1*9525b14bSRao Shoaib /*
2*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  * Copyright 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
3*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  * Use is subject to license terms.
4*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  */
5*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
6*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #ifndef _PORT_RESOLV_H
7*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #define	_PORT_RESOLV_H
8*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
9*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #ifdef	__cplusplus
10*9525b14bSRao Shoaib extern "C" {
11*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #endif
12*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
13*9525b14bSRao Shoaib /* RES_NSID has the same value as RES_NO_NIBBLE, which has been deleted  */
14*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #define	RES_NSID	0x00040000	/* request name server ID */
15*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
16*9525b14bSRao Shoaib /* RES_DEFAULT has a new value in libbind-6.0 */
17*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #undef RES_DEFAULT
18*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #define	RES_DEFAULT	(RES_RECURSE | RES_DEFNAMES | \
19*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 	RES_DNSRCH | RES_NO_NIBBLE2)
20*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
21*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #ifndef __ultrix__
22*9525b14bSRao Shoaib u_int16_t	_getshort __P((const uchar_t *));
23*9525b14bSRao Shoaib u_int32_t	_getlong __P((const uchar_t *));
24*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #endif
25*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
26*9525b14bSRao Shoaib /* rename functions so they can be wrapped (see sunw/sunw_wrappers.c */
27*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #define	p_option isc_p_option
28*9525b14bSRao Shoaib const char *p_option(ulong_t option);
29*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #define	p_secstodate isc_p_secstodate
30*9525b14bSRao Shoaib char *p_secstodate(ulong_t secs);
31*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
32*9525b14bSRao Shoaib /* prevent namespace pollution */
33*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #define	res_protocolnumber	__res_protocolnumber
34*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #define	res_servicenumber	__res_servicenumber
35*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
36*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
37*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
38*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #ifdef	__cplusplus
39*9525b14bSRao Shoaib }
40*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #endif
41*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
42*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #endif /* _PORT_RESOLV_H */