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277aec1d6cindi * Topology Nodes
287aec1d6cindi *
297aec1d6cindi * Topology nodes, tnode_t, are data structures containing per-FMRI
307aec1d6cindi * information and are linked together to form the topology tree.
317aec1d6cindi * Nodes are created during the enumeration process of topo_snap_hold()
327aec1d6cindi * and destroyed during topo_snap_rele().  For the most part, tnode_t data
337aec1d6cindi * is read-only and no lock protection is required.  Nodes are
347aec1d6cindi * held in place during tree walk functions.  Tree walk functions
357aec1d6cindi * may access node data safely without locks.  The exception to this rule
367aec1d6cindi * is data associated with node properties (topo_prop.c).  Properties
377aec1d6cindi * may change at anytime and are protected by a per-property locking
387aec1d6cindi * strategy.
397aec1d6cindi *
40c40d734cindi * Enumerator plugin modules may also safely access topology nodes within their
41c40d734cindi * scope of operation: the parent node passed into the enumeration op or those
42c40d734cindi * nodes created by the enumerator.  Enumeration occurs only during
43c40d734cindi * topo_snap_hold() where a per-topo_hdl_t lock prevents multi-threaded access
44c40d734cindi * to the topology trees.