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MakefileH A D14-Feb-20213.6 KiB172111

README.licenseH A D14-Feb-2021382 65

README.syncH A D14-Feb-20211.8 KiB4332


THIRDPARTYLICENSE.descripH A D14-Feb-202117 21

acpi.cH A D14-Feb-202129.9 KiB1,012753

acpi.hH A D14-Feb-20212.3 KiB7028

ahci.hH A D14-Feb-202110.7 KiB325254

atkbdc.cH A D14-Feb-202114.1 KiB587463

atkbdc.hH A D14-Feb-20211.6 KiB397

audio.cH A D14-Feb-20216.8 KiB286182

audio.hH A D14-Feb-20212.9 KiB8915

bhyve_sol_glue.cH A D14-Feb-20211.1 KiB4117

bhyvegc.cH A D14-Feb-20212.8 KiB10460

bhyvegc.hH A D14-Feb-20211.8 KiB4914

bhyverun.cH A D14-Feb-202135.8 KiB1,5761,210

bhyverun.hH A D14-Feb-20212.5 KiB6922

block_if.cH A D14-Feb-202122.5 KiB1,077820

block_if.hH A D14-Feb-20213.1 KiB8234

bootrom.cH A D14-Feb-20214.9 KiB182122

bootrom.hH A D14-Feb-20211.8 KiB5116

console.cH A D14-Feb-20213 KiB12175

console.hH A D14-Feb-20212.2 KiB5616

consport.cH A D14-Feb-20213.9 KiB183123

dbgport.cH A D14-Feb-20214.2 KiB181126

dbgport.hH A D14-Feb-20211.5 KiB374

debug.hH A D14-Feb-20211.7 KiB4813

fwctl.cH A D14-Feb-20219.7 KiB553394

fwctl.hH A D14-Feb-20211.9 KiB5717

gdb.cH A D14-Feb-202138.8 KiB1,9351,468

gdb.hH A D14-Feb-20211.7 KiB4311

hda_codec.cH A D14-Feb-202124.6 KiB953720

hda_reg.hH A D14-Feb-202157.8 KiB1,3701,103

hdac_reg.hH A D14-Feb-202111 KiB272179

inout.cH A D14-Feb-20215 KiB214126

inout.hH A D14-Feb-20213 KiB9537

ioapic.cH A D14-Feb-20212.5 KiB8434

ioapic.hH A D14-Feb-20211.6 KiB446

iov.cH A D14-Feb-20213.5 KiB15497

iov.hH A D14-Feb-20211.9 KiB4510

kernemu_dev.cH A D14-Feb-20213 KiB9963

kernemu_dev.hH A D14-Feb-20211.4 KiB332

mem.cH A D14-Feb-20219.1 KiB382249

mem.hH A D14-Feb-20212.3 KiB6829

mevent.cH A D14-Feb-202114.6 KiB727488

mevent.hH A D14-Feb-20211.9 KiB5721

mevent_test.cH A D14-Feb-20215.7 KiB283187

mptbl.cH A D14-Feb-20219.4 KiB381257

mptbl.hH A D14-Feb-20211.5 KiB385

net_backends.cH A D14-Feb-202124.6 KiB1,109737

net_backends.hH A D14-Feb-20214.2 KiB9649

net_utils.cH A D14-Feb-20213 KiB12369

net_utils.hH A D14-Feb-20211.7 KiB418

pci_ahci.cH A D14-Feb-202157.3 KiB2,5562,124

pci_e82545.cH A D14-Feb-202159 KiB2,3961,953

pci_emul.cH A D14-Feb-202150.2 KiB2,1581,577

pci_emul.hH A D14-Feb-20218.2 KiB296212

pci_fbuf.cH A D14-Feb-202110.5 KiB468340

pci_hda.cH A D14-Feb-202130.9 KiB1,332984

pci_hda.hH A D14-Feb-20212.7 KiB9348

pci_hostbridge.cH A D14-Feb-20216.2 KiB237170

pci_irq.cH A D14-Feb-20219.2 KiB355268

pci_irq.hH A D14-Feb-20211.9 KiB4813

pci_lpc.cH A D14-Feb-202111.2 KiB506380

pci_lpc.hH A D14-Feb-20212.4 KiB7736

pci_nvme.cH A D14-Feb-202173.5 KiB2,8352,142

pci_passthru.cH A D14-Feb-202122 KiB942692

pci_uart.cH A D14-Feb-20213.2 KiB12365

pci_virtio_block.cH A D14-Feb-202116.1 KiB576377

pci_virtio_console.cH A D14-Feb-202116.3 KiB706545

pci_virtio_net.cH A D14-Feb-202127.1 KiB1,164774

pci_virtio_rnd.cH A D14-Feb-20215.1 KiB211123

pci_virtio_scsi.cH A D14-Feb-202119.9 KiB741581

pci_virtio_viona.cH A D14-Feb-202118.9 KiB838648

pci_xhci.cH A D14-Feb-202173.7 KiB2,8892,155

pci_xhci.hH A D14-Feb-202113 KiB356302

pctestdev.cH A D14-Feb-20216.3 KiB271191

pctestdev.hH A D14-Feb-20211.6 KiB447

pm.cH A D14-Feb-202110.6 KiB456297

post.cH A D14-Feb-20211.8 KiB5618

ps2kbd.cH A D14-Feb-20219.9 KiB385306

ps2kbd.hH A D14-Feb-20211.7 KiB427

ps2mouse.cH A D14-Feb-20219.2 KiB420331

ps2mouse.hH A D14-Feb-20211.8 KiB449

rfb.cH A D14-Feb-202128.3 KiB1,281977

rfb.hH A D14-Feb-20211.7 KiB438

rtc.cH A D14-Feb-20213.4 KiB13270

rtc.hH A D14-Feb-20211.5 KiB374

smbiostbl.cH A D14-Feb-202126.9 KiB942737

smbiostbl.hH A D14-Feb-20211.6 KiB446

sockstream.cH A D14-Feb-20212.2 KiB8746

sockstream.hH A D14-Feb-20211.5 KiB364

spinup_ap.cH A D14-Feb-20213.8 KiB14064

spinup_ap.hH A D14-Feb-20211.6 KiB418

task_switch.cH A D14-Feb-202129.4 KiB1,098678

uart_emul.cH A D14-Feb-202120.1 KiB971687

uart_emul.hH A D14-Feb-20211.9 KiB4812

usb_emul.cH A D14-Feb-20212.3 KiB7940

usb_emul.hH A D14-Feb-20214.6 KiB16594

usb_mouse.cH A D14-Feb-202119.3 KiB811647

vga.cH A D14-Feb-202133.9 KiB1,3581,136

vga.hH A D14-Feb-20215.3 KiB163112

virtio.cH A D14-Feb-202121.8 KiB809500

virtio.hH A D14-Feb-202118.5 KiB510207

vmgenc.cH A D14-Feb-20213.3 KiB12073

vmgenc.hH A D14-Feb-20211.5 KiB323

xmsr.cH A D14-Feb-20215.6 KiB256159

xmsr.hH A D14-Feb-20211.6 KiB396


1Having been ported from FreeBSD, bhyve bears the BSD license.  Subsequent
2changes made to bhyve in illumos are dual-licensed under both the BSD license
3and the CDDL.  Use or redistribution of those subsequent changes may be done
4under either license. The CDDL license header added to bhyve source files is
5meant to cover only those dual-licensed modifications, not the entire file.


1Git commit hashes in this file refer to the official FreeBSD distributed
2public Git repository at
4The bhyve kernel module and its associated userland consumers have been updated
5to the latest upstream FreeBSD sources as of:
7commit 2bb4be0f86501ec0565dba3d37ce0f7d7fc9c464
8Author: grehan <>
9Date:   Fri Dec 18 00:38:48 2020 +0000
11    Fix issues with various VNC clients.
13    PR: 250795
14    Submitted by:   Marko Kiiskila <>
15    Reviewed by:    jhb (bhyve)
16    MFC after:      3 weeks
17    Relnotes:       yes
18    Differential Revision:
20Divergence Notes:
22A previous sync skipped commit 0ff7076bdbc6dae5ea44c0acdb567e1cede199d1 which
23introduced a generic backend functionality to network devices.  Without that in
24place, subsequent updates reflect the absence of that subsystem.  Integrating
25net backends has not been a priority, given the common use of viona on illumos.
27The draft Save/Restore functionality, added in FreeBSD commit
28483d953a86a2507355f8287c5107dc827a0ff516, has not been synced into illumos bhyve
29yet.  It is not built by default in FreeBSD, so we're not interested in taking
30it until it successfully endures more in-depth testing.
32The VirtFS filesystem sharing feature, added in FreeBSD commit
33100353cfbf882e23c911300ebd0cb458bd3ee975, has not been synced into illumos bhyve
34yet.  It depends on the userland lib9p which needs a fair amount of work to
35build and run on illumos. The integration of this feature is being tracked in
38The stub usr/src/compat/bhyve/stdatomic.h file only includes enough glue
39to satisfy the use of <stdatomic.h> in usr/src/cmd/bhyve/rfb.c, and in
40particular assumes that atomic variables are sized as an int. If other bhyve
41pieces start using stdatomic.h, this will need enhancing.