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2410d63b7Richard Lowe */
2510d63b7Richard Lowe
2610d63b7Richard Lowe
2710d63b7Richard Lowe#include <unistd.h>
2810d63b7Richard Lowe#include <sys/types.h>
2910d63b7Richard Lowe
3010d63b7Richard Loweextern int chown(const char *path, uid_t owner, gid_t group);
3110d63b7Richard Lowe
3210d63b7Richard Lowe#include <vroot/vroot.h>
3310d63b7Richard Lowe#include <vroot/args.h>
3410d63b7Richard Lowe
3510d63b7Richard Lowestatic int	chown_thunk(char *path)
3610d63b7Richard Lowe{
3710d63b7Richard Lowe	vroot_result= chown(path, vroot_args.chown.user, vroot_args.chown.group);
3810d63b7Richard Lowe	return(vroot_result == 0);
3910d63b7Richard Lowe}
4010d63b7Richard Lowe
4110d63b7Richard Loweint	chown_vroot(char *path, int user, int group, pathpt vroot_path, pathpt vroot_vroot)
4210d63b7Richard Lowe{
4310d63b7Richard Lowe	vroot_args.chown.user= user;
4410d63b7Richard Lowe	vroot_args.chown.group= group;
4510d63b7Richard Lowe	translate_with_thunk(path, chown_thunk, vroot_path, vroot_vroot, rw_read);
4610d63b7Richard Lowe	return(vroot_result);
4710d63b7Richard Lowe}