1*1b8adde7SWilliam KucharskiThis is ../../docs/grub.info, produced by makeinfo version 4.8 from
2*1b8adde7SWilliam Kucharski../../docs/grub.texi.
3*1b8adde7SWilliam Kucharski
4*1b8adde7SWilliam KucharskiINFO-DIR-SECTION Kernel
5*1b8adde7SWilliam KucharskiSTART-INFO-DIR-ENTRY
6*1b8adde7SWilliam Kucharski* GRUB: (grub).                 The GRand Unified Bootloader
7*1b8adde7SWilliam Kucharski* grub-install: (grub)Invoking grub-install.    Install GRUB on your drive
8*1b8adde7SWilliam Kucharski* grub-md5-crypt: (grub)Invoking grub-md5-crypt.        Encrypt a password
9*1b8adde7SWilliam Kucharski                                                        in MD5 format
10*1b8adde7SWilliam Kucharski* grub-terminfo: (grub)Invoking grub-terminfo.  Generate a terminfo
11*1b8adde7SWilliam Kucharski                                                command from a
12*1b8adde7SWilliam Kucharski                                                terminfo name
13*1b8adde7SWilliam Kucharski* grub-set-default: (grub)Invoking grub-set-default.    Set a default boot
14*1b8adde7SWilliam Kucharski                                                        entry
15*1b8adde7SWilliam Kucharski* mbchk: (grub)Invoking mbchk.  Check for the format of a Multiboot kernel
16*1b8adde7SWilliam KucharskiEND-INFO-DIR-ENTRY
17*1b8adde7SWilliam Kucharski
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