acinclude.m406-Nov-20122.3 KiB

aclocal.m406-Nov-201231.7 KiB

aout-arm.c06-Nov-201216.9 KiB

aout-sparcle.c06-Nov-20121.3 KiB

aout-target.h06-Nov-201219.7 KiB

aout0.c06-Nov-20121.3 KiB


aout64.c06-Nov-20121 KiB

aoutf1.h06-Nov-201225.5 KiB

aoutx.h06-Nov-2012160 KiB

archive.c06-Nov-201260.4 KiB

archive64.c06-Nov-20127.1 KiB

archures.c06-Nov-201233.7 KiB

armnetbsd.c06-Nov-20121.4 KiB

bfd-in.h06-Nov-201234 KiB

bfd-in2.h12-Dec-2014177.1 KiB

bfd.c06-Nov-201244 KiB

bfdio.c06-Nov-201211 KiB

bfdwin.c06-Nov-20126.4 KiB

binary.c06-Nov-201211.4 KiB

bout.c06-Nov-201242 KiB

cache.c06-Nov-201213.6 KiB

ChangeLog12-Dec-201468.7 KiB

ChangeLog-000106-Nov-2012342.2 KiB

ChangeLog-020306-Nov-2012432.2 KiB

ChangeLog-200606-Nov-2012135.2 KiB

ChangeLog-919306-Nov-2012297.8 KiB

ChangeLog-949506-Nov-2012401.7 KiB

ChangeLog-969706-Nov-2012252.2 KiB

ChangeLog-989906-Nov-2012201.7 KiB

coff-alpha.c06-Nov-201271.3 KiB

coff-arm.c06-Nov-201269.2 KiB

coff-aux.c06-Nov-20124 KiB

coff-i386.c06-Nov-201220.5 KiB

coff-ia64.c06-Nov-20126 KiB

coff-mips.c06-Nov-201246.5 KiB

coff-ppc.c06-Nov-201279.7 KiB

coff-rs6000.c06-Nov-2012124.9 KiB

coff-sparc.c06-Nov-20128.8 KiB

coff-x86_64.c06-Nov-201223.9 KiB

coff64-rs6000.c06-Nov-201284.9 KiB

coffcode.h06-Nov-2012154.9 KiB

coffgen.c06-Nov-201264.1 KiB

cofflink.c06-Nov-201286 KiB

coffswap.h06-Nov-201225.7 KiB

config.bfd17-Jun-201743.5 KiB

config.in06-Nov-20127.6 KiB

configure06-Nov-2012655.1 KiB

configure.host06-Nov-20122.6 KiB

configure.in06-Nov-201239.4 KiB

corefile.c06-Nov-20124.2 KiB

cpu-alpha.c06-Nov-20121.7 KiB

cpu-arc.c06-Nov-20122.1 KiB

cpu-arm.c06-Nov-201213.1 KiB

cpu-cr16.c06-Nov-20121.5 KiB

cpu-i386.c06-Nov-20122.4 KiB

cpu-ia64-opc.c06-Nov-201219.2 KiB

cpu-ia64.c06-Nov-20121.7 KiB

cpu-mep.c06-Nov-20121.2 KiB

cpu-mips.c06-Nov-20124.7 KiB

cpu-powerpc.c06-Nov-20127.3 KiB

cpu-rs6000.c06-Nov-20122.9 KiB

cpu-s390.c06-Nov-20121.7 KiB

cpu-score.c06-Nov-20121.9 KiB

cpu-sparc.c06-Nov-20123.7 KiB

cpu-spu.c06-Nov-20121.7 KiB

demo64.c06-Nov-20121.2 KiB



dwarf1.c06-Nov-201214.3 KiB

dwarf2.c26-Feb-201569.9 KiB

ecoff.c22-Aug-2017129.8 KiB

ecofflink.c06-Nov-201277.5 KiB

ecoffswap.h06-Nov-201226.9 KiB

efi-app-ia32.c06-Nov-20121.3 KiB

efi-app-ia64.c06-Nov-20121.3 KiB

efi-app-x86_64.c06-Nov-20121.2 KiB

elf-attrs.c06-Nov-201215.4 KiB

elf-bfd.h21-Apr-201578.5 KiB

elf-eh-frame.c12-Oct-201745.3 KiB

elf-strtab.c06-Nov-20129.2 KiB

elf-vxworks.c06-Nov-20127.2 KiB

elf-vxworks.h06-Nov-20121.5 KiB

elf.c18-Dec-2016256.2 KiB

elf32-arc.c06-Nov-20127.3 KiB

elf32-arm.c22-Feb-2016310.5 KiB

elf32-avr.h06-Nov-20121.4 KiB

elf32-cr16.c06-Nov-201254.1 KiB

elf32-gen.c06-Nov-20123.2 KiB

elf32-i386-fbsd.c06-Nov-20122 KiB

elf32-i386.c06-Nov-2012115.2 KiB

elf32-mep.c06-Nov-201227.4 KiB

elf32-mips.c06-Nov-201257.5 KiB

elf32-ppc.c30-Dec-2014224.6 KiB

elf32-ppc.h06-Nov-20121.2 KiB

elf32-s390.c06-Nov-2012108.2 KiB

elf32-score.c30-Oct-2013125.2 KiB

elf32-sh-relocs.h06-Nov-201251.8 KiB

elf32-sparc.c06-Nov-20129.1 KiB

elf32-spu.c06-Nov-201283.4 KiB

elf32-spu.h06-Nov-20121.9 KiB


elf64-alpha-fbsd.c06-Nov-20122 KiB

elf64-alpha.c06-Nov-2012153.6 KiB

elf64-gen.c06-Nov-20123.2 KiB

elf64-mips.c06-Nov-201298.3 KiB

elf64-ppc.c12-Dec-2014338.6 KiB

elf64-ppc.h06-Nov-20121.8 KiB

elf64-s390.c06-Nov-2012105.6 KiB

elf64-sparc.c06-Nov-201225.5 KiB

elf64-x86-64.c06-Nov-2012110.8 KiB


elfcode.h06-Nov-201256.2 KiB

elfcore.h06-Nov-20127.9 KiB

elflink.c10-Jan-2018333.4 KiB

elfn32-mips.c06-Nov-201277.6 KiB

elfxx-ia64.c06-Nov-2012168.1 KiB

elfxx-mips.c25-Oct-2019339.5 KiB

elfxx-mips.h06-Nov-20127 KiB

elfxx-sparc.c06-Nov-2012125.1 KiB

elfxx-sparc.h06-Nov-20124.8 KiB

elfxx-target.h06-Nov-201228.3 KiB

format.c06-Nov-201211.7 KiB

freebsd.h06-Nov-20124.3 KiB

gen-aout.c06-Nov-20123.1 KiB

genlink.h06-Nov-20124 KiB

hash.c06-Nov-201223.7 KiB

host-aout.c06-Nov-20122.5 KiB


i386aout.c06-Nov-20122.8 KiB

i386bsd.c06-Nov-20121.7 KiB

i386freebsd.c06-Nov-20121.4 KiB

i386linux.c06-Nov-201222.5 KiB

i386netbsd.c06-Nov-20121.4 KiB

ieee.c06-Nov-201289 KiB

ihex.c23-Nov-201724.4 KiB

init.c06-Nov-20121.4 KiB

libaout.h06-Nov-201223.4 KiB

libbfd-in.h06-Nov-201226.3 KiB

libbfd.c06-Nov-201223.9 KiB

libbfd.h12-Dec-201463.1 KiB

libcoff-in.h06-Nov-201219.2 KiB

libcoff.h06-Nov-201230.7 KiB

libecoff.h06-Nov-201212.6 KiB

libieee.h06-Nov-20123.4 KiB

libpei.h06-Nov-201213.8 KiB

libxcoff.h06-Nov-20129.1 KiB

linker.c06-Nov-201295.1 KiB


Makefile.am06-Nov-201277.9 KiB

Makefile.in06-Nov-201295.6 KiB

mep-relocs.pl06-Nov-20127.2 KiB

merge.c06-Nov-201221.6 KiB

mipsbsd.c06-Nov-201214.8 KiB

netbsd-core.c06-Nov-20128.5 KiB

netbsd.h06-Nov-20123.8 KiB

opncls.c06-Nov-201236.4 KiB

osf-core.c06-Nov-20126.4 KiB

pe-arm-wince.c06-Nov-20121.4 KiB

pe-arm.c06-Nov-20122.5 KiB

pe-i386.c06-Nov-20122.4 KiB

pe-mips.c06-Nov-201226.1 KiB

pe-ppc.c06-Nov-20121.3 KiB

pe-x86_64.c06-Nov-20122.2 KiB

pei-arm-wince.c06-Nov-20121.2 KiB

pei-mips.c06-Nov-20121.1 KiB

pei-x86_64.c06-Nov-20122.2 KiB

peicode.h29-Jan-202039.5 KiB

peXXigen.c23-Nov-201767.9 KiB


PORTING06-Nov-20122.7 KiB

ppcboot.c07-Aug-201616.5 KiB

ptrace-core.c06-Nov-20126.9 KiB

README06-Nov-20122 KiB

reloc.c12-Dec-2014124.2 KiB

reloc16.c06-Nov-20129.6 KiB

rs6000-core.c06-Nov-201219 KiB

sco5-core.c06-Nov-201211.8 KiB

section.c12-Dec-201445 KiB

simple.c06-Nov-20127.9 KiB

sparclinux.c06-Nov-201222.6 KiB

sparcnetbsd.c06-Nov-20121.5 KiB

srec.c06-Nov-201230.8 KiB

stab-syms.c06-Nov-20122 KiB

stabs.c06-Nov-201221.7 KiB


sunos.c06-Nov-201286 KiB

syms.c06-Nov-201237.4 KiB

sysdep.h06-Nov-20124.4 KiB

targets.c06-Nov-201247.4 KiB


tekhex.c06-Nov-201224.7 KiB


trad-core.c06-Nov-20129.7 KiB


xcoff-target.h06-Nov-20127.8 KiB

xcofflink.c06-Nov-2012168.8 KiB


1BFD is an object file library.  It permits applications to use the
2same routines to process object files regardless of their format.
4BFD is used by the GNU debugger, assembler, linker, and the binary
7The documentation on using BFD is scanty and may be occasionally
8incorrect.  Pointers to documentation problems, or an entirely
9rewritten manual, would be appreciated.
11There is some BFD internals documentation in doc/bfdint.texi which may
12help programmers who want to modify BFD.
14BFD is normally built as part of another package.  See the build
15instructions for that package, probably in a README file in the
16appropriate directory.
18BFD supports the following configure options:
20  --target=TARGET
21	The default target for which to build the library.  TARGET is
22	a configuration target triplet, such as sparc-sun-solaris.
23  --enable-targets=TARGET,TARGET,TARGET...
24	Additional targets the library should support.  To include
25	support for all known targets, use --enable-targets=all.
26  --enable-64-bit-bfd
27	Include support for 64 bit targets.  This is automatically
28	turned on if you explicitly request a 64 bit target, but not
29	for --enable-targets=all.  This requires a compiler with a 64
30	bit integer type, such as gcc.
31  --enable-shared
32	Build BFD as a shared library.
33  --with-mmap
34	Use mmap when accessing files.  This is faster on some hosts,
35	but slower on others.  It may not work on all hosts.
37Report bugs with BFD to
39Patches are encouraged.  When sending patches, always send the output
40of diff -u or diff -c from the original file to the new file.  Do not
41send default diff output.  Do not make the diff from the new file to
42the original file.  Remember that any patch must not break other
43systems.  Remember that BFD must support cross compilation from any
44host to any target, so patches which use ``#ifdef HOST'' are not
45acceptable.  Please also read the ``Reporting Bugs'' section of the
46gcc manual.
48Bug reports without patches will be remembered, but they may never get
49fixed until somebody volunteers to fix them.