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1*d0e58ef5SRobert MustacchiAMD Performance Monitor Counters
2*d0e58ef5SRobert Mustacchi
3*d0e58ef5SRobert MustacchiThis directory contains structured forms of the AMD Performance Monitor
4*d0e58ef5SRobert MustacchiCounters. These data files are created based on information in AMD's
5*d0e58ef5SRobert Mustacchidocumentation. This data is transformed into manual pages and C files
6*d0e58ef5SRobert Mustacchithat are used to implement the kernel performance monitoring interfaces.
7*d0e58ef5SRobert MustacchiFor more information, see the cpcgen tool. This data is derived from the
8*d0e58ef5SRobert Mustacchifollowing documents:
9*d0e58ef5SRobert Mustacchi
10*d0e58ef5SRobert MustacchiFAMILY	DOCUMENT
11*d0e58ef5SRobert Mustacchi17h	OSRR for AMD Family 17h processors, Models 00h-2Fh (56255 Rev 3.03 - July, 2018)