149d3bc9Richard Lowe/*
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3149d3bc9Richard Lowe  For further information regarding this notice, see:
3249d3bc9Richard Lowe
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3449d3bc9Richard Lowe
3549d3bc9Richard Lowe*/
3649d3bc9Richard Lowe
3749d3bc9Richard Lowe
3849d3bc9Richard Lowe
3949d3bc9Richard Lowe#include "config.h"
4049d3bc9Richard Lowe#include "libdwarfdefs.h"
4149d3bc9Richard Lowe#include "pro_incl.h"
4249d3bc9Richard Lowe
4349d3bc9Richard Lowe/*---------------------------------------------------------------
4407dc194Richard Lowe        This routine deallocates all memory, and does some
4507dc194Richard Lowe        finishing up
4649d3bc9Richard Lowe-----------------------------------------------------------------*/
4749d3bc9Richard Lowe /*ARGSUSED*/ Dwarf_Unsigned
4849d3bc9Richard Lowedwarf_producer_finish(Dwarf_P_Debug dbg, Dwarf_Error * error)
4949d3bc9Richard Lowe{
5049d3bc9Richard Lowe    if (dbg->de_version_magic_number != PRO_VERSION_MAGIC) {
5107dc194Richard Lowe        DWARF_P_DBG_ERROR(dbg, DW_DLE_IA, DW_DLV_NOCOUNT);
5249d3bc9Richard Lowe    }
5349d3bc9Richard Lowe
5407dc194Richard Lowe    /* this frees all blocks, then frees dbg. */
5507dc194Richard Lowe    _dwarf_p_dealloc_all(dbg);
5649d3bc9Richard Lowe    return 0;
5749d3bc9Richard Lowe}