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22e5dcf7bRobert Johnston * Copyright 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
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267aec1d6cindi#include <strings.h>
277aec1d6cindi#include <assert.h>
287aec1d6cindi#include <fm/libtopo.h>
297aec1d6cindi#include <topo_prop.h>
307aec1d6cindi#include <topo_string.h>
317aec1d6cindi#include <topo_alloc.h>
327aec1d6cindi#include <topo_error.h>
33c40d734cindi#include <topo_method.h>
36c40d734cindi * Topology nodes are permitted to contain property information.
37c40d734cindi * Property information is organized according to property grouping.
38c40d734cindi * Each property group defines a name, a stability level for that name,
39c40d734cindi * a stability level for all underlying property data (name, type, values),
40c40d734cindi * a version for the property group definition and and a list of uniquely
41c40d734cindi * defined properties.  Property group versions are incremented when one of
42c40d734cindi * the following changes occurs:
43c40d734cindi *	- a property name changes
44c40d734cindi *	- a property type changes
45c40d734cindi *	- a property definition is removed from the group
46c40d734cindi * Compatible changes such as new property definitions in the group do
47c40d734cindi * not require version changes.
48c40d734cindi *
49c40d734cindi * Each property defines a unique (within the group) name, a type and
50c40d734cindi * a value.  Properties may be statically defined as int32, uint32, int64,
51c40d734cindi * uint64, fmri, string or arrays of each type.  Properties may also be
52c40d734cindi * dynamically exported via module registered methods.  For example, a module
53c40d734cindi * may register a method to export an ASRU property that is dynamically
54c40d734cindi * contructed when a call to topo_node_fmri() is invoked for a particular
55c40d734cindi * topology node.
56c40d734cindi *
57c40d734cindi * Static properties are persistently attached to topology nodes during
58c40d734cindi * enumeration by an enumeration module or as part of XML statements in a
59c40d734cindi * toplogy map file using the topo_prop_set* family of routines.  Similarly,
60c40d734cindi * property methods are registered during enumeration or as part of
61c40d734cindi * statements in topololgy map files.  Set-up of property methods is performed
62c40d734cindi * by calling topo_prop_method_register().
63c40d734cindi *
64c40d734cindi * All properties, whether statically persisted in a snapshot or dynamically
65c40d734cindi * obtained, may be read via the topo_prop_get* family of interfaces.
66c40d734cindi * Callers wishing to receive all property groups and properties for a given
67c40d734cindi * node may use topo_prop_getall().  This routine returns a nested nvlist
68c40d734cindi * of all groupings and property (name, type, value) sets.  Groupings
69c40d734cindi * are defined by TOPO_PROP_GROUP (name, data stability, name stability and
70c40d734cindi * version) and a nested nvlist of properties (TOPO_PROP_VAL).  Each property
71c40d734cindi * value is defined by its name, type and value.
72c40d734cindi */
73c40d734cindistatic void topo_propval_destroy(topo_propval_t *);
757aec1d6cindistatic topo_pgroup_t *