum ecore_ov_eswitch {
114*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	ECORE_OV_ESWITCH_NONE,
115*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	ECORE_OV_ESWITCH_VEB,
116*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	ECORE_OV_ESWITCH_VEPA
117*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
118*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
119*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni struct ecore_drv_tlv_hdr {
120*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u8 tlv_type;	/* According to the enum below */
121*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u8 tlv_length;	/* In dwords - not including this header */
122*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u8 tlv_reserved;
123*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define ECORE_DRV_TLV_FLAGS_CHANGED 0x01
124*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u8 tlv_flags;
125*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
126*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
127*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
128*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief Initialize the interface with the MCP
129*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
130*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_hwfn - HW func
131*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_ptt - PTT required for register access
132*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
133*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @return enum _ecore_status_t
134*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
135*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t ecore_mcp_cmd_init(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
136*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt);
137*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
138*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
139*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief Intialize the port interface with the MCP
140*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
141*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_hwfn
142*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_ptt
143*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * Can only be called after `num_ports_in_engine' is set
144*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
145*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni void ecore_mcp_cmd_port_init(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
146*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 			     struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt);
147*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
148*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief Releases resources allocated during the init process.
149*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
150*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_hwfn - HW func
151*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_ptt - PTT required for register access
152*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
153*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @return enum _ecore_status_t
154*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
155*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
156*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t ecore_mcp_free(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn);
157*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
158*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
159*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief This function is called from the DPC context. After
160*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * pointing PTT to the mfw mb, check for events sent by the MCP
161*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * to the driver and ack them. In case a critical event
162*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * detected, it will be handled here, otherwise the work will be
163*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * queued to a sleepable work-queue.
164*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
165*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_hwfn - HW function
166*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_ptt - PTT required for register access
167*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @return enum _ecore_status_t - ECORE_SUCCESS - operation
168*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * was successul.
169*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
170*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t ecore_mcp_handle_events(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
171*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					     struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt);
172*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
173*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
174*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief When MFW doesn't get driver pulse for couple of seconds, at some
175*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * threshold before timeout expires, it will generate interrupt
176*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * through a dedicated status block (DPSB - Driver Pulse Status
177*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * Block), which the driver should respond immediately, by
178*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * providing keepalive indication after setting the PTT to the
179*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * driver-MFW mailbox. This function is called directly from the
180*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * DPC upon receiving the DPSB attention.
181*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
182*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_hwfn - hw function
183*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_ptt - PTT required for register access
184*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @return enum _ecore_status_t - ECORE_SUCCESS - operation
185*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * was successful.
186*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
187*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t ecore_issue_pulse(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
188*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 				       struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt);
189*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
190*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum ecore_drv_role {
191*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	ECORE_DRV_ROLE_OS,
192*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	ECORE_DRV_ROLE_KDUMP,
193*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
194*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
195*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni struct ecore_load_req_params {
196*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	/* Input params */
197*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	enum ecore_drv_role drv_role;
198*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u8 timeout_val; /* 1..254, '0' - default value, '255' - no timeout */
199*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	bool avoid_eng_reset;
200*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	enum ecore_override_force_load override_force_load;
201*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
202*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	/* Output params */
203*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u32 load_code;
204*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
205*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
206*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
207*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief Sends a LOAD_REQ to the MFW, and in case the operation succeeds,
208*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *        returns whether this PF is the first on the engine/port or function.
209*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
210*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_hwfn
211*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_ptt
212*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_params
213*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
214*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @return enum _ecore_status_t - ECORE_SUCCESS - Operation was successful.
215*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
216*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t ecore_mcp_load_req(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
217*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt,
218*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					struct ecore_load_req_params *p_params);
219*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
220*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
221*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief Sends a UNLOAD_REQ message to the MFW
222*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
223*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_hwfn
224*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_ptt
225*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
226*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @return enum _ecore_status_t - ECORE_SUCCESS - Operation was successful.
227*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
228*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t ecore_mcp_unload_req(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
229*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					  struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt);
230*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
231*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
232*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief Sends a UNLOAD_DONE message to the MFW
233*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
234*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_hwfn
235*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_ptt
236*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
237*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @return enum _ecore_status_t - ECORE_SUCCESS - Operation was successful.
238*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
239*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t ecore_mcp_unload_done(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
240*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					   struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt);
241*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
242*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
243*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief Read the MFW mailbox into Current buffer.
244*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
245*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_hwfn
246*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_ptt
247*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
248*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni void ecore_mcp_read_mb(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
249*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 		       struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt);
250*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
251*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
252*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief Ack to mfw that driver finished FLR process for VFs
253*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
254*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_hwfn
255*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_ptt
256*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param vfs_to_ack - bit mask of all engine VFs for which the PF acks.
257*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
258*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param return enum _ecore_status_t - ECORE_SUCCESS upon success.
259*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
260*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t ecore_mcp_ack_vf_flr(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
261*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					  struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt,
262*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					  u32 *vfs_to_ack);
263*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
264*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
265*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief - calls during init to read shmem of all function-related info.
266*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
267*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_hwfn
268*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
269*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param return ECORE_SUCCESS upon success.
270*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
271*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t ecore_mcp_fill_shmem_func_info(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
272*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 						    struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt);
273*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
274*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
275*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief - Reset the MCP using mailbox command.
276*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
277*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_hwfn
278*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_ptt
279*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
280*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param return ECORE_SUCCESS upon success.
281*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
282*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t ecore_mcp_reset(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
283*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 				     struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt);
284*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
285*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
286*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief - Sends an NVM write command request to the MFW with
287*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *          payload.
288*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
289*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_hwfn
290*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_ptt
291*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param cmd - Command: Either DRV_MSG_CODE_NVM_WRITE_NVRAM or
292*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *            DRV_MSG_CODE_NVM_PUT_FILE_DATA
293*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param param - [0:23] - Offset [24:31] - Size
294*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param o_mcp_resp - MCP response
295*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param o_mcp_param - MCP response param
296*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param i_txn_size -  Buffer size
297*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param i_buf - Pointer to the buffer
298*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
299*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param return ECORE_SUCCESS upon success.
300*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
301*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t ecore_mcp_nvm_wr_cmd(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
302*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					  struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt,
303*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					  u32 cmd,
304*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					  u32 param,
305*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					  u32 *o_mcp_resp,
306*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					  u32 *o_mcp_param,
307*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					  u32 i_txn_size,
308*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					  u32 *i_buf);
309*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
310*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
311*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief - Sends an NVM read command request to the MFW to get
312*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *        a buffer.
313*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
314*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_hwfn
315*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_ptt
316*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param cmd - Command: DRV_MSG_CODE_NVM_GET_FILE_DATA or
317*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *            DRV_MSG_CODE_NVM_READ_NVRAM commands
318*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param param - [0:23] - Offset [24:31] - Size
319*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param o_mcp_resp - MCP response
320*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param o_mcp_param - MCP response param
321*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param o_txn_size -  Buffer size output
322*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param o_buf - Pointer to the buffer returned by the MFW.
323*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
324*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param return ECORE_SUCCESS upon success.
325*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
326*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t ecore_mcp_nvm_rd_cmd(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
327*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					  struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt,
328*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					  u32 cmd,
329*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					  u32 param,
330*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					  u32 *o_mcp_resp,
331*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					  u32 *o_mcp_param,
332*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					  u32 *o_txn_size,
333*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					  u32 *o_buf);
334*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
335*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
336*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief indicates whether the MFW objects [under mcp_info] are accessible
337*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
338*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_hwfn
339*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
340*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @return true iff MFW is running and mcp_info is initialized
341*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
342*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni bool ecore_mcp_is_init(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn);
343*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
344*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
345*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief request MFW to configure MSI-X for a VF
346*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
347*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_hwfn
348*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_ptt
349*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param vf_id - absolute inside engine
350*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param num_sbs - number of entries to request
351*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
352*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @return enum _ecore_status_t
353*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
354*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t ecore_mcp_config_vf_msix(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
355*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					      struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt,
356*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					      u8 vf_id, u8 num);
357*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
358*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
359*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief - Halt the MCP.
360*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
361*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_hwfn
362*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_ptt
363*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
364*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param return ECORE_SUCCESS upon success.
365*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
366*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t ecore_mcp_halt(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
367*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 				    struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt);
368*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
369*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
370*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief - Wake up the MCP.
371*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
372*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_hwfn
373*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_ptt
374*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
375*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param return ECORE_SUCCESS upon success.
376*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
377*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t ecore_mcp_resume(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
378*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 				      struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt);
379*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni int __ecore_configure_pf_max_bandwidth(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
380*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 				       struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt,
381*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 				       struct ecore_mcp_link_state *p_link,
382*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 				       u8 max_bw);
383*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni int __ecore_configure_pf_min_bandwidth(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
384*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 				       struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt,
385*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 				       struct ecore_mcp_link_state *p_link,
386*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 				       u8 min_bw);
387*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t ecore_mcp_mask_parities(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
388*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					     struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt,
389*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					     u32 mask_parities);
390*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #if 0
391*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t ecore_hw_init_first_eth(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
392*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					     struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt,
393*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					     u8 *p_pf);
394*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #endif
395*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
396*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
397*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief - Sends crash mdump related info to the MFW.
398*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
399*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_hwfn
400*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_ptt
401*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param epoch
402*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
403*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param return ECORE_SUCCESS upon success.
404*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
405*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t ecore_mcp_mdump_set_values(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
406*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 						struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt,
407*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 						u32 epoch);
408*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
409*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
410*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief - Triggers a MFW crash dump procedure.
411*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
412*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_hwfn
413*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_ptt
414*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
415*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param return ECORE_SUCCESS upon success.
416*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
417*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t ecore_mcp_mdump_trigger(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
418*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					     struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt);
419*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
420*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni struct ecore_mdump_retain_data {
421*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u32 valid;
422*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u32 epoch;
423*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u32 pf;
424*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u32 status;
425*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
426*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
427*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
428*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief - Gets the mdump retained data from the MFW.
429*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
430*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_hwfn
431*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_ptt
432*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_mdump_retain
433*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
434*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param return ECORE_SUCCESS upon success.
435*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
436*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t
437*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni ecore_mcp_mdump_get_retain(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn, struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt,
438*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 			   struct ecore_mdump_retain_data *p_mdump_retain);
439*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
440*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
441*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief - Clear the mdump retained data.
442*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
443*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_hwfn
444*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_ptt
445*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
446*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param return ECORE_SUCCESS upon success.
447*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
448*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t ecore_mcp_mdump_clr_retain(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
449*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 						struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt);
450*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
451*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
452*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief - Sets the MFW's max value for the given resource
453*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
454*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *  @param p_hwfn
455*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *  @param p_ptt
456*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *  @param res_id
457*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *  @param resc_max_val
458*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *  @param p_mcp_resp
459*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
460*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @return enum _ecore_status_t - ECORE_SUCCESS - operation was successful.
461*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
462*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t
463*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni ecore_mcp_set_resc_max_val(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn, struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt,
464*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 			   enum ecore_resources res_id, u32 resc_max_val,
465*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 			   u32 *p_mcp_resp);
466*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
467*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
468*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief - Gets the MFW allocation info for the given resource
469*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
470*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *  @param p_hwfn
471*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *  @param p_ptt
472*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *  @param res_id
473*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *  @param p_mcp_resp
474*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *  @param p_resc_num
475*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *  @param p_resc_start
476*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
477*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @return enum _ecore_status_t - ECORE_SUCCESS - operation was successful.
478*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
479*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t
480*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni ecore_mcp_get_resc_info(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn, struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt,
481*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 			enum ecore_resources res_id, u32 *p_mcp_resp,
482*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 			u32 *p_resc_num, u32 *p_resc_start);
483*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
484*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
485*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief - Initiates PF FLR
486*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
487*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *  @param p_hwfn
488*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *  @param p_ptt
489*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
490*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @return enum _ecore_status_t - ECORE_SUCCESS - operation was successful.
491*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
492*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t ecore_mcp_initiate_pf_flr(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
493*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					       struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt);
494*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
495*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
496*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief Send eswitch mode to MFW
497*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
498*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *  @param p_hwfn
499*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *  @param p_ptt
500*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *  @param eswitch - eswitch mode
501*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
502*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @return enum _ecore_status_t - ECORE_SUCCESS - operation was successful.
503*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
504*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t
505*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni ecore_mcp_ov_update_eswitch(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn, struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt,
506*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 			    enum ecore_ov_eswitch eswitch);
507*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
508*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define ECORE_MCP_RESC_LOCK_MIN_VAL	RESOURCE_DUMP /* 0 */
509*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define ECORE_MCP_RESC_LOCK_MAX_VAL	31
510*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
511*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum ecore_resc_lock {
513*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	/* Locks that the MFW is aware of should be added here downwards */
514*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
515*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	/* Ecore only locks should be added here upwards */
516*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	ECORE_RESC_LOCK_PTP_PORT0,
517*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	ECORE_RESC_LOCK_PTP_PORT1,
518*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	ECORE_RESC_LOCK_PTP_PORT2,
519*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	ECORE_RESC_LOCK_PTP_PORT3,
521*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
522*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
523*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni struct ecore_resc_lock_params {
524*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	/* Resource number [valid values are 0..31] */
525*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u8 resource;
526*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
527*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	/* Lock timeout value in seconds [default, none or 1..254] */
528*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u8 timeout;
529*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define ECORE_MCP_RESC_LOCK_TO_DEFAULT	0
530*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define ECORE_MCP_RESC_LOCK_TO_NONE	255
531*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
532*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	/* Number of times to retry locking */
533*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u8 retry_num;
534*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
535*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	/* The interval in usec between retries */
536*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u16 retry_interval;
537*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
538*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	/* Use sleep or delay between retries */
539*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	bool sleep_b4_retry;
540*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
541*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	/* Will be set as true if the resource is free and granted */
542*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	bool b_granted;
543*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
544*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	/* Will be filled with the resource owner.
545*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	 * [0..15 = PF0-15, 16 = MFW, 17 = diag over serial]
546*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	 */
547*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u8 owner;
548*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
549*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
550*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
551*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief Acquires MFW generic resource lock
552*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
553*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *  @param p_hwfn
554*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *  @param p_ptt
555*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *  @param p_params
556*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
557*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @return enum _ecore_status_t - ECORE_SUCCESS - operation was successful.
558*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
559*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t
560*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni ecore_mcp_resc_lock(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn, struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt,
561*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 		    struct ecore_resc_lock_params *p_params);
562*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
563*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni struct ecore_resc_unlock_params {
564*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	/* Resource number [valid values are 0..31] */
565*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u8 resource;
566*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
567*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	/* Allow to release a resource even if belongs to another PF */
568*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	bool b_force;
569*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
570*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	/* Will be set as true if the resource is released */
571*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	bool b_released;
572*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
573*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
574*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
575*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief Releases MFW generic resource lock
576*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
577*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *  @param p_hwfn
578*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *  @param p_ptt
579*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *  @param p_params
580*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
581*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @return enum _ecore_status_t - ECORE_SUCCESS - operation was successful.
582*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
583*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t
584*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni ecore_mcp_resc_unlock(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn, struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt,
585*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 		      struct ecore_resc_unlock_params *p_params);
586*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
587*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni void ecore_mcp_wol_wr(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn, struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt,
588*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 		      u32 offset, u32 val);
589*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
590*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
591*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief Learn of supported MFW features; To be done during early init
592*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
593*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_hwfn
594*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_ptt
595*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
596*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t ecore_mcp_get_capabilities(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
597*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 						struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt);
598*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
599*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
600*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief Inform MFW of set of features supported by driver. Should be done
601*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * inside the contet of the LOAD_REQ.
602*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
603*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_hwfn
604*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_ptt
605*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
606*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t ecore_mcp_set_capabilities(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
607*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 						struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt);
608*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
609*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**
610*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @brief Initialize MFW mailbox and sequence values for driver interaction.
611*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  *
612*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_hwfn
613*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * @param p_ptt
614*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
615*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum _ecore_status_t ecore_load_mcp_offsets(struct ecore_hwfn *p_hwfn,
616*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 					    struct ecore_ptt *p_ptt);
617*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
618*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #endif /* __ECORE_MCP_H__ */