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21fe54a78Hai-May Chao/*
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24fe54a78Hai-May Chao */
25fe54a78Hai-May Chao
26fe54a78Hai-May Chao#ifndef	_COMMON_CRYPTO_FIPS_RANDOM_H
27fe54a78Hai-May Chao#define	_COMMON_CRYPTO_FIPS_RANDOM_H
28fe54a78Hai-May Chao
29fe54a78Hai-May Chao#ifdef	__cplusplus
30fe54a78Hai-May Chaoextern "C" {
31fe54a78Hai-May Chao#endif
32fe54a78Hai-May Chao
33fe54a78Hai-May Chao#include <sys/types.h>
34fe54a78Hai-May Chao
35fe54a78Hai-May Chao#define	SHA1BLOCKBITS		512
36fe54a78Hai-May Chao#define	SHA1BLOCKBYTES		(SHA1BLOCKBITS >> 3)
37fe54a78Hai-May Chao#define	SHA1WORDS		5
38fe54a78Hai-May Chao#define	BYTES_IN_WORD		4
39fe54a78Hai-May Chao#define	SHA1BYTES		(BYTES_IN_WORD * SHA1WORDS)
40fe54a78Hai-May Chao
41b5a2d84Hai-May Chao#ifdef _KERNEL
42b5a2d84Hai-May Chao#define	SHA1_HASH_SIZE		20
43b5a2d84Hai-May Chao#define	CK_RV			int
44b5a2d84Hai-May Chao#define	CKR_OK			CRYPTO_SUCCESS
46b5a2d84Hai-May Chao#endif
47b5a2d84Hai-May Chao
48fe54a78Hai-May Chaoextern void fips_random_inner(uint32_t *, uint32_t *, uint32_t *);
49b5a2d84Hai-May Chaoextern int fips_rng_post(void);
50fe54a78Hai-May Chao
51fe54a78Hai-May Chao#ifdef	__cplusplus
52fe54a78Hai-May Chao}
53fe54a78Hai-May Chao#endif
54fe54a78Hai-May Chao
55fe54a78Hai-May Chao#endif	/* _COMMON_CRYPTO_FIPS_RANDOM_H */