2# Error messages for the hx509 library
4# This might look like a com_err file, but is not
6id "$Id$"
8error_table hx
9prefix HX509
11# path validateion and construction related errors
12error_code BAD_TIMEFORMAT,	"ASN.1 failed call to system time library"
13error_code EXTENSION_NOT_FOUND,	"Extension not found"
14error_code NO_PATH,		"Certification path not found"
15error_code PARENT_NOT_CA,	"Parent certificate is not a CA"
16error_code CA_PATH_TOO_DEEP,	"CA path too deep"
17error_code SIG_ALG_NO_SUPPORTED, "Signature algorithm not supported"
18error_code SIG_ALG_DONT_MATCH_KEY_ALG, "Signature algorithm doesn't match certificate key"
19error_code CERT_USED_BEFORE_TIME, "Certificate used before it became valid"
20error_code CERT_USED_AFTER_TIME, "Certificate used after it became invalid"
21error_code PRIVATE_KEY_MISSING,	"Private key required for the operation is missing"
22error_code ALG_NOT_SUPP, 	"Algorithm not supported"
23error_code ISSUER_NOT_FOUND, 	"Issuer couldn't be found"
24error_code VERIFY_CONSTRAINTS,	"Error verifing constraints"
25error_code RANGE,		"Number too large"
26error_code NAME_CONSTRAINT_ERROR, "Error while verifing name constraints"
27error_code PATH_TOO_LONG, "Path is too long, failed to find valid anchor"
28error_code KU_CERT_MISSING, "Required keyusage for this certificate is missing"
29error_code CERT_NOT_FOUND, "Certificate not found"
30error_code UNKNOWN_LOCK_COMMAND, "Unknown lock command"
31error_code PARENT_IS_CA, "Parent certificate is a CA"
32error_code EXTRA_DATA_AFTER_STRUCTURE, "Extra data was found after the structure"
33error_code PROXY_CERT_INVALID, "Proxy certificate is invalid"
34error_code PROXY_CERT_NAME_WRONG, "Proxy certificate name is wrong"
35error_code NAME_MALFORMED, "Name is malformated"
36error_code CERTIFICATE_MALFORMED, "Certificate is malformated"
37error_code CERTIFICATE_MISSING_EKU, "Certificate is missing a required EKU"
38error_code PROXY_CERTIFICATE_NOT_CANONICALIZED, "Proxy certificate not canonicalize" 
40# cms related errors
41index 32
42prefix HX509_CMS
43error_code FAILED_CREATE_SIGATURE, "Failed to create signature"
44error_code MISSING_SIGNER_DATA, "Missing signer data"
45error_code SIGNER_NOT_FOUND, "Couldn't find signers certificate"
46error_code NO_DATA_AVAILABLE, "No data to perform the operation on"
47error_code INVALID_DATA, "Data in the message is invalid"
48error_code PADDING_ERROR, "Padding in the message invalid"
49error_code NO_RECIPIENT_CERTIFICATE, "Couldn't find recipient certificate"
50error_code DATA_OID_MISMATCH, "Mismatch bewteen signed type and unsigned type"
52# crypto related errors
53index 64
54prefix HX509_CRYPTO
55error_code INTERNAL_ERROR, "Internal error in the crypto engine"
56error_code EXTERNAL_ERROR, "External error in the crypto engine"
57error_code SIGNATURE_MISSING, "Signature missing for data"
58error_code BAD_SIGNATURE, "Signature is not valid"
59error_code SIG_NO_CONF, "Sigature doesn't provide confidentiality"
60error_code SIG_INVALID_FORMAT, "Invalid format on signature"
61error_code OID_MISMATCH, "Mismatch bewteen oids"
62error_code NO_PROMPTER, "No prompter function defined"
63error_code SIGNATURE_WITHOUT_SIGNER, "Signature require signer, but non available"
64error_code RSA_PUBLIC_ENCRYPT, "RSA public encyption failed"
65error_code RSA_PRIVATE_ENCRYPT, "RSA private encyption failed"
66error_code RSA_PUBLIC_DECRYPT, "RSA public decryption failed"
67error_code RSA_PRIVATE_DECRYPT, "RSA private decryption failed"
68error_code ALGORITHM_BEST_BEFORE, "Algorithm has passed its best before date"
69error_code KEY_FORMAT_UNSUPPORTED, "Key format is unsupported"
71# revoke related errors
72index 96
73prefix HX509
74error_code CRL_USED_BEFORE_TIME, "CRL used before it became valid"
75error_code CRL_USED_AFTER_TIME, "CRL used after it became invalid"
76error_code CRL_INVALID_FORMAT, "CRL have invalid format"
77error_code CERT_REVOKED, "Certificate is revoked"
78error_code REVOKE_STATUS_MISSING, "No revoke status found for certificates"
79error_code CRL_UNKNOWN_EXTENSION, "Unknown extension"
80error_code REVOKE_WRONG_DATA, "Got wrong CRL/OCSP data from server"
81error_code REVOKE_NOT_SAME_PARENT, "Doesn't have same parent as other certificates"
82error_code CERT_NOT_IN_OCSP, "Certificates not in OCSP reply"
84# misc error
85index 108
86error_code LOCAL_ATTRIBUTE_MISSING, "No local key attribute"
87error_code PARSING_KEY_FAILED, "Failed to parse key"
88error_code UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION, "Unsupported operation"
89error_code UNIMPLEMENTED_OPERATION, "Unimplemented operation"
90error_code PARSING_NAME_FAILED, "Failed to parse name"
92# keystore related error
93index 128
94prefix HX509_PKCS11
95error_code NO_SLOT,  "No smartcard reader/device found"
96error_code NO_TOKEN,  "No smartcard in reader"
97error_code NO_MECH,  "No supported mech(s)"
98error_code TOKEN_CONFUSED,  "Token or slot failed in inconsistent way"
99error_code OPEN_SESSION,  "Failed to open session to slot"
100error_code LOGIN,  "Failed to login to slot"
101error_code LOAD,  "Failed to load PKCS module"