3 *
4 * The contents of this file are subject to the terms of the
5 * Common Development and Distribution License, Version 1.0 only
6 * (the "License").  You may not use this file except in compliance
7 * with the License.
8 *
9 * You can obtain a copy of the license at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE
10 * or http://www.opensolaris.org/os/licensing.
11 * See the License for the specific language governing permissions
12 * and limitations under the License.
13 *
14 * When distributing Covered Code, include this CDDL HEADER in each
15 * file and include the License file at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE.
16 * If applicable, add the following below this CDDL HEADER, with the
17 * fields enclosed by brackets "[]" replaced with your own identifying
18 * information: Portions Copyright [yyyy] [name of copyright owner]
19 *
21 */
23 * Copyright (c) 1996 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All Rights Reserved
24 *
25 * module:
26 *	messages.h
27 *
28 * purpose:
29 *	contins defines for all localizable messages
30 *
31 * notes:
32 *	unless otherwise specified, all %s arguments can be assumed
33 * 	to be file names.  Non-obvious arguments are explained in
34 *	comments.
35 */
37#ifndef	_MESSAGES_H
38#define	_MESSAGES_H
40#pragma ident	"%W%	%E% SMI"
42#ifdef	__cplusplus
43extern "C" {
46#include <libintl.h>
49 * summary output messages
50 */
51#define	SUM_hd		"RECONCILE %s and %s (%d files)\n"
52#define	SUM_dst		"\t-> %4d copies, %4d deletes, %4d ownership\n"
53#define	SUM_src		"\t<- %4d copies, %4d deletes, %4d ownership\n"
54#define	SUM_unresolved	"\tUNRESOLVED CONFLICTS: %d\n"
57 * verbose mode analysis commentary
58 */
59#define	V_nomore	"# file %s no longer exists\n"
60#define	V_deleted	"# file %s deleted from %s\n"	/* src/dst */
61#define	V_created	"# file %s created on %s\n"	/* src/dst */
62#define	V_delconf	"# file %s has been deleted and changed\n"
63#define	V_trunconf	"# file %s has been truncated and changed\n"
64#define	V_unchanged	"# file %s has two identical versions\n"
65#define	V_different	"# file %s has two different versions\n"
66#define	V_modes		"# file %s has changed modes/ownership\n"
67#define	V_changed	"# file %s has been modified\n"
68#define	V_renamed	"# file %s has been renamed to %s\n"
69#define	V_prunes	"# %d stale entries pruned from baseline\n"
70#define	V_nostat	"# WARNING: unable to stat file %s\n"
71#define	V_change	"# WARNING: file %s on %s, was <%ld,%ld>#%ld, now <%ld,%ld>#%ld\n"
72#define	V_suppressed	"# file %s not reconciled due to halt-on-error\n"
75 * usage messages
76 */
77#define	ERR_usage	"Usage:"
78#define	USE_a		"always check for Access Control Lists"
79#define	USE_e		"everything must agree (modes, owner, group)"
80#define	USE_h		"halt immediately after a file propagation error"
81#define	USE_m		"modification times should be preserved"
82#define	USE_n		"no touch (do not change any files)"
83#define	USE_q		"quiet    (do not list reconciliation commands)"
84#define	USE_v		"verbose  (commentary on each changed file)"
85#define	USE_y		"yes      (do not prompt for confirmations)"
86#define	USE_s		"source directory for new rules"
87#define	USE_d		"destination directory for new rules"
88#define	USE_r		"restrict reconciliation to specified directories"
89#define	USE_f		"force conflicts to resolve in favor of src/dst/old/new"
90#define	USE_o		"one-way: only propagate changes from src/dst"
93 * These are the basic usage scenario line, and in most cases should not
94 * be translated.
95 */
96#define	USE_simple	"[-mnqv] -s dir -d dir file ..."
97#define	USE_all		"[-aehmnqvy] [-r dir] [-f src/dst/old/new] [-o src/dst]"
100 * error messages
101 */
102#define	ERR_open	"ERROR: cannot open %s file %s\n"
103#define	ERR_creat	"ERROR: unable to create %s file %s\n"
104#define	ERR_write	"ERROR: write error in %s file %s\n"
105#define	ERR_fclose	"ERROR: error in flushing and closing %s file %s\n"
106#define	ERR_chdir	"ERROR: unable to chdir to %s\n"
107#define	ERR_rename	"ERROR: unable to rename %s file %s to %s\n"
108#define	ERR_lock	"ERROR: unable to lock %s file %s\n"
109			/*
110			 * first %s argument is "rules" or "baseline"
111			 */
112#define	ERR_badinput	"ERROR: invalid input at line %d, %s in %s\n"
113			/*
114			 * first %s argument is a the name of the offending
115			 * field (e.g. "mode" or "major dev").  The last
116			 * %s argument is the name of the file being
117			 * processed.
118			 */
119#define	ERR_badver	"ERROR: bad version (%d.%d) found in %s file %s\n"
120			/*
121			 * second %s is "rules" or "baseline"
122			 * last %s is file name
123			 */
126#define	ERR_nocwd	"ERROR: unable to get working directory for %s\n"
127#define	ERR_longname	"ERROR: excessively long name %s\n"
128#define	ERR_undef	"ERROR: undefined variable %s\n"
129#define	ERR_deep	"ERROR: directory tree is too deep at directory %s\n"
131#define	ERR_badopt	"ERROR: unrecognized option -%c %s\n"
132			/*
133			 * the %c argument is the offending flag
134			 * (e.g. -f or -o) and the %s is the argument
135			 * that followed it.
136			 */
138#define	ERR_nofsync	"ERROR: unable to find rule and baseline files\n"
139#define	ERR_badbase	"ERROR: invalid BASE directory %s\n"
140#define	ERR_nosrc	"ERROR: no source directory specified\n"
141#define	ERR_nodst	"ERROR: no destination directory specified\n"
142#define	ERR_nonames	"ERROR: no file/directory names specified and no rules file found\n"
143#define	ERR_tomany	"ERROR: only %d -r arguments allowed\n"
144#define	ERR_rdwri	"ERROR: cannot read/write file %s\n"
145#define	ERR_dirwac	"ERROR: cannot create files in directory %s\n"
146#define	ERR_nomem	"ERROR: unable to allocate memory for %s\n"
147			/*
148			 * the %s argument is the name of a data structure
149			 * that could not be allocated.  It is only useful
150			 * for telling the support person over the phone.
151			 */
153#define	ERR_badrun	"ERROR: bad exit code from %s\n"
154			/*
155			 * argument is a command from the rules file
156			 */
158#define	ERR_cannot	"ERROR: %s %s\n"
159			/*
160			 * The first %s argument will be a PROB_ string.
161			 * The second %s argument is the file we were
162			 * trying to do it to.
163			 */
165#define	ERR_abort_h	"ERROR: aborting because of propagation failure\n"
167#define	WARN_ignore	"WARNING: ignoring LIST rule for %s (illegal '.', '..', or '/')\n"
168#define	WARN_noacls	"WARNING: ACLs are not supported for file %s\n"
169#define	WARN_deletes	"WARNING: this operation might delete %d files\n"
170#define	WARN_rmdirs	"WARNING: operation might delete %d non-empty directories\n"
171#define	WARN_ichange	"WARNING: %d listed directories have changed Inode #s\n"
172#define	WARN_proceed	"Press Enter to confirm, or interrupt to abort\n"
173#define	WARN_super	"NOTE: there are ownership and protection conflicts that can only be\n      resolved by the super user\n"
176 * descriptions of problems in unreconcilable files
177 */
178#define	PROB_del_change	"deleted and changed"
179#define	PROB_different	"two different versions"
180#define	PROB_ownership	"different owners"
181#define	PROB_protection	"different protections"
182#define	PROB_prohibited	"blocked by -o switch"
183#define	PROB_aborted	"aborted by -h switch"
185#define	PROB_chown	"unable to chown"
186#define	PROB_chgrp	"unable to chgrp"
187#define	PROB_chmod	"unable to chmod"
188#define	PROB_chacl	"unable to setfacl"
189#define	PROB_link	"unable to link"
190#define	PROB_unlink	"unable to unlink"
191#define	PROB_rmdir	"unable to rmdir"
192#define	PROB_copy	"unable to copy"
193#define	PROB_mknod	"unable to mknod"
194#define	PROB_mkdir	"unable to mkdir"
195#define	PROB_readlink	"unable to read symlink"
196#define	PROB_symlink	"unable to create symlink"
197#define	PROB_restat	"unable to stat/restat"
198#define	PROB_deal	"unable to deal with"
199#define	PROB_copyin	"unable to open changed file"
200#define	PROB_copyout	"unable to create new file"
201#define	PROB_botch	"unable to safely setfacl"
202#define	PROB_rename	"unable to rename"
203#define	PROB_rename2	"unable to rename/create"
204#define	PROB_read	"read error"
205#define	PROB_write	"write error"
206#define	PROB_space	"insufficient space to copy"
210 * text snippets
211 */
212#define	TXT_src		"source"			/* for WARN_change   */
213#define	TXT_dst		"destination"			/* for WARN_change   */
214#define	TXT_srcdst	"missing source/destination"	/* for ERR_bad_input */
215#define	TXT_noargs	"missing arguments"		/* for ERR_bad_input */
216#define	TXT_badver	"invalid version number"	/* for ERR_bad_input */
217#define	TXT_nobase	"LIST without a BASE"		/* for ERR_bad_input */
218#define	TXT_rules	"rules"				/* for ERR_bad_ver   */
219#define	TXT_base	"baseline"			/* for ERR_bad_ver   */
221#ifdef	__cplusplus
225#endif	/* _MESSAGES_H */