1*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
2*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * CDDL HEADER START
3*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni *
4*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * The contents of this file are subject to the terms of the
5*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * Common Development and Distribution License, v.1,  (the "License").
6*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * You may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
7*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni *
8*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * You can obtain a copy of the license at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE
9*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * or http://opensource.org/licenses/CDDL-1.0.
10*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * See the License for the specific language governing permissions
11*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * and limitations under the License.
12*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni *
13*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * When distributing Covered Code, include this CDDL HEADER in each
14*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * file and include the License file at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE.
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17*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * information: Portions Copyright [yyyy] [name of copyright owner]
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19*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * CDDL HEADER END
20*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni */
21*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
22*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
23*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * Copyright 2014-2017 Cavium, Inc.
24*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * The contents of this file are subject to the terms of the Common Development
25*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * and Distribution License, v.1,  (the "License").
26*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
27*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * You may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
28*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
29*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * You can obtain a copy of the License at available
30*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * at http://opensource.org/licenses/CDDL-1.0
31*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
32*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
33*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni * limitations under the License.
34*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni */
35*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
36*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #ifndef __ECORE_HSI_INIT_TOOL__
37*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define __ECORE_HSI_INIT_TOOL__
38*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**************************************/
39*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /* Init Tool HSI constants and macros */
40*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /**************************************/
41*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
42*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /* Width of GRC address in bits (addresses are specified in dwords) */
43*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define GRC_ADDR_BITS			23
44*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define MAX_GRC_ADDR			((1 << GRC_ADDR_BITS) - 1)
45*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
46*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /* indicates an init that should be applied to any phase ID */
47*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define ANY_PHASE_ID			0xffff
48*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
49*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /* Max size in dwords of a zipped array */
50*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define MAX_ZIPPED_SIZE			8192
51*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
52*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
53*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum chip_ids
54*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
55*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	CHIP_BB,
56*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	CHIP_K2,
57*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	CHIP_E5,
58*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	MAX_CHIP_IDS
59*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
60*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
61*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
62*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni struct fw_asserts_ram_section
63*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
64*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le16 section_ram_line_offset /* The offset of the section in the RAM in RAM lines (64-bit units) */;
65*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le16 section_ram_line_size /* The size of the section in RAM lines (64-bit units) */;
66*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u8 list_dword_offset /* The offset of the asserts list within the section in dwords */;
67*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u8 list_element_dword_size /* The size of an assert list element in dwords */;
68*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u8 list_num_elements /* The number of elements in the asserts list */;
69*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u8 list_next_index_dword_offset /* The offset of the next list index field within the section in dwords */;
70*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
71*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
72*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
73*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni struct fw_ver_num
74*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
75*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u8 major /* Firmware major version number */;
76*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u8 minor /* Firmware minor version number */;
77*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u8 rev /* Firmware revision version number */;
78*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u8 eng /* Firmware engineering version number (for bootleg versions) */;
79*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
80*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
81*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni struct fw_ver_info
82*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
83*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le16 tools_ver /* Tools version number */;
84*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u8 image_id /* FW image ID (e.g. main, l2b, kuku) */;
85*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	u8 reserved1;
86*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	struct fw_ver_num num /* FW version number */;
87*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le32 timestamp /* FW Timestamp in unix time  (sec. since 1970) */;
88*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le32 reserved2;
89*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
90*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
91*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni struct fw_info
92*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
93*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	struct fw_ver_info ver /* FW version information */;
94*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	struct fw_asserts_ram_section fw_asserts_section /* Info regarding the FW asserts section in the Storm RAM */;
95*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
96*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
97*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
98*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni struct fw_info_location
99*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
100*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le32 grc_addr /* GRC address where the fw_info struct is located. */;
101*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le32 size /* Size of the fw_info structure (thats located at the grc_addr). */;
102*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
103*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
104*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
105*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
106*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
107*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum init_modes
108*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
109*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	MODE_BB_A0_DEPRECATED,
110*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	MODE_BB,
111*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	MODE_K2,
112*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	MODE_ASIC,
113*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	MODE_EMUL_REDUCED,
114*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	MODE_EMUL_FULL,
115*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	MODE_FPGA,
116*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	MODE_CHIPSIM,
117*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	MODE_SF,
118*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	MODE_MF_SD,
119*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	MODE_MF_SI,
120*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	MODE_PORTS_PER_ENG_1,
121*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	MODE_PORTS_PER_ENG_2,
122*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	MODE_PORTS_PER_ENG_4,
123*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	MODE_100G,
124*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	MODE_E5,
125*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	MAX_INIT_MODES
126*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
127*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
128*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
129*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum init_phases
130*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
131*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	PHASE_ENGINE,
132*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	PHASE_PORT,
133*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	PHASE_PF,
134*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	PHASE_VF,
135*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	PHASE_QM_PF,
136*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	MAX_INIT_PHASES
137*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
138*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
139*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
140*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum init_split_types
141*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
142*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	SPLIT_TYPE_NONE,
143*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	SPLIT_TYPE_PORT,
144*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	SPLIT_TYPE_PF,
145*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	SPLIT_TYPE_PORT_PF,
146*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	SPLIT_TYPE_VF,
147*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	MAX_INIT_SPLIT_TYPES
148*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
149*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
150*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
151*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
152*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * Binary buffer header
153*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
154*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni struct bin_buffer_hdr
155*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
156*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le32 offset /* buffer offset in bytes from the beginning of the binary file */;
157*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le32 length /* buffer length in bytes */;
158*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
159*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
160*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
161*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
162*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * binary init buffer types
163*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
164*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum bin_init_buffer_type
165*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
166*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	BIN_BUF_INIT_FW_VER_INFO /* fw_ver_info struct */,
167*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	BIN_BUF_INIT_CMD /* init commands */,
168*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	BIN_BUF_INIT_VAL /* init data */,
169*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	BIN_BUF_INIT_MODE_TREE /* init modes tree */,
170*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	BIN_BUF_INIT_IRO /* internal RAM offsets */,
171*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	MAX_BIN_INIT_BUFFER_TYPE
172*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
173*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
174*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
175*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
176*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * init array header: raw
177*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
178*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni struct init_array_raw_hdr
179*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
180*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le32 data;
181*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_ARRAY_RAW_HDR_TYPE_MASK    0xF /* Init array type, from init_array_types enum */
182*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_ARRAY_RAW_HDR_TYPE_SHIFT   0
183*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_ARRAY_RAW_HDR_PARAMS_MASK  0xFFFFFFF /* init array params */
184*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_ARRAY_RAW_HDR_PARAMS_SHIFT 4
185*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
186*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
187*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
188*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * init array header: standard
189*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
190*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni struct init_array_standard_hdr
191*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
192*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le32 data;
193*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_ARRAY_STANDARD_HDR_TYPE_MASK  0xF /* Init array type, from init_array_types enum */
194*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_ARRAY_STANDARD_HDR_TYPE_SHIFT 0
195*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_ARRAY_STANDARD_HDR_SIZE_MASK  0xFFFFFFF /* Init array size (in dwords) */
196*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_ARRAY_STANDARD_HDR_SIZE_SHIFT 4
197*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
198*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
199*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
200*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * init array header: zipped
201*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
202*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni struct init_array_zipped_hdr
203*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
204*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le32 data;
205*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_ARRAY_ZIPPED_HDR_TYPE_MASK         0xF /* Init array type, from init_array_types enum */
206*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_ARRAY_ZIPPED_HDR_TYPE_SHIFT        0
207*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_ARRAY_ZIPPED_HDR_ZIPPED_SIZE_MASK  0xFFFFFFF /* Init array zipped size (in bytes) */
208*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_ARRAY_ZIPPED_HDR_ZIPPED_SIZE_SHIFT 4
209*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
210*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
211*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
212*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * init array header: pattern
213*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
214*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni struct init_array_pattern_hdr
215*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
216*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le32 data;
217*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_ARRAY_PATTERN_HDR_TYPE_MASK          0xF /* Init array type, from init_array_types enum */
218*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_ARRAY_PATTERN_HDR_TYPE_SHIFT         0
219*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_ARRAY_PATTERN_HDR_PATTERN_SIZE_MASK  0xF /* pattern size in dword */
220*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_ARRAY_PATTERN_HDR_PATTERN_SIZE_SHIFT 4
221*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_ARRAY_PATTERN_HDR_REPETITIONS_MASK   0xFFFFFF /* pattern repetitions */
222*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_ARRAY_PATTERN_HDR_REPETITIONS_SHIFT  8
223*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
224*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
225*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
226*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * init array header union
227*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
228*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni union init_array_hdr
229*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
230*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	struct init_array_raw_hdr raw /* raw init array header */;
231*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	struct init_array_standard_hdr standard /* standard init array header */;
232*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	struct init_array_zipped_hdr zipped /* zipped init array header */;
233*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	struct init_array_pattern_hdr pattern /* pattern init array header */;
234*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
235*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
236*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
237*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
238*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
239*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
240*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
241*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * init array types
242*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
243*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum init_array_types
244*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
245*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	INIT_ARR_STANDARD /* standard init array */,
246*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	INIT_ARR_ZIPPED /* zipped init array */,
247*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	INIT_ARR_PATTERN /* a repeated pattern */,
248*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	MAX_INIT_ARRAY_TYPES
249*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
250*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
251*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
252*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
253*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
254*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * init operation: callback
255*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
256*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni struct init_callback_op
257*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
258*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le32 op_data;
259*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_CALLBACK_OP_OP_MASK        0xF /* Init operation, from init_op_types enum */
260*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_CALLBACK_OP_OP_SHIFT       0
261*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_CALLBACK_OP_RESERVED_MASK  0xFFFFFFF
262*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_CALLBACK_OP_RESERVED_SHIFT 4
263*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le16 callback_id /* Callback ID */;
264*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le16 block_id /* Blocks ID */;
265*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
266*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
267*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
268*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
269*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * init operation: delay
270*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
271*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni struct init_delay_op
272*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
273*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le32 op_data;
274*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_DELAY_OP_OP_MASK        0xF /* Init operation, from init_op_types enum */
275*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_DELAY_OP_OP_SHIFT       0
276*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_DELAY_OP_RESERVED_MASK  0xFFFFFFF
277*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_DELAY_OP_RESERVED_SHIFT 4
278*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le32 delay /* delay in us */;
279*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
280*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
281*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
282*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
283*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * init operation: if_mode
284*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
285*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni struct init_if_mode_op
286*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
287*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le32 op_data;
288*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_IF_MODE_OP_OP_MASK          0xF /* Init operation, from init_op_types enum */
289*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_IF_MODE_OP_OP_SHIFT         0
290*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_IF_MODE_OP_RESERVED1_MASK   0xFFF
291*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_IF_MODE_OP_RESERVED1_SHIFT  4
292*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_IF_MODE_OP_CMD_OFFSET_MASK  0xFFFF /* Commands to skip if the modes dont match */
293*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_IF_MODE_OP_CMD_OFFSET_SHIFT 16
294*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le16 reserved2;
295*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le16 modes_buf_offset /* offset (in bytes) in modes expression buffer */;
296*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
297*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
298*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
299*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
300*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * init operation: if_phase
301*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
302*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni struct init_if_phase_op
303*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
304*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le32 op_data;
305*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_IF_PHASE_OP_OP_MASK           0xF /* Init operation, from init_op_types enum */
306*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_IF_PHASE_OP_OP_SHIFT          0
307*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_IF_PHASE_OP_DMAE_ENABLE_MASK  0x1 /* Indicates if DMAE is enabled in this phase */
308*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_IF_PHASE_OP_DMAE_ENABLE_SHIFT 4
309*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_IF_PHASE_OP_RESERVED1_MASK    0x7FF
310*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_IF_PHASE_OP_RESERVED1_SHIFT   5
311*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_IF_PHASE_OP_CMD_OFFSET_MASK   0xFFFF /* Commands to skip if the phases dont match */
312*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_IF_PHASE_OP_CMD_OFFSET_SHIFT  16
313*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le32 phase_data;
314*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_IF_PHASE_OP_PHASE_MASK        0xFF /* Init phase */
315*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_IF_PHASE_OP_PHASE_SHIFT       0
316*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_IF_PHASE_OP_RESERVED2_MASK    0xFF
317*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_IF_PHASE_OP_RESERVED2_SHIFT   8
318*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_IF_PHASE_OP_PHASE_ID_MASK     0xFFFF /* Init phase ID */
319*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_IF_PHASE_OP_PHASE_ID_SHIFT    16
320*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
321*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
322*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
323*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
324*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * init mode operators
325*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
326*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum init_mode_ops
327*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
328*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	INIT_MODE_OP_NOT /* init mode not operator */,
329*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	INIT_MODE_OP_OR /* init mode or operator */,
330*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	INIT_MODE_OP_AND /* init mode and operator */,
331*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	MAX_INIT_MODE_OPS
332*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
333*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
334*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
335*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
336*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * init operation: raw
337*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
338*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni struct init_raw_op
339*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
340*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le32 op_data;
341*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_RAW_OP_OP_MASK      0xF /* Init operation, from init_op_types enum */
342*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_RAW_OP_OP_SHIFT     0
343*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_RAW_OP_PARAM1_MASK  0xFFFFFFF /* init param 1 */
344*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_RAW_OP_PARAM1_SHIFT 4
345*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le32 param2 /* Init param 2 */;
346*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
347*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
348*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
349*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * init array params
350*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
351*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni struct init_op_array_params
352*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
353*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le16 size /* array size in dwords */;
354*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le16 offset /* array start offset in dwords */;
355*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
356*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
357*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
358*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * Write init operation arguments
359*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
360*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni union init_write_args
361*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
362*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le32 inline_val /* value to write, used when init source is INIT_SRC_INLINE */;
363*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le32 zeros_count /* number of zeros to write, used when init source is INIT_SRC_ZEROS */;
364*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le32 array_offset /* array offset to write, used when init source is INIT_SRC_ARRAY */;
365*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	struct init_op_array_params runtime /* runtime array params to write, used when init source is INIT_SRC_RUNTIME */;
366*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
367*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
368*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
369*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * init operation: write
370*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
371*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni struct init_write_op
372*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
373*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le32 data;
374*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_WRITE_OP_OP_MASK        0xF /* init operation, from init_op_types enum */
375*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_WRITE_OP_OP_SHIFT       0
376*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_WRITE_OP_SOURCE_MASK    0x7 /* init source type, taken from init_source_types enum */
377*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_WRITE_OP_SOURCE_SHIFT   4
378*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_WRITE_OP_RESERVED_MASK  0x1
379*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_WRITE_OP_RESERVED_SHIFT 7
380*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_WRITE_OP_WIDE_BUS_MASK  0x1 /* indicates if the register is wide-bus */
381*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_WRITE_OP_WIDE_BUS_SHIFT 8
382*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_WRITE_OP_ADDRESS_MASK   0x7FFFFF /* internal (absolute) GRC address, in dwords */
383*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_WRITE_OP_ADDRESS_SHIFT  9
384*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	union init_write_args args /* Write init operation arguments */;
385*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
386*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
387*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
388*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * init operation: read
389*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
390*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni struct init_read_op
391*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
392*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le32 op_data;
393*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_READ_OP_OP_MASK         0xF /* init operation, from init_op_types enum */
394*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_READ_OP_OP_SHIFT        0
395*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_READ_OP_POLL_TYPE_MASK  0xF /* polling type, from init_poll_types enum */
396*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_READ_OP_POLL_TYPE_SHIFT 4
397*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_READ_OP_RESERVED_MASK   0x1
398*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_READ_OP_RESERVED_SHIFT  8
399*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_READ_OP_ADDRESS_MASK    0x7FFFFF /* internal (absolute) GRC address, in dwords */
400*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #define INIT_READ_OP_ADDRESS_SHIFT   9
401*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le32 expected_val /* expected polling value, used only when polling is done */;
402*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
403*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
404*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
405*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * Init operations union
406*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
407*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni union init_op
408*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
409*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	struct init_raw_op raw /* raw init operation */;
410*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	struct init_write_op write /* write init operation */;
411*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	struct init_read_op read /* read init operation */;
412*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	struct init_if_mode_op if_mode /* if_mode init operation */;
413*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	struct init_if_phase_op if_phase /* if_phase init operation */;
414*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	struct init_callback_op callback /* callback init operation */;
415*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	struct init_delay_op delay /* delay init operation */;
416*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
417*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
418*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
419*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
420*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
421*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * Init command operation types
422*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
423*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum init_op_types
424*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
425*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	INIT_OP_READ /* GRC read init command */,
426*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	INIT_OP_WRITE /* GRC write init command */,
427*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	INIT_OP_IF_MODE /* Skip init commands if the init modes expression doesnt match */,
428*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	INIT_OP_IF_PHASE /* Skip init commands if the init phase doesnt match */,
429*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	INIT_OP_DELAY /* delay init command */,
430*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	INIT_OP_CALLBACK /* callback init command */,
431*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	MAX_INIT_OP_TYPES
432*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
433*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
434*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
435*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
436*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * init polling types
437*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
438*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum init_poll_types
439*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
440*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	INIT_POLL_NONE /* No polling */,
441*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	INIT_POLL_EQ /* init value is included in the init command */,
442*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	INIT_POLL_OR /* init value is all zeros */,
443*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	INIT_POLL_AND /* init value is an array of values */,
444*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	MAX_INIT_POLL_TYPES
445*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
446*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
447*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
448*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
449*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
450*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
451*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * init source types
452*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
453*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni enum init_source_types
454*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
455*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	INIT_SRC_INLINE /* init value is included in the init command */,
456*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	INIT_SRC_ZEROS /* init value is all zeros */,
457*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	INIT_SRC_ARRAY /* init value is an array of values */,
458*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	INIT_SRC_RUNTIME /* init value is provided during runtime */,
459*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	MAX_INIT_SOURCE_TYPES
460*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
461*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
462*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
463*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
464*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
465*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni /*
466*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  * Internal RAM Offsets macro data
467*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni  */
468*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni struct iro
469*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni {
470*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le32 base /* RAM field offset */;
471*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le16 m1 /* multiplier 1 */;
472*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le16 m2 /* multiplier 2 */;
473*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le16 m3 /* multiplier 3 */;
474*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 	__le16 size /* RAM field size */;
475*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni };
476*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni 
477*14b24e2bSVaishali Kulkarni #endif /* __ECORE_HSI_INIT_TOOL__ */