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H A Davl.9f46 For more information on any of the funtions defined here, please see the
H A Dhci1394_detach.c29 * HBA detach() routine with associated funtions.
H A Dhci1394_attach.c28 * HBA attach() routine with associated funtions.
H A Dfunctions.sh1094 [[ $x == $'TRAP A\nTRAP B' ]] || err_exit "trap from funtions in subshells fails got" $x
H A Dsol_uverbs_event.c30 * OFED User Verbs Kernel Async Event funtions
H A Dlibbe_py.c74 /* Public Funtions */
H A Dreadbuf.c848 * header, args and results need to be XDR_FREEd. The xdr funtions will

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