xref: /illumos-gate/usr/src/common/mpi/mpi.h (revision 6a634c9d)
1*f2ba9e96SDina K Nimeh /* BEGIN CSTYLED */
2f9fbec18Smcpowers /*
3f9fbec18Smcpowers  *  mpi.h
4f9fbec18Smcpowers  *
5f9fbec18Smcpowers  *  Arbitrary precision integer arithmetic library
6f9fbec18Smcpowers  *
7f9fbec18Smcpowers  * ***** BEGIN LICENSE BLOCK *****
8f9fbec18Smcpowers  * Version: MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1
9f9fbec18Smcpowers  *
10f9fbec18Smcpowers  * The contents of this file are subject to the Mozilla Public License Version
11f9fbec18Smcpowers  * 1.1 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
12f9fbec18Smcpowers  * the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
13f9fbec18Smcpowers  * http://www.mozilla.org/MPL/
14f9fbec18Smcpowers  *
15f9fbec18Smcpowers  * Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" basis,
16f9fbec18Smcpowers  * WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License
17f9fbec18Smcpowers  * for the specific language governing rights and limitations under the
18f9fbec18Smcpowers  * License.
19f9fbec18Smcpowers  *
20f9fbec18Smcpowers  * The Original Code is the MPI Arbitrary Precision Integer Arithmetic library.
21f9fbec18Smcpowers  *
22f9fbec18Smcpowers  * The Initial Developer of the Original Code is
23f9fbec18Smcpowers  * Michael J. Fromberger.
24f9fbec18Smcpowers  * Portions created by the Initial Developer are Copyright (C) 1998
25f9fbec18Smcpowers  * the Initial Developer. All Rights Reserved.
26f9fbec18Smcpowers  *
27f9fbec18Smcpowers  * Contributor(s):
28f9fbec18Smcpowers  *   Netscape Communications Corporation
29f9fbec18Smcpowers  *
30f9fbec18Smcpowers  * Alternatively, the contents of this file may be used under the terms of
31f9fbec18Smcpowers  * either the GNU General Public License Version 2 or later (the "GPL"), or
32f9fbec18Smcpowers  * the GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1 or later (the "LGPL"),
33f9fbec18Smcpowers  * in which case the provisions of the GPL or the LGPL are applicable instead
34f9fbec18Smcpowers  * of those above. If you wish to allow use of your version of this file only
35f9fbec18Smcpowers  * under the terms of either the GPL or the LGPL, and not to allow others to
36f9fbec18Smcpowers  * use your version of this file under the terms of the MPL, indicate your
37f9fbec18Smcpowers  * decision by deleting the provisions above and replace them with the notice
38f9fbec18Smcpowers  * and other provisions required by the GPL or the LGPL. If you do not delete
39f9fbec18Smcpowers  * the provisions above, a recipient may use your version of this file under
40f9fbec18Smcpowers  * the terms of any one of the MPL, the GPL or the LGPL.
41f9fbec18Smcpowers  *
42f9fbec18Smcpowers  * ***** END LICENSE BLOCK ***** */
43f9fbec18Smcpowers /*
44*f2ba9e96SDina K Nimeh  * Copyright (c) 2007, 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
45f9fbec18Smcpowers  *
46f9fbec18Smcpowers  * Sun elects to use this software under the MPL license.
47f9fbec18Smcpowers  */
49f9fbec18Smcpowers #ifndef _MPI_H
50f9fbec18Smcpowers #define _MPI_H
52f9fbec18Smcpowers /* $Id: mpi.h,v 1.22 2004/04/27 23:04:36 gerv%gerv.net Exp $ */
54f9fbec18Smcpowers #include "mpi-config.h"
55f9fbec18Smcpowers #include <sys/param.h>
56f9fbec18Smcpowers #ifdef _KERNEL
57f9fbec18Smcpowers #include <sys/debug.h>
58f9fbec18Smcpowers #include <sys/systm.h>
59f9fbec18Smcpowers #define assert ASSERT
60f9fbec18Smcpowers #define	labs(a) (a >= 0 ? a : -a)
61f9fbec18Smcpowers #define	UCHAR_MAX 255
62f9fbec18Smcpowers #define	memset(s, c, n) bzero(s, n)
63f9fbec18Smcpowers #define	memcpy(a,b,c) bcopy((caddr_t)b, (caddr_t)a, c)
64f9fbec18Smcpowers /*
65f9fbec18Smcpowers  * Generic #define's to cover missing things in the kernel
66f9fbec18Smcpowers  */
67f9fbec18Smcpowers #ifndef isdigit
68f9fbec18Smcpowers #define isdigit(x)	((x) >= '0' && (x) <= '9')
69f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif
70f9fbec18Smcpowers #ifndef isupper
71f9fbec18Smcpowers #define isupper(x)	(((unsigned)(x) >= 'A') && ((unsigned)(x) <= 'Z'))
72f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif
73f9fbec18Smcpowers #ifndef islower
74f9fbec18Smcpowers #define islower(x)	(((unsigned)(x) >= 'a') && ((unsigned)(x) <= 'z'))
75f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif
76f9fbec18Smcpowers #ifndef isalpha
77f9fbec18Smcpowers #define isalpha(x)	(isupper(x) || islower(x))
78f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif
79f9fbec18Smcpowers #ifndef toupper
80f9fbec18Smcpowers #define toupper(x)	(islower(x) ? (x) - 'a' + 'A' : (x))
81f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif
82f9fbec18Smcpowers #ifndef tolower
83f9fbec18Smcpowers #define tolower(x)	(isupper(x) ? (x) + 'a' - 'A' : (x))
84f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif
85f9fbec18Smcpowers #ifndef isspace
86f9fbec18Smcpowers #define isspace(x)	(((x) == ' ') || ((x) == '\r') || ((x) == '\n') || \
87f9fbec18Smcpowers 			 ((x) == '\t') || ((x) == '\b'))
88f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif
89f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif /* _KERNEL */
91f9fbec18Smcpowers #if MP_DEBUG
92f9fbec18Smcpowers #undef MP_IOFUNC
93f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_IOFUNC 1
94f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif
96f9fbec18Smcpowers #if MP_IOFUNC
97f9fbec18Smcpowers #include <stdio.h>
98f9fbec18Smcpowers #include <ctype.h>
99f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif
101f9fbec18Smcpowers #ifndef _KERNEL
102f9fbec18Smcpowers #include <limits.h>
103f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif
105f9fbec18Smcpowers #if defined(BSDI)
106f9fbec18Smcpowers #undef ULLONG_MAX
107f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif
109f9fbec18Smcpowers #if defined( macintosh )
110f9fbec18Smcpowers #include <Types.h>
111f9fbec18Smcpowers #elif defined( _WIN32_WCE)
112f9fbec18Smcpowers /* #include <sys/types.h> What do we need here ?? */
113f9fbec18Smcpowers #else
114f9fbec18Smcpowers #include <sys/types.h>
115f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif
117f9fbec18Smcpowers #define  MP_NEG    1
118f9fbec18Smcpowers #define  MP_ZPOS   0
120f9fbec18Smcpowers #define  MP_OKAY          0 /* no error, all is well */
121f9fbec18Smcpowers #define  MP_YES           0 /* yes (boolean result)  */
122f9fbec18Smcpowers #define  MP_NO           -1 /* no (boolean result)   */
123f9fbec18Smcpowers #define  MP_MEM          -2 /* out of memory         */
124f9fbec18Smcpowers #define  MP_RANGE        -3 /* argument out of range */
125f9fbec18Smcpowers #define  MP_BADARG       -4 /* invalid parameter     */
126f9fbec18Smcpowers #define  MP_UNDEF        -5 /* answer is undefined   */
127f9fbec18Smcpowers #define  MP_LAST_CODE    MP_UNDEF
129f9fbec18Smcpowers typedef unsigned int      mp_sign;
130f9fbec18Smcpowers typedef unsigned int      mp_size;
131f9fbec18Smcpowers typedef int               mp_err;
132f9fbec18Smcpowers typedef int               mp_flag;
134f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_32BIT_MAX 4294967295U
136f9fbec18Smcpowers #if !defined(ULONG_MAX)
137f9fbec18Smcpowers #error "ULONG_MAX not defined"
138f9fbec18Smcpowers #elif !defined(UINT_MAX)
139f9fbec18Smcpowers #error "UINT_MAX not defined"
140f9fbec18Smcpowers #elif !defined(USHRT_MAX)
141f9fbec18Smcpowers #error "USHRT_MAX not defined"
142f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif
144f9fbec18Smcpowers #if defined(ULONG_LONG_MAX)			/* GCC, HPUX */
145f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_ULONG_LONG_MAX ULONG_LONG_MAX
146f9fbec18Smcpowers #elif defined(ULLONG_MAX)			/* Solaris */
147f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_ULONG_LONG_MAX ULLONG_MAX
148f9fbec18Smcpowers /* MP_ULONG_LONG_MAX was defined to be ULLONG_MAX */
149f9fbec18Smcpowers #elif defined(ULONGLONG_MAX)			/* IRIX, AIX */
150f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_ULONG_LONG_MAX ULONGLONG_MAX
151f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif
153f9fbec18Smcpowers /* We only use unsigned long for mp_digit iff long is more than 32 bits. */
154f9fbec18Smcpowers #if !defined(MP_USE_UINT_DIGIT) && ULONG_MAX > MP_32BIT_MAX
155f9fbec18Smcpowers typedef unsigned long     mp_digit;
156f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_DIGIT_MAX      ULONG_MAX
157f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_DIGIT_FMT      "%016lX"   /* printf() format for 1 digit */
158f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_HALF_DIGIT_MAX UINT_MAX
159f9fbec18Smcpowers #undef  MP_NO_MP_WORD
160f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_NO_MP_WORD 1
161f9fbec18Smcpowers #undef  MP_USE_LONG_DIGIT
162f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_USE_LONG_DIGIT 1
163f9fbec18Smcpowers #undef  MP_USE_LONG_LONG_DIGIT
165f9fbec18Smcpowers #elif !defined(MP_USE_UINT_DIGIT) && defined(MP_ULONG_LONG_MAX)
166f9fbec18Smcpowers typedef unsigned long long mp_digit;
167f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_DIGIT_MAX       MP_ULONG_LONG_MAX
168f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_DIGIT_FMT      "%016llX"  /* printf() format for 1 digit */
169f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_HALF_DIGIT_MAX  UINT_MAX
170f9fbec18Smcpowers #undef  MP_NO_MP_WORD
171f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_NO_MP_WORD 1
172f9fbec18Smcpowers #undef  MP_USE_LONG_LONG_DIGIT
173f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_USE_LONG_LONG_DIGIT 1
174f9fbec18Smcpowers #undef  MP_USE_LONG_DIGIT
176f9fbec18Smcpowers #else
177f9fbec18Smcpowers typedef unsigned int      mp_digit;
178f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_DIGIT_MAX      UINT_MAX
179f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_DIGIT_FMT      "%08X"     /* printf() format for 1 digit */
180f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_HALF_DIGIT_MAX USHRT_MAX
181f9fbec18Smcpowers #undef  MP_USE_UINT_DIGIT
182f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_USE_UINT_DIGIT 1
183f9fbec18Smcpowers #undef  MP_USE_LONG_LONG_DIGIT
184f9fbec18Smcpowers #undef  MP_USE_LONG_DIGIT
185f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif
187f9fbec18Smcpowers #if !defined(MP_NO_MP_WORD)
188f9fbec18Smcpowers #if  defined(MP_USE_UINT_DIGIT) && \
189f9fbec18Smcpowers     (defined(MP_ULONG_LONG_MAX) || (ULONG_MAX > UINT_MAX))
191f9fbec18Smcpowers #if (ULONG_MAX > UINT_MAX)
192f9fbec18Smcpowers typedef unsigned long     mp_word;
193f9fbec18Smcpowers typedef          long     mp_sword;
194f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_WORD_MAX       ULONG_MAX
196f9fbec18Smcpowers #else
197f9fbec18Smcpowers typedef unsigned long long mp_word;
198f9fbec18Smcpowers typedef          long long mp_sword;
199f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_WORD_MAX       MP_ULONG_LONG_MAX
200f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif
202f9fbec18Smcpowers #else
203f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_NO_MP_WORD 1
204f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif
205f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif /* !defined(MP_NO_MP_WORD) */
207f9fbec18Smcpowers #if !defined(MP_WORD_MAX) && defined(MP_DEFINE_SMALL_WORD)
208f9fbec18Smcpowers typedef unsigned int      mp_word;
209f9fbec18Smcpowers typedef          int      mp_sword;
210f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_WORD_MAX       UINT_MAX
211f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif
213f9fbec18Smcpowers #ifndef CHAR_BIT
214f9fbec18Smcpowers #define	CHAR_BIT 8
215f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif
217f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_DIGIT_BIT      (CHAR_BIT*sizeof(mp_digit))
218f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_WORD_BIT       (CHAR_BIT*sizeof(mp_word))
219f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_RADIX          (1+(mp_word)MP_DIGIT_MAX)
221f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_HALF_DIGIT_BIT (MP_DIGIT_BIT/2)
222f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_HALF_RADIX     (1+(mp_digit)MP_HALF_DIGIT_MAX)
223f9fbec18Smcpowers /* MP_HALF_RADIX really ought to be called MP_SQRT_RADIX, but it's named
224f9fbec18Smcpowers ** MP_HALF_RADIX because it's the radix for MP_HALF_DIGITs, and it's
225f9fbec18Smcpowers ** consistent with the other _HALF_ names.
226f9fbec18Smcpowers */
229f9fbec18Smcpowers /* Macros for accessing the mp_int internals           */
230f9fbec18Smcpowers #define  MP_FLAG(MP)     ((MP)->flag)
231f9fbec18Smcpowers #define  MP_SIGN(MP)     ((MP)->sign)
232f9fbec18Smcpowers #define  MP_USED(MP)     ((MP)->used)
233f9fbec18Smcpowers #define  MP_ALLOC(MP)    ((MP)->alloc)
234f9fbec18Smcpowers #define  MP_DIGITS(MP)   ((MP)->dp)
235f9fbec18Smcpowers #define  MP_DIGIT(MP,N)  (MP)->dp[(N)]
237f9fbec18Smcpowers /* This defines the maximum I/O base (minimum is 2)   */
238f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_MAX_RADIX         64
240f9fbec18Smcpowers typedef struct {
241*f2ba9e96SDina K Nimeh   mp_flag       flag;    /* KM_SLEEP/KM_NOSLEEP        */
242f9fbec18Smcpowers   mp_sign       sign;    /* sign of this quantity      */
243f9fbec18Smcpowers   mp_size       alloc;   /* how many digits allocated  */
244f9fbec18Smcpowers   mp_size       used;    /* how many digits used       */
245f9fbec18Smcpowers   mp_digit     *dp;      /* the digits themselves      */
246f9fbec18Smcpowers } mp_int;
248f9fbec18Smcpowers /* Default precision       */
249f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_size mp_get_prec(void);
250f9fbec18Smcpowers void    mp_set_prec(mp_size prec);
252f9fbec18Smcpowers /* Memory management       */
253f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_init(mp_int *mp, int kmflag);
254f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_init_size(mp_int *mp, mp_size prec, int kmflag);
255f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_init_copy(mp_int *mp, const mp_int *from);
256f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_copy(const mp_int *from, mp_int *to);
257f9fbec18Smcpowers void   mp_exch(mp_int *mp1, mp_int *mp2);
258f9fbec18Smcpowers void   mp_clear(mp_int *mp);
259f9fbec18Smcpowers void   mp_zero(mp_int *mp);
260f9fbec18Smcpowers void   mp_set(mp_int *mp, mp_digit d);
261f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_set_int(mp_int *mp, long z);
262f9fbec18Smcpowers #define mp_set_long(mp,z) mp_set_int(mp,z)
263f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_set_ulong(mp_int *mp, unsigned long z);
265f9fbec18Smcpowers /* Single digit arithmetic */
266f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_add_d(const mp_int *a, mp_digit d, mp_int *b);
267f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_sub_d(const mp_int *a, mp_digit d, mp_int *b);
268f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_mul_d(const mp_int *a, mp_digit d, mp_int *b);
269f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_mul_2(const mp_int *a, mp_int *c);
270f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_div_d(const mp_int *a, mp_digit d, mp_int *q, mp_digit *r);
271f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_div_2(const mp_int *a, mp_int *c);
272f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_expt_d(const mp_int *a, mp_digit d, mp_int *c);
274f9fbec18Smcpowers /* Sign manipulations      */
275f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_abs(const mp_int *a, mp_int *b);
276f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_neg(const mp_int *a, mp_int *b);
278f9fbec18Smcpowers /* Full arithmetic         */
279f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_add(const mp_int *a, const mp_int *b, mp_int *c);
280f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_sub(const mp_int *a, const mp_int *b, mp_int *c);
281f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_mul(const mp_int *a, const mp_int *b, mp_int *c);
282f9fbec18Smcpowers #if MP_SQUARE
283f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_sqr(const mp_int *a, mp_int *b);
284f9fbec18Smcpowers #else
285f9fbec18Smcpowers #define mp_sqr(a, b) mp_mul(a, a, b)
286f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif
287f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_div(const mp_int *a, const mp_int *b, mp_int *q, mp_int *r);
288f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_div_2d(const mp_int *a, mp_digit d, mp_int *q, mp_int *r);
289f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_expt(mp_int *a, mp_int *b, mp_int *c);
290f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_2expt(mp_int *a, mp_digit k);
291f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_sqrt(const mp_int *a, mp_int *b);
293f9fbec18Smcpowers /* Modular arithmetic      */
294f9fbec18Smcpowers #if MP_MODARITH
295f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_mod(const mp_int *a, const mp_int *m, mp_int *c);
296f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_mod_d(const mp_int *a, mp_digit d, mp_digit *c);
297f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_addmod(const mp_int *a, const mp_int *b, const mp_int *m, mp_int *c);
298f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_submod(const mp_int *a, const mp_int *b, const mp_int *m, mp_int *c);
299f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_mulmod(const mp_int *a, const mp_int *b, const mp_int *m, mp_int *c);
300f9fbec18Smcpowers #if MP_SQUARE
301f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_sqrmod(const mp_int *a, const mp_int *m, mp_int *c);
302f9fbec18Smcpowers #else
303f9fbec18Smcpowers #define mp_sqrmod(a, m, c) mp_mulmod(a, a, m, c)
304f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif
305f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_exptmod(const mp_int *a, const mp_int *b, const mp_int *m, mp_int *c);
306f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_exptmod_d(const mp_int *a, mp_digit d, const mp_int *m, mp_int *c);
307f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif /* MP_MODARITH */
309f9fbec18Smcpowers /* Comparisons             */
310f9fbec18Smcpowers int    mp_cmp_z(const mp_int *a);
311f9fbec18Smcpowers int    mp_cmp_d(const mp_int *a, mp_digit d);
312f9fbec18Smcpowers int    mp_cmp(const mp_int *a, const mp_int *b);
313f9fbec18Smcpowers int    mp_cmp_mag(mp_int *a, mp_int *b);
314f9fbec18Smcpowers int    mp_cmp_int(const mp_int *a, long z, int kmflag);
315f9fbec18Smcpowers int    mp_isodd(const mp_int *a);
316f9fbec18Smcpowers int    mp_iseven(const mp_int *a);
318f9fbec18Smcpowers /* Number theoretic        */
319f9fbec18Smcpowers #if MP_NUMTH
320f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_gcd(mp_int *a, mp_int *b, mp_int *c);
321f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_lcm(mp_int *a, mp_int *b, mp_int *c);
322f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_xgcd(const mp_int *a, const mp_int *b, mp_int *g, mp_int *x, mp_int *y);
323f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_invmod(const mp_int *a, const mp_int *m, mp_int *c);
324f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_invmod_xgcd(const mp_int *a, const mp_int *m, mp_int *c);
325f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif /* end MP_NUMTH */
327f9fbec18Smcpowers /* Input and output        */
328f9fbec18Smcpowers #if MP_IOFUNC
329f9fbec18Smcpowers void   mp_print(mp_int *mp, FILE *ofp);
330f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif /* end MP_IOFUNC */
332f9fbec18Smcpowers /* Base conversion         */
333f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_read_raw(mp_int *mp, char *str, int len);
334f9fbec18Smcpowers int    mp_raw_size(mp_int *mp);
335f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_toraw(mp_int *mp, char *str);
336f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_read_radix(mp_int *mp, const char *str, int radix);
337f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_read_variable_radix(mp_int *a, const char * str, int default_radix);
338f9fbec18Smcpowers int    mp_radix_size(mp_int *mp, int radix);
339f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_toradix(mp_int *mp, char *str, int radix);
340f9fbec18Smcpowers int    mp_tovalue(char ch, int r);
342f9fbec18Smcpowers #define mp_tobinary(M, S)  mp_toradix((M), (S), 2)
343f9fbec18Smcpowers #define mp_tooctal(M, S)   mp_toradix((M), (S), 8)
344f9fbec18Smcpowers #define mp_todecimal(M, S) mp_toradix((M), (S), 10)
345f9fbec18Smcpowers #define mp_tohex(M, S)     mp_toradix((M), (S), 16)
347f9fbec18Smcpowers /* Error strings           */
348f9fbec18Smcpowers const  char  *mp_strerror(mp_err ec);
350f9fbec18Smcpowers /* Octet string conversion functions */
351f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_read_unsigned_octets(mp_int *mp, const unsigned char *str, mp_size len);
352f9fbec18Smcpowers int    mp_unsigned_octet_size(const mp_int *mp);
353f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_to_unsigned_octets(const mp_int *mp, unsigned char *str, mp_size maxlen);
354f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_to_signed_octets(const mp_int *mp, unsigned char *str, mp_size maxlen);
355f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_err mp_to_fixlen_octets(const mp_int *mp, unsigned char *str, mp_size len);
357f9fbec18Smcpowers /* Miscellaneous */
358f9fbec18Smcpowers mp_size mp_trailing_zeros(const mp_int *mp);
360f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_CHECKOK(x)  if (MP_OKAY > (res = (x))) goto CLEANUP
361f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MP_CHECKERR(x) if (MP_OKAY > (res = (x))) goto CLEANUP
363f9fbec18Smcpowers #if defined(MP_API_COMPATIBLE)
364f9fbec18Smcpowers #define NEG             MP_NEG
365f9fbec18Smcpowers #define ZPOS            MP_ZPOS
366f9fbec18Smcpowers #define DIGIT_MAX       MP_DIGIT_MAX
367f9fbec18Smcpowers #define DIGIT_BIT       MP_DIGIT_BIT
368f9fbec18Smcpowers #define DIGIT_FMT       MP_DIGIT_FMT
369f9fbec18Smcpowers #define RADIX           MP_RADIX
370f9fbec18Smcpowers #define MAX_RADIX       MP_MAX_RADIX
371f9fbec18Smcpowers #define FLAG(MP)        MP_FLAG(MP)
372f9fbec18Smcpowers #define SIGN(MP)        MP_SIGN(MP)
373f9fbec18Smcpowers #define USED(MP)        MP_USED(MP)
374f9fbec18Smcpowers #define ALLOC(MP)       MP_ALLOC(MP)
375f9fbec18Smcpowers #define DIGITS(MP)      MP_DIGITS(MP)
376f9fbec18Smcpowers #define DIGIT(MP,N)     MP_DIGIT(MP,N)
378f9fbec18Smcpowers #if MP_ARGCHK == 1
379f9fbec18Smcpowers #define  ARGCHK(X,Y)  {if(!(X)){return (Y);}}
380f9fbec18Smcpowers #elif MP_ARGCHK == 2
381f9fbec18Smcpowers #ifdef _KERNEL
382f9fbec18Smcpowers #define  ARGCHK(X,Y)  ASSERT(X)
383f9fbec18Smcpowers #else
384f9fbec18Smcpowers #include <assert.h>
385f9fbec18Smcpowers #define  ARGCHK(X,Y)  assert(X)
386f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif
387f9fbec18Smcpowers #else
388f9fbec18Smcpowers #define  ARGCHK(X,Y)  /*  */
389f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif
390f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif /* defined MP_API_COMPATIBLE */
392f9fbec18Smcpowers #endif /* _MPI_H */
393*f2ba9e96SDina K Nimeh /* END CSTYLED */