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H A Dmodctl.c2379 case MODUNLOAD: /* unload a module */
2537 case MODUNLOADDRVCONF: /* unload driver.conf file for major */
2705 * a module unload attempt can occur at any time - it is up to the
2706 * _fini/mod_remove implementation to determine if unload will succeed.
2822 * Try to uninstall and unload a module, removing a reference if caller
2826 modunrload(modid_t id, struct modctl **rmodp, int unload) argument
2846 if (unload) {
2861 * Uninstall and unload a module.
3023 * unload the module.
3526 * to this module. Then you can't unload thi
H A Dmodule.c200 unload(void) function
213 COMMAND_SET(unload, "unload", "unload all modules", command_unload);
218 unload();
H A Dmetaslab.c301 * improves load and unload times at the cost of causing us to use slightly
2097 * this class that was used longest ago, and attempt to unload it. We don't
2152 * We can't unload metaslabs with no spacemap because
2154 * unload metaslabs with outstanding allocations
2158 * loading. We also don't unload metaslabs that are
2488 * map (as it is now not loaded). We want unload metaslabs to always
4293 * from it in 'metaslab_unload_delay' txgs, then unload it.
5971 metaslab_enable(metaslab_t *msp, boolean_t sync, boolean_t unload) argument
5989 if (unload)
H A Ddsl_crypt.c52 * "zfs unload-key"). Unloading is only possible when no datasets are using
269 dsl_crypto_params_free(dsl_crypto_params_t *dcp, boolean_t unload) argument
276 if (unload && dcp->cp_wkey != NULL)
928 /* unload the wkey */
H A DHBAList.cc64 HBA_STATUS HBAList::unload() { function in class:HBAList
65 Trace log("HBAList::unload");

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