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3cpyr	Copyright (c) 1998-2000, 2002, 2004-2007 Sendmail, Inc. and its suppliers.
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5cpyr	Copyright (c) 1983, 1995-1997 Eric P. Allman.  All rights reserved.
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15smtp	This is sendmail version $v
16smtp	Topics:
20smtp	For more info use "HELP <topic>".
21smtp	To report bugs in the implementation contact Sun Microsystems
22smtp	Technical Support.
23smtp	For local information send email to Postmaster at your site.
24help	HELP [ <topic> ]
25help		The HELP command gives help info.
26helo	HELO <hostname>
27helo		Introduce yourself.
28ehlo	EHLO <hostname>
29ehlo		Introduce yourself, and request extended SMTP mode.
30ehlo	Possible replies include:
31ehlo		SEND		Send as mail			[RFC821]
32ehlo		SOML		Send as mail or terminal	[RFC821]
33ehlo		SAML		Send as mail and terminal	[RFC821]
34ehlo		EXPN		Expand the mailing list		[RFC821]
35ehlo		HELP		Supply helpful information	[RFC821]
36ehlo		TURN		Turn the operation around	[RFC821]
37ehlo		8BITMIME	Use 8-bit data			[RFC1652]
38ehlo		SIZE		Message size declaration	[RFC1870]
39ehlo		VERB		Verbose				[Allman]
40ehlo		CHUNKING	Chunking			[RFC1830]
41ehlo		BINARYMIME	Binary MIME			[RFC1830]
42ehlo		PIPELINING	Command Pipelining		[RFC1854]
43ehlo		DSN		Delivery Status Notification	[RFC1891]
44ehlo		ETRN		Remote Message Queue Starting	[RFC1985]
45ehlo		STARTTLS	Secure SMTP			[RFC2487]
46ehlo		ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES	Enhanced status codes	[RFC2034]
47ehlo		DELIVERBY	Deliver By			[RFC2852]
48mail	MAIL From:<sender> [ <parameters> ]
49mail		Specifies the sender.  Parameters are ESMTP extensions.
50mail		See "HELP DSN" for details.
51rcpt	RCPT To:<recipient> [ <parameters> ]
52rcpt		Specifies the recipient.  Can be used any number of times.
53rcpt		Parameters are ESMTP extensions.  See "HELP DSN" for details.
54data	DATA
55data		Following text is collected as the message.
56data		End with a single dot.
57rset	RSET
58rset		Resets the system.
59quit	QUIT
60quit		Exit sendmail (SMTP).
61starttls	STARTTLS
62starttls		Start TLS negotiation.
63verb	VERB
64verb		Go into verbose mode.  This sends 0xy responses that are
65verb		not RFC821 standard (but should be)  They are recognized
66verb		by humans and other sendmail implementations.
67vrfy	VRFY <recipient>
68vrfy		Verify an address.  If you want to see what it aliases
69vrfy		to, use EXPN instead.
70expn	EXPN <recipient>
71expn		Expand an address.  If the address indicates a mailing
72expn		list, return the contents of that list.
73noop	NOOP
74noop		Do nothing.
75send	SEND FROM:<sender>
76send		replaces the MAIL command, and can be used to send
77send		directly to a users terminal.  Not supported in this
78send		implementation.
79soml	SOML FROM:<sender>
80soml		Send or mail.  If the user is logged in, send directly,
81soml		otherwise mail.  Not supported in this implementation.
82saml	SAML FROM:<sender>
83saml		Send and mail.  Send directly to the user's terminal,
84saml		and also mail a letter.  Not supported in this
85saml		implementation.
86turn	TURN
87turn		Reverses the direction of the connection.  Not currently
88turn		implemented.
89etrn	ETRN [ <hostname> | @<domain> | \#<queuename> ]
90etrn		Run the queue for the specified <hostname>, or
91etrn		all hosts within a given <domain>, or a specially-named
92etrn		<queuename> (implementation-specific).
93dsn	MAIL From:<sender> [ RET={ FULL | HDRS} ] [ ENVID=<envid> ]
95dsn			     [ ORCPT=<recipient> ]
96dsn		SMTP Delivery Status Notifications.
97dsn	Descriptions:
98dsn		RET	Return either the full message or only headers.
99dsn		ENVID	Sender's "envelope identifier" for tracking.
100dsn		NOTIFY	When to send a DSN. Multiple options are OK, comma-
101dsn			delimited. NEVER must appear by itself.
102dsn		ORCPT	Original recipient.
103-bt	Help for test mode:
104-bt	?		 :this help message.
105-bt	.Dmvalue	 :define macro `m' to `value'.
106-bt	.Ccvalue	 :add `value' to class `c'.
107-bt	=Sruleset	 :dump the contents of the indicated ruleset.
108-bt	=M		 :display the known mailers.
109-bt	-ddebug-spec	 :equivalent to the command-line -d debug flag.
110-bt	$$m		 :print the value of macro $$m.
111-bt	$$=c		 :print the contents of class $$=c.
112-bt	/mx host	 :returns the MX records for `host'.
113-bt	/parse address	 :parse address, returning the value of crackaddr, and
114-bt			  the parsed address.
115-bt	/try mailer addr :rewrite address into the form it will have when
116-bt			  presented to the indicated mailer.
117-bt	/tryflags flags	 :set flags used by parsing.  The flags can be `H' for
118-bt			  Header or `E' for Envelope, and `S' for Sender or `R'
119-bt			  for Recipient.  These can be combined, `HR' sets
120-bt			  flags for header recipients.
121-bt	/canon hostname	 :try to canonify hostname.
122-bt	/map mapname key :look up `key' in the indicated `mapname'.
123-bt	/quit		 :quit address test mode.
124-bt	rules addr	 :run the indicated address through the named rules.
125-bt			  Rules can be a comma separated list of rules.
126control	Help for smcontrol:
127control	help		This message.
128control	restart		Restart sendmail.
129control	shutdown	Shutdown sendmail.
130control	status		Show sendmail status.
131control	mstat		Show sendmail status (machine readable format).
132control	memdump		Dump allocated memory list (for debugging only).