t..c revision b55148877d473978f0b46d593fd6213fa526fcc5
13e95bd4Anders Persson/*
23e95bd4Anders Persson * Copyright 1998 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
33e95bd4Anders Persson * Use is subject to license terms.
43e95bd4Anders Persson */
53e95bd4Anders Persson
63e95bd4Anders Persson/*	Copyright (c) 1984, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989 AT&T	*/
73e95bd4Anders Persson/*	  All Rights Reserved  	*/
83e95bd4Anders Persson
93e95bd4Anders Persson/*
103e95bd4Anders Persson * Copyright (c) 1980 Regents of the University of California.
113e95bd4Anders Persson * All rights reserved. The Berkeley software License Agreement
123e95bd4Anders Persson * specifies the terms and conditions for redistribution.
133e95bd4Anders Persson */
143e95bd4Anders Persson
153e95bd4Anders Persson#pragma ident	"%Z%%M%	%I%	%E% SMI"
163e95bd4Anders Persson
173e95bd4Anders Persson/* t..c : external declarations */
183e95bd4Anders Persson
193e95bd4Anders Persson# include "stdio.h"
203e95bd4Anders Persson# include "ctype.h"
213e95bd4Anders Persson
223e95bd4Anders Persson# define MAXLIN 200
233e95bd4Anders Persson# define MAXHEAD 100
243e95bd4Anders Persson# define MAXCOL 20
253e95bd4Anders Persson# define MAXCHS 2000
263e95bd4Anders Persson# define MAXSTR 1024
273e95bd4Anders Persson# define MAXRPT 100
283e95bd4Anders Persson# define CLLEN 10
293e95bd4Anders Persson# define SHORTLINE 4
303e95bd4Anders Persson# define BIGBUF 8192
313e95bd4Anders Perssonextern char *gets1(char *, int);
323e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int nlin, ncol, iline, nclin, nslin;
333e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int style[MAXHEAD][MAXCOL];
343e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int ctop[MAXHEAD][MAXCOL];
353e95bd4Anders Perssonextern char font[MAXHEAD][MAXCOL][2];
363e95bd4Anders Perssonextern char csize[MAXHEAD][MAXCOL][4];
373e95bd4Anders Perssonextern char vsize[MAXHEAD][MAXCOL][4];
383e95bd4Anders Perssonextern char cll[MAXCOL][CLLEN];
393e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int stynum[];
403e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int F1, F2;
413e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int lefline[MAXHEAD][MAXCOL];
423e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int fullbot[];
433e95bd4Anders Perssonextern char *instead[];
443e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int expflg;
453e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int ctrflg;
463e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int evenflg;
473e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int evenup[];
483e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int boxflg;
493e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int dboxflg;
503e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int linsize;
513e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int tab;
523e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int pr1403;
533e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int linsize, delim1, delim2;
543e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int allflg;
553e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int textflg;
563e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int left1flg;
573e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int rightl;
583e95bd4Anders Perssonstruct colstr {char *col, *rcol;};
593e95bd4Anders Perssonextern struct colstr *table[];
603e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int *alocv(int);
613e95bd4Anders Perssonextern char *cspace, *cstore;
62e82bc0bAnders Perssonextern char *chspace(void);
633e95bd4Anders Perssonextern char *maknew(char *);
643e95bd4Anders Perssonextern char *exstore, *exlim;
653e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int sep[];
663e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int used[], lused[], rused[];
673e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int linestop[];
683e95bd4Anders Perssonextern char *leftover;
693e95bd4Anders Perssonextern char *last, *ifile;
703e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int texname;
713e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int texct;
723e95bd4Anders Perssonextern char texstr[];
733e95bd4Anders Perssonextern int linstart;
743e95bd4Anders Persson
753e95bd4Anders Persson
763e95bd4Anders Perssonextern FILE *tabin, *tabout;
773e95bd4Anders Persson# define CRIGHT 80
783e95bd4Anders Persson# define CLEFT 40
793e95bd4Anders Persson# define CMID 60
803e95bd4Anders Persson# define S1 31
813e95bd4Anders Persson# define S2 32
823e95bd4Anders Persson# define TMP 38
833e95bd4Anders Persson# define SF 35
843e95bd4Anders Persson# define SL 34
853e95bd4Anders Persson# define LSIZE 33
863e95bd4Anders Persson# define SIND 37
873e95bd4Anders Persson# define SVS 36
883e95bd4Anders Persson/* this refers to the relative position of lines */
893e95bd4Anders Persson# define LEFT 1
903e95bd4Anders Persson# define RIGHT 2
913e95bd4Anders Persson# define THRU 3
923e95bd4Anders Persson# define TOP 1
933e95bd4Anders Persson# define BOT 2
943e95bd4Anders Persson