14f680ccAli Bahrami/*
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214f680ccAli Bahrami/*
224f680ccAli Bahrami * Copyright 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
234f680ccAli Bahrami * Use is subject to license terms.
244f680ccAli Bahrami */
254f680ccAli Bahrami
264f680ccAli Bahrami#ifndef	_SGSMSG_DOT_H
274f680ccAli Bahrami#define	_SGSMSG_DOT_H
284f680ccAli Bahrami
294f680ccAli Bahrami#ifdef __cplusplus
304f680ccAli Bahramiextern "C" {
314f680ccAli Bahrami#endif
324f680ccAli Bahrami
334f680ccAli Bahrami#ifndef	__lint
344f680ccAli Bahrami
354f680ccAli Bahrami/*
364f680ccAli Bahrami * In normal operation, sgsmsg generates an ELF-format string table
374f680ccAli Bahrami * for strings, and Msg is an integer offset into that table.
384f680ccAli Bahrami */
394f680ccAli Bahramitypedef int	Msg;
404f680ccAli Bahrami
414f680ccAli Bahrami#else	/* __lint */
424f680ccAli Bahrami
434f680ccAli Bahrami/*
444f680ccAli Bahrami * When __lint is defined, Msg is a char *.  This allows lint to
454f680ccAli Bahrami * check our format strings against its arguments.
464f680ccAli Bahrami */
474f680ccAli Bahramitypedef char	*Msg;
484f680ccAli Bahrami
494f680ccAli Bahrami#endif	/* __lint */
504f680ccAli Bahrami
514f680ccAli Bahrami
524f680ccAli Bahrami#ifdef __cplusplus
534f680ccAli Bahrami}
544f680ccAli Bahrami#endif
554f680ccAli Bahrami
564f680ccAli Bahrami#endif /* _SGSMSG_DOT_H */