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3507dc194Richard Lowe/* The address of the Free Software Foundation is
3607dc194Richard Lowe   Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor,
3707dc194Richard Lowe   Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
3807dc194Richard Lowe   SGI has moved from the Crittenden Lane address.
3907dc194Richard Lowe*/
4007dc194Richard Lowe
4107dc194Richard Lowe
4207dc194Richard Lowe
4307dc194Richard Lowe#include "config.h"
4407dc194Richard Lowe#include <stdlib.h>
4507dc194Richard Lowe#include "dwarf_incl.h"
4607dc194Richard Lowe
4707dc194Richard Lowestruct ranges_entry {
4807dc194Richard Lowe   struct ranges_entry *next;
4907dc194Richard Lowe   Dwarf_Ranges cur;
5007dc194Richard Lowe};
5107dc194Richard Lowe
5207dc194Richard Lowe
5307dc194Richard Lowe#define MAX_ADDR ((address_size == 8)?0xffffffffffffffffULL:0xffffffff)
5407dc194Richard Loweint dwarf_get_ranges_a(Dwarf_Debug dbg,
5507dc194Richard Lowe    Dwarf_Off rangesoffset,
5607dc194Richard Lowe    Dwarf_Die die,
5707dc194Richard Lowe    Dwarf_Ranges ** rangesbuf,
5807dc194Richard Lowe    Dwarf_Signed * listlen,
5907dc194Richard Lowe    Dwarf_Unsigned * bytecount,
6007dc194Richard Lowe    Dwarf_Error * error)
6107dc194Richard Lowe{
6207dc194Richard Lowe    Dwarf_Small *rangeptr = 0;
6307dc194Richard Lowe    Dwarf_Small *beginrangeptr = 0;
6407dc194Richard Lowe    Dwarf_Small *section_end = 0;
6507dc194Richard Lowe    unsigned entry_count = 0;
6607dc194Richard Lowe    struct ranges_entry *base = 0;
6707dc194Richard Lowe    struct ranges_entry *last = 0;
6807dc194Richard Lowe    struct ranges_entry *curre = 0;
6907dc194Richard Lowe    Dwarf_Ranges * ranges_data_out = 0;
7007dc194Richard Lowe    unsigned copyindex = 0;
7107dc194Richard Lowe    Dwarf_Half address_size = 0;
7207dc194Richard Lowe    int res = DW_DLV_ERROR;
7307dc194Richard Lowe
7407dc194Richard Lowe    res = _dwarf_load_section(dbg, &dbg->de_debug_ranges,error);
7507dc194Richard Lowe    if (res != DW_DLV_OK) {
7607dc194Richard Lowe        return res;
7707dc194Richard Lowe    }
7807dc194Richard Lowe    if(rangesoffset >= dbg->de_debug_ranges.dss_size) {
7907dc194Richard Lowe        _dwarf_error(dbg, error, DW_DLE_DEBUG_RANGES_OFFSET_BAD);
8007dc194Richard Lowe        return (DW_DLV_ERROR);
8107dc194Richard Lowe
8207dc194Richard Lowe    }
8307dc194Richard Lowe    address_size = _dwarf_get_address_size(dbg, die);
8407dc194Richard Lowe    section_end = dbg->de_debug_ranges.dss_data +
8507dc194Richard Lowe        dbg->de_debug_ranges.dss_size;
8607dc194Richard Lowe    rangeptr = dbg->de_debug_ranges.dss_data + rangesoffset;
8707dc194Richard Lowe    beginrangeptr = rangeptr;
8807dc194Richard Lowe
8907dc194Richard Lowe    for(;;) {
9007dc194Richard Lowe        struct ranges_entry * re = calloc(sizeof(struct ranges_entry),1);
9107dc194Richard Lowe        if(!re) {
9207dc194Richard Lowe            _dwarf_error(dbg, error, DW_DLE_DEBUG_RANGES_OUT_OF_MEM);
9307dc194Richard Lowe            return (DW_DLV_ERROR);
9407dc194Richard Lowe        }
9507dc194Richard Lowe        if(rangeptr  >= section_end) {
9607dc194Richard Lowe            return (DW_DLV_NO_ENTRY);
9707dc194Richard Lowe        }
9807dc194Richard Lowe        if((rangeptr + (2*address_size)) > section_end) {
9907dc194Richard Lowe            _dwarf_error(dbg, error, DW_DLE_DEBUG_RANGES_OFFSET_BAD);
10007dc194Richard Lowe            return (DW_DLV_ERROR);
10107dc194Richard Lowe        }
10207dc194Richard Lowe        entry_count++;
10307dc194Richard Lowe        READ_UNALIGNED(dbg,re->cur.dwr_addr1,
10407dc194Richard Lowe                       Dwarf_Addr, rangeptr,
10507dc194Richard Lowe                       address_size);
10607dc194Richard Lowe        rangeptr +=  address_size;
10707dc194Richard Lowe        READ_UNALIGNED(dbg,re->cur.dwr_addr2 ,
10807dc194Richard Lowe                       Dwarf_Addr, rangeptr,
10907dc194Richard Lowe                       address_size);
11007dc194Richard Lowe        rangeptr +=  address_size;
11107dc194Richard Lowe        if(!base) {
11207dc194Richard Lowe           base = re;
11307dc194Richard Lowe           last = re;
11407dc194Richard Lowe        } else {
11507dc194Richard Lowe           last->next = re;
11607dc194Richard Lowe           last = re;
11707dc194Richard Lowe        }
11807dc194Richard Lowe        if(re->cur.dwr_addr1 == 0 && re->cur.dwr_addr2 == 0) {
11907dc194Richard Lowe            re->cur.dwr_type =  DW_RANGES_END;
12007dc194Richard Lowe            break;
12107dc194Richard Lowe        } else if ( re->cur.dwr_addr1 == MAX_ADDR) {
12207dc194Richard Lowe            re->cur.dwr_type =  DW_RANGES_ADDRESS_SELECTION;
12307dc194Richard Lowe        } else {
12407dc194Richard Lowe            re->cur.dwr_type =  DW_RANGES_ENTRY;
12507dc194Richard Lowe        }
12607dc194Richard Lowe    }
12707dc194Richard Lowe
12807dc194Richard Lowe    ranges_data_out =   (Dwarf_Ranges *)
12907dc194Richard Lowe    _dwarf_get_alloc(dbg,DW_DLA_RANGES,entry_count);
13007dc194Richard Lowe    if(!ranges_data_out) {
13107dc194Richard Lowe            _dwarf_error(dbg, error, DW_DLE_DEBUG_RANGES_OUT_OF_MEM);
13207dc194Richard Lowe            return (DW_DLV_ERROR);
13307dc194Richard Lowe    }
13407dc194Richard Lowe    curre = base;
13507dc194Richard Lowe    *rangesbuf = ranges_data_out;
13607dc194Richard Lowe    *listlen = entry_count;
13707dc194Richard Lowe    for( copyindex = 0; curre && (copyindex < entry_count);
13807dc194Richard Lowe        ++copyindex,++ranges_data_out) {
13907dc194Richard Lowe
14007dc194Richard Lowe        struct ranges_entry *r = curre;
14107dc194Richard Lowe        *ranges_data_out = curre->cur;
14207dc194Richard Lowe        curre = curre->next;
14307dc194Richard Lowe        free(r);
14407dc194Richard Lowe    }
14507dc194Richard Lowe    /* Callers will often not care about the bytes used. */
14607dc194Richard Lowe    if(bytecount) {
14707dc194Richard Lowe        *bytecount = rangeptr - beginrangeptr;
14807dc194Richard Lowe    }
14907dc194Richard Lowe    return DW_DLV_OK;
15007dc194Richard Lowe}
15107dc194Richard Loweint dwarf_get_ranges(Dwarf_Debug dbg,
15207dc194Richard Lowe    Dwarf_Off rangesoffset,
15307dc194Richard Lowe    Dwarf_Ranges ** rangesbuf,
15407dc194Richard Lowe    Dwarf_Signed * listlen,
15507dc194Richard Lowe    Dwarf_Unsigned * bytecount,
15607dc194Richard Lowe    Dwarf_Error * error)
15707dc194Richard Lowe{
15807dc194Richard Lowe    Dwarf_Die die = 0;
15907dc194Richard Lowe    int res = dwarf_get_ranges_a(dbg,rangesoffset,die,
16007dc194Richard Lowe        rangesbuf,listlen,bytecount,error);
16107dc194Richard Lowe    return res;
16207dc194Richard Lowe}
16307dc194Richard Lowe
16407dc194Richard Lowevoid
16507dc194Richard Lowedwarf_ranges_dealloc(Dwarf_Debug dbg, Dwarf_Ranges * rangesbuf,
16607dc194Richard Lowe    Dwarf_Signed rangecount)
16707dc194Richard Lowe{
16807dc194Richard Lowe    dwarf_dealloc(dbg,rangesbuf, DW_DLA_RANGES);
16907dc194Richard Lowe
17007dc194Richard Lowe}
17107dc194Richard Lowe