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20da6c28aamw */
22c586600Keyur Desai * Copyright (c) 2007, 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
2368b2bbfGordon Ross * Copyright 2013 Nexenta Systems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
24da6c28aamw */
26da6c28aamw#ifndef	_LIBMLRPC_H
27da6c28aamw#define	_LIBMLRPC_H
293db3f65amw#include <sys/types.h>
308d7e416jose borrego#include <sys/uio.h>
313299f39Gordon Ross
323299f39Gordon Ross#include <smb/wintypes.h>
333299f39Gordon Ross#include <libmlrpc/ndr.h>
35da6c28aamw#ifdef	__cplusplus
36da6c28aamwextern "C" {
398d7e416jose borrego/*
408d7e416jose borrego * An MSRPC compatible implementation of OSF DCE RPC.  DCE RPC is derived
418d7e416jose borrego * from the Apollo Network Computing Architecture (NCA) RPC implementation.
428d7e416jose borrego *
438d7e416jose borrego * CAE Specification (1997)
448d7e416jose borrego * DCE 1.1: Remote Procedure Call
458d7e416jose borrego * Document Number: C706
468d7e416jose borrego * The Open Group
478d7e416jose borrego * ogspecs@opengroup.org
488d7e416jose borrego *
498d7e416jose borrego * This implementation is based on the DCE Remote Procedure Call spec with
508d7e416jose borrego * enhancements to support Unicode strings.  The diagram below shows the
518d7e416jose borrego * DCE RPC layers compared against ONC SUN RPC.
528d7e416jose borrego *
538d7e416jose borrego *	NDR RPC Layers		Sun RPC Layers		Remark
548d7e416jose borrego *	+---------------+	+---------------+	+---------------+
558d7e416jose borrego *	+---------------+	+---------------+
568d7e416jose borrego *	| Application	|	| Application	|	The application
578d7e416jose borrego *	+---------------+	+---------------+
588d7e416jose borrego *	| Hand coded    |	| RPCGEN gen'd  |	Where the real
598d7e416jose borrego *	| client/server |	| client/server |	work happens
608d7e416jose borrego *	| srvsvc.ndl	|	| *_svc.c *_clnt|
618d7e416jose borrego *	| srvsvc.c	|	|               |
628d7e416jose borrego *	+---------------+	+---------------+
638d7e416jose borrego *	| RPC Library	|	| RPC Library   |	Calls/Return
648d7e416jose borrego *	| ndr_*.c       |	|               |	Binding/PMAP
658d7e416jose borrego *	+---------------+	+---------------+
668d7e416jose borrego *	| RPC Protocol	|	| RPC Protocol  |	Headers, Auth,
678d7e416jose borrego *	| rpcpdu.ndl    |	|               |
688d7e416jose borrego *	+---------------+	+---------------+
698d7e416jose borrego *	| IDL gen'd	|	| RPCGEN gen'd  |	Aggregate
708d7e416jose borrego *	| NDR stubs	|	| XDR stubs     |	Composition
718d7e416jose borrego *	| *__ndr.c      |	| *_xdr.c       |
728d7e416jose borrego *	+---------------+	+---------------+
738d7e416jose borrego *	| NDR Represen	|	| XDR Represen  |	Byte order, padding
748d7e416jose borrego *	+---------------+	+---------------+
758d7e416jose borrego *	| Packet Heaps  |	| Network Conn  |	DCERPC does not talk
768d7e416jose borrego *	| ndo_*.c       |	| clnt_{tcp,udp}|	directly to network.
778d7e416jose borrego *	+---------------+	+---------------+
788d7e416jose borrego *
798d7e416jose borrego * There are two major differences between the DCE RPC and ONC RPC:
808d7e416jose borrego *
818d7e416jose borrego * 1. NDR RPC only generates or processes packets from buffers.  Other
828d7e416jose borrego *    layers must take care of packet transmission and reception.
838d7e416jose borrego *    The packet heaps are managed through a simple interface provided
848d7e416jose borrego *    by the Network Data Representation (NDR) module called ndr_stream_t.
858d7e416jose borrego *    ndo_*.c modules implement the different flavors (operations) of
868d7e416jose borrego *    packet heaps.
878d7e416jose borrego *
888d7e416jose borrego *    ONC RPC communicates directly with the network.  You have to do
898d7e416jose borrego *    something special for the RPC packet to be placed in a buffer
908d7e416jose borrego *    rather than sent to the wire.
918d7e416jose borrego *
928d7e416jose borrego * 2. NDR RPC uses application provided heaps to support operations.
938d7e416jose borrego *    A heap is a single, monolithic chunk of memory that NDR RPC manages
948d7e416jose borrego *    as it allocates.  When the operation and its result are done, the
958d7e416jose borrego *    heap is disposed of as a single item.  The transaction, which
968d7e416jose borrego *    is the anchor of most operations, contains the necessary book-
978d7e416jose borrego *    keeping for the heap.
988d7e416jose borrego *
998d7e416jose borrego *    ONC RPC uses malloc() liberally throughout its run-time system.
1008d7e416jose borrego *    To free results, ONC RPC supports an XDR_FREE operation that
1018d7e416jose borrego *    traverses data structures freeing memory as it goes, whether
1028d7e416jose borrego *    it was malloc'd or not.
1038d7e416jose borrego */
1048d7e416jose borrego
1058d7e416jose borrego/*
1068d7e416jose borrego * Dispatch Return Code (DRC)
1078d7e416jose borrego *
1088d7e416jose borrego *	0x8000	15:01	Set to indicate a fault, clear indicates status
1098d7e416jose borrego *	0x7F00	08:07	Status/Fault specific
1108d7e416jose borrego *	0x00FF	00:08	PTYPE_... of PDU, 0xFF for header
1118d7e416jose borrego */
1128d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_OK				0x0000
1138d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_MASK_FAULT			0x8000
1148d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_MASK_SPECIFIER			0xFF00
1158d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_MASK_PTYPE			0x00FF
1168d7e416jose borrego
1178d7e416jose borrego/* Fake PTYPE DRC discriminators */
1188d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_PTYPE_RPCHDR(DRC)		((DRC) | 0x00FF)
1198d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_PTYPE_API(DRC)			((DRC) | 0x00AA)
1208d7e416jose borrego
1218d7e416jose borrego/* DRC Recognizers */
1228d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_IS_OK(DRC)	(((DRC) & NDR_DRC_MASK_SPECIFIER) == 0)
1238d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_IS_FAULT(DRC)	(((DRC) & NDR_DRC_MASK_FAULT) != 0)
1248d7e416jose borrego
1258d7e416jose borrego/*
1268d7e416jose borrego * (Un)Marshalling category specifiers
1278d7e416jose borrego */
1288d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_MODE_MISMATCH		0x8100
1298d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_RECEIVED			0x0200
1308d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_RECEIVED_RUNT		0x8300
1318d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_RECEIVED_MALFORMED	0x8400
1328d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_DECODED				0x0500
1338d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_DECODE_FAILED		0x8600
1348d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_ENCODED				0x0700
1358d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_ENCODE_FAILED		0x8800
1368d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_ENCODE_TOO_BIG		0x8900
1378d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_SENT				0x0A00
1388d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_SEND_FAILED		0x8B00
1398d7e416jose borrego
1408d7e416jose borrego/*
1418d7e416jose borrego * Resource category specifier
1428d7e416jose borrego */
1438d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_RESOURCE_1		0x9100
1448d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_RESOURCE_2		0x9200
1458d7e416jose borrego
1468d7e416jose borrego/*
1478d7e416jose borrego * Parameters. Usually #define'd with useful alias
1488d7e416jose borrego */
1498d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_PARAM_0_INVALID		0xC000
1508d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_PARAM_0_UNIMPLEMENTED	0xD000
1518d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_PARAM_1_INVALID		0xC100
1528d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_PARAM_1_UNIMPLEMENTED	0xD100
1538d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_PARAM_2_INVALID		0xC200
1548d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_PARAM_2_UNIMPLEMENTED	0xD200
1558d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_PARAM_3_INVALID		0xC300
1568d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_PARAM_3_UNIMPLEMENTED	0xD300
1578d7e416jose borrego
1588d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_OUT_OF_MEMORY		0xF000
1598d7e416jose borrego
1608d7e416jose borrego/* RPCHDR */
161c586600Keyur Desai#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_RPCHDR_MODE_MISMATCH	0x81FF
162c586600Keyur Desai#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_RPCHDR_RECEIVED_RUNT	0x83FF
163c586600Keyur Desai#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_RPCHDR_DECODE_FAILED	0x86FF
1648d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_RPCHDR_PTYPE_INVALID	0xC0FF	/* PARAM_0_INVALID */
1668d7e416jose borrego
1678d7e416jose borrego/* Request */
1688d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_REQUEST_PCONT_INVALID	0xC000	/* PARAM_0_INVALID */
1698d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_REQUEST_OPNUM_INVALID	0xC100	/* PARAM_1_INVALID */
1708d7e416jose borrego
1718d7e416jose borrego/* Bind */
172c586600Keyur Desai#define	NDR_DRC_BINDING_MADE			0x000B	/* OK */
1738d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_BIND_PCONT_BUSY		0xC00B	/* PARAM_0_INVALID */
1748d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_BIND_UNKNOWN_SERVICE	0xC10B	/* PARAM_1_INVALID */
1758d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_BIND_NO_SLOTS		0x910B	/* RESOURCE_1 */
1768d7e416jose borrego
1778d7e416jose borrego/* API */
1788d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_API_SERVICE_INVALID	0xC0AA	/* PARAM_0_INVALID */
1798d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_API_BIND_NO_SLOTS		0x91AA	/* RESOURCE_1 */
1808d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_DRC_FAULT_API_OPNUM_INVALID		0xC1AA	/* PARAM_1_INVALID */
1818d7e416jose borrego
1828d7e416jose borregostruct ndr_xa;
1838d7e416jose borregostruct ndr_client;
1848d7e416jose borrego
1858d7e416jose borregotypedef struct ndr_stub_table {
1868d7e416jose borrego	int		(*func)(void *, struct ndr_xa *);
1878d7e416jose borrego	unsigned short	opnum;
1888d7e416jose borrego} ndr_stub_table_t;
1898d7e416jose borrego
1908d7e416jose borregotypedef struct ndr_service {
1918d7e416jose borrego	char		*name;
1928d7e416jose borrego	char		*desc;
1938d7e416jose borrego	char		*endpoint;
1948d7e416jose borrego	char		*sec_addr_port;
1958d7e416jose borrego	char		*abstract_syntax_uuid;
1968d7e416jose borrego	int		abstract_syntax_version;
1978d7e416jose borrego	char		*transfer_syntax_uuid;
1988d7e416jose borrego	int		transfer_syntax_version;
1998d7e416jose borrego	unsigned	bind_instance_size;
2008d7e416jose borrego	int		(*bind_req)();
2018d7e416jose borrego	int		(*unbind_and_close)();
2028d7e416jose borrego	int		(*call_stub)(struct ndr_xa *);
2038d7e416jose borrego	ndr_typeinfo_t	*interface_ti;
2048d7e416jose borrego	ndr_stub_table_t *stub_table;
2058d7e416jose borrego} ndr_service_t;
2068d7e416jose borrego
2078d7e416jose borrego/*
2088d7e416jose borrego * The list of bindings is anchored at a connection.  Nothing in the
2098d7e416jose borrego * RPC mechanism allocates them.  Binding elements which have service==0
2108d7e416jose borrego * indicate free elements.  When a connection is instantiated, at least
2118d7e416jose borrego * one free binding entry should also be established.  Something like
2128d7e416jose borrego * this should suffice for most (all) situations:
2138d7e416jose borrego *
2148d7e416jose borrego *	struct connection {
2158d7e416jose borrego *		....
2168d7e416jose borrego *		ndr_binding_t *binding_list_head;
2178d7e416jose borrego *		ndr_binding_t binding_pool[N_BINDING_POOL];
2188d7e416jose borrego *		....
2198d7e416jose borrego *	};
2208d7e416jose borrego *
2218d7e416jose borrego *	init_connection(struct connection *conn) {
2228d7e416jose borrego *		....
2238d7e416jose borrego *		ndr_svc_binding_pool_init(&conn->binding_list_head,
2248d7e416jose borrego *		    conn->binding_pool, N_BINDING_POOL);
2258d7e416jose borrego */
2268d7e416jose borregotypedef struct ndr_binding {
2278d7e416jose borrego	struct ndr_binding 	*next;
2288d7e416jose borrego	ndr_p_context_id_t	p_cont_id;
2298d7e416jose borrego	unsigned char		which_side;
2308d7e416jose borrego	struct ndr_client	*clnt;
2318d7e416jose borrego	ndr_service_t		*service;
2328d7e416jose borrego	void 			*instance_specific;
2338d7e416jose borrego} ndr_binding_t;
2348d7e416jose borrego
2358d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_BIND_SIDE_CLIENT	1
2368d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_BIND_SIDE_SERVER	2
2378d7e416jose borrego
2388d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_BINDING_TO_SPECIFIC(BINDING, TYPE) \
2398d7e416jose borrego	((TYPE *) (BINDING)->instance_specific)
2408d7e416jose borrego
2418d7e416jose borrego/*
2428d7e416jose borrego * The binding list space must be provided by the application library
2438d7e416jose borrego * for use by the underlying RPC library.  We need at least two binding
2448d7e416jose borrego * slots per connection.
2458d7e416jose borrego */
2468d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_N_BINDING_POOL	2
2478d7e416jose borrego
2488d7e416jose borregotypedef struct ndr_pipe {
2493299f39Gordon Ross	void			*np_listener;
25068b2bbfGordon Ross	const char		*np_endpoint;
2513299f39Gordon Ross	struct smb_netuserinfo	*np_user;
25268b2bbfGordon Ross	int			(*np_send)(struct ndr_pipe *, void *, size_t);
25368b2bbfGordon Ross	int			(*np_recv)(struct ndr_pipe *, void *, size_t);
2548d7e416jose borrego	int			np_fid;
2558d7e416jose borrego	uint16_t		np_max_xmit_frag;
2568d7e416jose borrego	uint16_t		np_max_recv_frag;
2578d7e416jose borrego	ndr_binding_t		*np_binding;
2588d7e416jose borrego	ndr_binding_t		np_binding_pool[NDR_N_BINDING_POOL];
2598d7e416jose borrego} ndr_pipe_t;
2608d7e416jose borrego
2618d7e416jose borrego/*
2628d7e416jose borrego * Number of bytes required to align SIZE on the next dword/4-byte
2638d7e416jose borrego * boundary.
2648d7e416jose borrego */
2658d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_ALIGN4(SIZE)	((4 - (SIZE)) & 3);
2668d7e416jose borrego
2678d7e416jose borrego/*
2688d7e416jose borrego * DCE RPC strings (CAE section 14.3.4) are represented as varying or varying
2698d7e416jose borrego * and conformant one-dimensional arrays. Characters can be single-byte
2708d7e416jose borrego * or multi-byte as long as all characters conform to a fixed element size,
2718d7e416jose borrego * i.e. UCS-2 is okay but UTF-8 is not a valid DCE RPC string format. The
2728d7e416jose borrego * string is terminated by a null character of the appropriate element size.
2738d7e416jose borrego *
2748d7e416jose borrego * MSRPC strings should always be varying/conformant and not null terminated.
2758d7e416jose borrego * This format uses the size_is, first_is and length_is attributes (CAE
2768d7e416jose borrego * section 4.2.18).
2778d7e416jose borrego *
2788d7e416jose borrego *	typedef struct string {
2798d7e416jose borrego *		DWORD size_is;
2808d7e416jose borrego *		DWORD first_is;
2818d7e416jose borrego *		DWORD length_is;
2828d7e416jose borrego *		wchar_t string[ANY_SIZE_ARRAY];
2838d7e416jose borrego *	} string_t;
2848d7e416jose borrego *
2858d7e416jose borrego * The size_is attribute is used to specify the number of data elements in
2868d7e416jose borrego * each dimension of an array.
2878d7e416jose borrego *
2888d7e416jose borrego * The first_is attribute is used to define the lower bound for significant
2898d7e416jose borrego * elements in each dimension of an array. For strings this is always 0.
2908d7e416jose borrego *
2918d7e416jose borrego * The length_is attribute is used to define the number of significant
2928d7e416jose borrego * elements in each dimension of an array. For strings this is typically
2938d7e416jose borrego * the same as size_is. Although it might be (size_is - 1) if the string
2948d7e416jose borrego * is null terminated.
2958d7e416jose borrego *
2968d7e416jose borrego *   4 bytes   4 bytes   4 bytes  2bytes 2bytes 2bytes 2bytes
2978d7e416jose borrego * +---------+---------+---------+------+------+------+------+
2988d7e416jose borrego * |size_is  |first_is |length_is| char | char | char | char |
2998d7e416jose borrego * +---------+---------+---------+------+------+------+------+
3008d7e416jose borrego *
3018d7e416jose borrego * Unfortunately, not all MSRPC Unicode strings are null terminated, which
3028d7e416jose borrego * means that the recipient has to manually null-terminate the string after
3038d7e416jose borrego * it has been unmarshalled.  There may be a wide-char pad following a
3048d7e416jose borrego * string, and it may sometimes contains zero, but it's not guaranteed.
3058d7e416jose borrego *
3068d7e416jose borrego * To deal with this, MSRPC sometimes uses an additional wrapper with two
3078d7e416jose borrego * more fields, as shown below.
3088d7e416jose borrego *	length: the array length in bytes excluding terminating null bytes
3098d7e416jose borrego *	maxlen: the array length in bytes including null terminator bytes
3108d7e416jose borrego *	LPTSTR: converted to a string_t by NDR
3118d7e416jose borrego *
3128d7e416jose borrego * typedef struct ms_string {
3138d7e416jose borrego *		WORD length;
3148d7e416jose borrego *		WORD maxlen;
3158d7e416jose borrego *		LPTSTR str;
3168d7e416jose borrego * } ms_string_t;
3178d7e416jose borrego */
3188d7e416jose borregotypedef struct ndr_mstring {
3198d7e416jose borrego	uint16_t length;
3208d7e416jose borrego	uint16_t allosize;
3218d7e416jose borrego	LPTSTR str;
3228d7e416jose borrego} ndr_mstring_t;
3238d7e416jose borrego
3248d7e416jose borrego/*
3258d7e416jose borrego * A number of heap areas are used during marshalling and unmarshalling.
3268d7e416jose borrego * Under some circumstances these areas can be discarded by the library
3278d7e416jose borrego * code, i.e. on the server side before returning to the client and on
3288d7e416jose borrego * completion of a client side bind.  In the case of a client side RPC
3298d7e416jose borrego * call, these areas must be preserved after an RPC returns to give the
3308d7e416jose borrego * caller time to take a copy of the data.  In this case the client must
3318d7e416jose borrego * call ndr_clnt_free_heap to free the memory.
3328d7e416jose borrego *
3338d7e416jose borrego * The heap management data definition looks a bit like this:
3348d7e416jose borrego *
3358d7e416jose borrego * heap -> +---------------+     +------------+
3368d7e416jose borrego *         | iovec[0].base | --> | data block |
3378d7e416jose borrego *         | iovec[0].len  |     +------------+
3388d7e416jose borrego *         +---------------+
3398d7e416jose borrego *                ::
3408d7e416jose borrego *                ::
3418d7e416jose borrego * iov  -> +---------------+     +------------+
3428d7e416jose borrego *         | iovec[n].base | --> | data block |
3438d7e416jose borrego *         | iovec[n].len  |     +------------+
3448d7e416jose borrego *         +---------------+     ^            ^
3458d7e416jose borrego *                               |            |
3468d7e416jose borrego *    next ----------------------+            |
3478d7e416jose borrego *    top  -----------------------------------+
3488d7e416jose borrego *
3498d7e416jose borrego */
3508d7e416jose borrego
3518d7e416jose borrego/*
3528d7e416jose borrego * Setting MAXIOV to 384 will use ((8 * 384) + 16) = 3088 bytes
3538d7e416jose borrego * of the first heap block.
3548d7e416jose borrego */
3558d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_HEAP_MAXIOV		384
3568d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_HEAP_BLKSZ		8192
3578d7e416jose borrego
3588d7e416jose borregotypedef struct ndr_heap {
3598d7e416jose borrego	struct iovec iovec[NDR_HEAP_MAXIOV];
3608d7e416jose borrego	struct iovec *iov;
3618d7e416jose borrego	int iovcnt;
3628d7e416jose borrego	char *top;
3638d7e416jose borrego	char *next;
3648d7e416jose borrego} ndr_heap_t;
3658d7e416jose borrego
3668d7e416jose borrego/*
3678d7e416jose borrego * Alternate varying/conformant string definition
3688d7e416jose borrego * - for non-null-terminated strings.
3698d7e416jose borrego */
3708d7e416jose borregotypedef struct ndr_vcs {
3718d7e416jose borrego	/*
3728d7e416jose borrego	 * size_is (actually a copy of length_is) will
3738d7e416jose borrego	 * be inserted here by the marshalling library.
3748d7e416jose borrego	 */
3758d7e416jose borrego	uint32_t vc_first_is;
3768d7e416jose borrego	uint32_t vc_length_is;
3778d7e416jose borrego	uint16_t buffer[ANY_SIZE_ARRAY];
3788d7e416jose borrego} ndr_vcs_t;
3798d7e416jose borrego
3808d7e416jose borregotypedef struct ndr_vcstr {
3818d7e416jose borrego	uint16_t wclen;
3828d7e416jose borrego	uint16_t wcsize;
3838d7e416jose borrego	ndr_vcs_t *vcs;
3848d7e416jose borrego} ndr_vcstr_t;
3858d7e416jose borrego
3868d7e416jose borregotypedef struct ndr_vcb {
3878d7e416jose borrego	/*
3888d7e416jose borrego	 * size_is (actually a copy of length_is) will
3898d7e416jose borrego	 * be inserted here by the marshalling library.
3908d7e416jose borrego	 */
3918d7e416jose borrego	uint32_t vc_first_is;
3928d7e416jose borrego	uint32_t vc_length_is;
3938d7e416jose borrego	uint8_t buffer[ANY_SIZE_ARRAY];
3948d7e416jose borrego} ndr_vcb_t;
3958d7e416jose borrego
3968d7e416jose borregotypedef struct ndr_vcbuf {
3978d7e416jose borrego	uint16_t len;
3988d7e416jose borrego	uint16_t size;
3998d7e416jose borrego	ndr_vcb_t *vcb;
4008d7e416jose borrego} ndr_vcbuf_t;
4018d7e416jose borrego
4028d7e416jose borregondr_heap_t *ndr_heap_create(void);
4038d7e416jose borregovoid ndr_heap_destroy(ndr_heap_t *);
4043299f39Gordon Rossvoid *ndr_heap_dupmem(ndr_heap_t *, const void *, size_t);
4058d7e416jose borregovoid *ndr_heap_malloc(ndr_heap_t *, unsigned);
4068d7e416jose borregovoid *ndr_heap_strdup(ndr_heap_t *, const char *);
4078d7e416jose borregoint ndr_heap_mstring(ndr_heap_t *, const char *, ndr_mstring_t *);
4088d7e416jose borregovoid ndr_heap_mkvcs(ndr_heap_t *, char *, ndr_vcstr_t *);
4098d7e416jose borregovoid ndr_heap_mkvcb(ndr_heap_t *, uint8_t *, uint32_t, ndr_vcbuf_t *);
4108d7e416jose borregoint ndr_heap_used(ndr_heap_t *);
4118d7e416jose borregoint ndr_heap_avail(ndr_heap_t *);
4128d7e416jose borrego
4138d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_MALLOC(XA, SZ)	ndr_heap_malloc((XA)->heap, SZ)
4148d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_NEW(XA, T)		ndr_heap_malloc((XA)->heap, sizeof (T))
4158d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_NEWN(XA, T, N)	ndr_heap_malloc((XA)->heap, sizeof (T)*(N))
4168d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_STRDUP(XA, S)	ndr_heap_strdup((XA)->heap, (S))
4178d7e416jose borrego#define	NDR_MSTRING(XA, S, OUT)	ndr_heap_mstring((XA)->heap, (S), (OUT))
4183299f39Gordon Ross#define	NDR_SIDDUP(XA, S)	ndr_heap_dupmem((XA)->heap, (S), smb_sid_len(S))
4198d7e416jose borrego
4208d7e416jose borregotypedef struct ndr_xa {
4218d7e416jose borrego	unsigned short		ptype;		/* high bits special */
4228d7e416jose borrego	unsigned short		opnum;
4238d7e416jose borrego	ndr_stream_t		recv_nds;
4248d7e416jose borrego	ndr_hdr_t		recv_hdr;
4258d7e416jose borrego	ndr_stream_t		send_nds;
4268d7e416jose borrego	ndr_hdr_t		send_hdr;
4278d7e416jose borrego	ndr_binding_t		*binding;	/* what we're using */
4288d7e416jose borrego	ndr_binding_t		*binding_list;	/* from connection */
4298d7e416jose borrego	ndr_heap_t		*heap;
4308d7e416jose borrego	ndr_pipe_t		*pipe;
4318d7e416jose borrego} ndr_xa_t;
4328d7e416jose borrego
4338d7e416jose borrego/*
4348d7e416jose borrego * 20-byte opaque id used by various RPC services.
4358d7e416jose borrego */
4368d7e416jose borregoCONTEXT_HANDLE(ndr_hdid) ndr_hdid_t;
4378d7e416jose borrego
4388d7e416jose borregotypedef struct ndr_client {
439ed9aabcGordon Ross	/* transport stuff (xa_* members) */
4408d7e416jose borrego	int (*xa_init)(struct ndr_client *, ndr_xa_t *);
4418d7e416jose borrego	int (*xa_exchange)(struct ndr_client *, ndr_xa_t *);
4428d7e416jose borrego	int (*xa_read)(struct ndr_client *, ndr_xa_t *);
4438d7e416jose borrego	void (*xa_preserve)(struct ndr_client *, ndr_xa_t *);
4448d7e416jose borrego	void (*xa_destruct)(struct ndr_client *, ndr_xa_t *);
4458d7e416jose borrego	void (*xa_release)(struct ndr_client *);
446ed9aabcGordon Ross	void			*xa_private;
447ed9aabcGordon Ross	int			xa_fd;
4488d7e416jose borrego
4498d7e416jose borrego	ndr_hdid_t		*handle;
4508d7e416jose borrego	ndr_binding_t		*binding;
4518d7e416jose borrego	ndr_binding_t		*binding_list;
4528d7e416jose borrego	ndr_binding_t		binding_pool[NDR_N_BINDING_POOL];
4538d7e416jose borrego
454fe1c642Bill Krier	boolean_t		nonull;
4558d7e416jose borrego	boolean_t		heap_preserved;
4568d7e416jose borrego	ndr_heap_t		*heap;
4578d7e416jose borrego	ndr_stream_t		*recv_nds;
4588d7e416jose borrego	ndr_stream_t		*send_nds;
4598d7e416jose borrego
4608d7e416jose borrego	uint32_t		next_call_id;
4618d7e416jose borrego	unsigned		next_p_cont_id;
4628d7e416jose borrego} ndr_client_t;
4638d7e416jose borrego
4648d7e416jose borregotypedef struct ndr_handle {
4658d7e416jose borrego	ndr_hdid_t		nh_id;
4668d7e416jose borrego	struct ndr_handle	*nh_next;
46768b2bbfGordon Ross	ndr_pipe_t		*nh_pipe;
4688d7e416jose borrego	const ndr_service_t	*nh_svc;
4698d7e416jose borrego	ndr_client_t		*nh_clnt;
47089dc44cjose borrego	void			*nh_data;
47189dc44cjose borrego	void			(*nh_data_free)(void *);
4728d7e416jose borrego} ndr_handle_t;
4738d7e416jose borrego
474b135207Alan Wright#define	NDR_PDU_SIZE_HINT_DEFAULT	(16*1024)
475b135207Alan Wright#define	NDR_BUF_MAGIC			0x4E425546	/* NBUF */
476b135207Alan Wright
477b135207Alan Wrighttypedef struct ndr_buf {
478b135207Alan Wright	uint32_t		nb_magic;
479b135207Alan Wright	ndr_stream_t		nb_nds;
480b135207Alan Wright	ndr_heap_t		*nb_heap;
481b135207Alan Wright	ndr_typeinfo_t		*nb_ti;
482b135207Alan Wright} ndr_buf_t;
483b135207Alan Wright
4848d7e416jose borrego/* ndr_ops.c */
485fe1c642Bill Krierint nds_initialize(ndr_stream_t *, unsigned, int, ndr_heap_t *);
4868d7e416jose borregovoid nds_destruct(ndr_stream_t *);
4870658b32Alan Wrightvoid nds_show_state(ndr_stream_t *);
4888d7e416jose borrego
4898d7e416jose borrego/* ndr_client.c */
4903299f39Gordon Rossint ndr_clnt_bind(ndr_client_t *, ndr_service_t *, ndr_binding_t **);
4918d7e416jose borregoint ndr_clnt_call(ndr_binding_t *, int, void *);
4928d7e416jose borregovoid ndr_clnt_free_heap(ndr_client_t *);
4938d7e416jose borrego
4948d7e416jose borrego/* ndr_marshal.c */
495b135207Alan Wrightndr_buf_t *ndr_buf_init(ndr_typeinfo_t *);
496b135207Alan Wrightvoid ndr_buf_fini(ndr_buf_t *);
497c586600Keyur Desaiint ndr_buf_decode(ndr_buf_t *, unsigned, unsigned, const char *data, size_t,
498c586600Keyur Desai    void *);
4998d7e416jose borregoint ndr_decode_call(ndr_xa_t *, void *);
5008d7e416jose borregoint ndr_encode_return(ndr_xa_t *, void *);
5018d7e416jose borregoint ndr_encode_call(ndr_xa_t *, void *);
5028d7e416jose borregoint ndr_decode_return(ndr_xa_t *, void *);
5038d7e416jose borregoint ndr_decode_pdu_hdr(ndr_xa_t *);
5048d7e416jose borregoint ndr_encode_pdu_hdr(ndr_xa_t *);
5058d7e416jose borregovoid ndr_decode_frag_hdr(ndr_stream_t *, ndr_common_header_t *);
5069fb67eaafshin salek ardakani - Sun Microsystems - Irvine United Statesvoid ndr_remove_frag_hdr(ndr_stream_t *);
5070658b32Alan Wrightvoid ndr_show_hdr(ndr_common_header_t *);
5088d7e416jose borregounsigned ndr_bind_ack_hdr_size(ndr_xa_t *);
5098d7e416jose borregounsigned ndr_alter_context_rsp_hdr_size(void);
5108d7e416jose borrego
5118d7e416jose borrego/* ndr_server.c */
51268b2bbfGordon Rossvoid ndr_pipe_worker(ndr_pipe_t *);
5138d7e416jose borrego
5148d7e416jose borregoint ndr_generic_call_stub(ndr_xa_t *);
5158d7e416jose borrego
5168d7e416jose borrego/* ndr_svc.c */
5178d7e416jose borregondr_stub_table_t *ndr_svc_find_stub(ndr_service_t *, int);
5188d7e416jose borregondr_service_t *ndr_svc_lookup_name(const char *);
5198d7e416jose borregondr_service_t *ndr_svc_lookup_uuid(ndr_uuid_t *, int, ndr_uuid_t *, int);
5208d7e416jose borregoint ndr_svc_register(ndr_service_t *);
5218d7e416jose borregovoid ndr_svc_unregister(ndr_service_t *);
5228d7e416jose borregovoid ndr_svc_binding_pool_init(ndr_binding_t **, ndr_binding_t pool[], int);
5238d7e416jose borregondr_binding_t *ndr_svc_find_binding(ndr_xa_t *, ndr_p_context_id_t);
5248d7e416jose borregondr_binding_t *ndr_svc_new_binding(ndr_xa_t *);
5258d7e416jose borrego
5268d7e416jose borregoint ndr_uuid_parse(char *, ndr_uuid_t *);
5278d7e416jose borregovoid ndr_uuid_unparse(ndr_uuid_t *, char *);
5288d7e416jose borrego
5298d7e416jose borregondr_hdid_t *ndr_hdalloc(const ndr_xa_t *, const void *);
5308d7e416jose borregovoid ndr_hdfree(const ndr_xa_t *, const ndr_hdid_t *);
5318d7e416jose borregondr_handle_t *ndr_hdlookup(const ndr_xa_t *, const ndr_hdid_t *);
53268b2bbfGordon Rossvoid ndr_hdclose(ndr_pipe_t *);
5338d7e416jose borrego
5348d7e416jose borregossize_t ndr_uiomove(caddr_t, size_t, enum uio_rw, struct uio *);
5363299f39Gordon Ross/*
5373299f39Gordon Ross * An ndr_client_t is created while binding a client connection to hold
5383299f39Gordon Ross * the context for calls made using that connection.
5393299f39Gordon Ross *
5403299f39Gordon Ross * Handles are RPC call specific and we use an inheritance mechanism to
5413299f39Gordon Ross * ensure that each handle has a pointer to the client_t.  When the top
5423299f39Gordon Ross * level (bind) handle is released, we close the connection.
5433299f39Gordon Ross *
5443299f39Gordon Ross * There are some places in libmlsvc where the code assumes that the
5453299f39Gordon Ross * handle member is first in this struct.  careful
5463299f39Gordon Ross */
5473299f39Gordon Rosstypedef struct mlrpc_handle {
5483299f39Gordon Ross	ndr_hdid_t	handle;		/* keep first */
5493299f39Gordon Ross	ndr_client_t	*clnt;
5503299f39Gordon Ross} mlrpc_handle_t;
5513299f39Gordon Ross
5523299f39Gordon Rossint mlrpc_clh_create(mlrpc_handle_t *, void *);
5533299f39Gordon Rossuint32_t mlrpc_clh_bind(mlrpc_handle_t *, ndr_service_t *);
5543299f39Gordon Rossvoid mlrpc_clh_unbind(mlrpc_handle_t *);
5553299f39Gordon Rossvoid *mlrpc_clh_free(mlrpc_handle_t *);
5563299f39Gordon Ross
5573299f39Gordon Rossint ndr_rpc_call(mlrpc_handle_t *, int, void *);
5583299f39Gordon Rossint ndr_rpc_get_ssnkey(mlrpc_handle_t *, unsigned char *, size_t);
5593299f39Gordon Rossvoid *ndr_rpc_malloc(mlrpc_handle_t *, size_t);
5603299f39Gordon Rossndr_heap_t *ndr_rpc_get_heap(mlrpc_handle_t *);
5613299f39Gordon Rossvoid ndr_rpc_release(mlrpc_handle_t *);
5623299f39Gordon Rossvoid ndr_rpc_set_nonull(mlrpc_handle_t *);
5633299f39Gordon Ross
5643299f39Gordon Rossboolean_t ndr_is_null_handle(mlrpc_handle_t *);
5653299f39Gordon Rossboolean_t ndr_is_bind_handle(mlrpc_handle_t *);
5663299f39Gordon Rossvoid ndr_inherit_handle(mlrpc_handle_t *, mlrpc_handle_t *);
5673299f39Gordon Ross
568da6c28aamw#ifdef	__cplusplus
572da6c28aamw#endif	/* _LIBMLRPC_H */