1*9525b14bSRao Shoaib /*
2*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  * Copyright 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
3*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  * Use is subject to license terms.
4*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  */
5*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
6*9525b14bSRao Shoaib /*
7*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  *
8*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  * All rights reserved.
9*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  */
10*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
11*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #ifndef _ARPA_PORT_INET_H
12*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #define	_ARPA_PORT_INET_H
13*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
14*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #ifdef	__cplusplus
15*9525b14bSRao Shoaib extern "C" {
16*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #endif
17*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
18*9525b14bSRao Shoaib /*
19*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  * these are libresolv2 functions that were made local in previous versions
20*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  * we rename them res_* because they conflict with libnsl or libsocket
21*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  */
22*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
23*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #define	inet_lnaof res_inet_lnaof  /* libsocket */
24*9525b14bSRao Shoaib ulong_t inet_lnaof(struct in_addr in);
25*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
26*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #define	inet_makeaddr res_inet_makeaddr  /* libsocket */
27*9525b14bSRao Shoaib struct in_addr inet_makeaddr(ulong_t net, ulong_t host);
28*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
29*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #define	inet_netof res_inet_netof  /* libnsl */
30*9525b14bSRao Shoaib ulong_t inet_netof(struct in_addr in);
31*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
32*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #define	inet_network res_inet_network  /* libsocket */
33*9525b14bSRao Shoaib ulong_t inet_network(register const char *cp);
34*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
35*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #ifdef	__cplusplus
36*9525b14bSRao Shoaib }
37*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #endif
38*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
39*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
40*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
41*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #endif /* _ARPA_PORT_INET_H */