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25fcf3ce4John Forte
26fcf3ce4John Forte#ifndef	_HBALIST_H
27fcf3ce4John Forte#define	_HBALIST_H
28fcf3ce4John Forte
29fcf3ce4John Forte
30fcf3ce4John Forte
31fcf3ce4John Forte#include "Lockable.h"
32fcf3ce4John Forte#include "HBA.h"
33fcf3ce4John Forte#include "Handle.h"
34fcf3ce4John Forte#include <vector>
35fcf3ce4John Forte#include <string>
36fcf3ce4John Forte#include <hbaapi.h>
37fcf3ce4John Forte
38fcf3ce4John Forte/**
39fcf3ce4John Forte * @memo	    Singleton class that represents the entire list of HBAs
40fcf3ce4John Forte *		    known to the system.
41fcf3ce4John Forte *
42fcf3ce4John Forte * @doc		    This class and its single instance is used to track
43fcf3ce4John Forte *		    all the known HBAs on the system.  This class
44fcf3ce4John Forte *		    will gracefully handle dynamic reconfiguration
45fcf3ce4John Forte *		    in accordance with the FC-HBA specification.
46fcf3ce4John Forte *		    HBA_MAX_PER_LIST represents the maximum number of
47fcf3ce4John Forte *		    adapters that are supported by this class.
48fcf3ce4John Forte */
49fcf3ce4John Forteclass HBAList : public Lockable{
50fcf3ce4John Fortepublic:
51fcf3ce4John Forte    static HBAList*	    instance();
52fcf3ce4John Forte    ~HBAList();
53fcf3ce4John Forte    static const int32_t    HBA_MAX_PER_LIST;
54fcf3ce4John Forte    HBA_STATUS		    load();
55fcf3ce4John Forte    HBA_STATUS		    unload();
56fcf3ce4John Forte    int			    getNumberofAdapters();
57fcf3ce4John Forte    int			    getNumberofTgtAdapters();
58fcf3ce4John Forte    std::string		    getHBAName(int index);
59fcf3ce4John Forte    std::string		    getTgtHBAName(int index);
60fcf3ce4John Forte    Handle*		    openHBA(std::string name);
61fcf3ce4John Forte    Handle*		    openTgtHBA(std::string name);
62fcf3ce4John Forte    Handle*		    openHBA(uint64_t wwn);
63fcf3ce4John Forte    Handle*		    openTgtHBA(uint64_t wwn);
64fcf3ce4John Forte    HBA_LIBRARYATTRIBUTES   getVSLAttributes();
65fcf3ce4John Forte
66fcf3ce4John Forteprotected:
67fcf3ce4John Forte    HBAList(); // Singleton
68fcf3ce4John Forte
69fcf3ce4John Forte    // Prevent ambiguity
70fcf3ce4John Forte    using Lockable::lock;
71fcf3ce4John Forte    using Lockable::unlock;
72fcf3ce4John Forte
73fcf3ce4John Forteprivate:
74fcf3ce4John Forte    static HBAList*	    _instance;
75fcf3ce4John Forte    std::vector<HBA*>	    hbas;
76fcf3ce4John Forte    std::vector<HBA*>	    tgthbas;
77fcf3ce4John Forte};
78fcf3ce4John Forte
79fcf3ce4John Forte#endif /* _HBALIST_H */