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H A Dspa.c929 spa_get_errlists(spa_t *spa, avl_tree_t *last, avl_tree_t *scrub) argument
934 bcopy(&spa->spa_errlist_scrub, scrub, sizeof (avl_tree_t));
2108 * Maximum number of concurrent scrub i/os to create while verifying
6437 * happen as we never empty the DTLs of a vdev during the scrub
H A Dspa_errlog.c32 * scrub completes, the current log becomes the last log, the last log is thrown
34 * corrected, a new scrub will show that that it no longer exists, and will be
35 * deleted from the log when the scrub completes.
261 * Called when a scrub completes. This simply set a bit which tells which AVL
345 avl_tree_t scrub, last; local
360 spa_get_errlists(spa, &last, &scrub);
384 sync_error_list(spa, &scrub, &spa->spa_errlog_last, tx);
388 * Sync out any pending scrub errors.
390 sync_error_list(spa, &scrub, &spa->spa_errlog_scrub, tx);
H A Dklpd.c845 boolean_t *scrub)
957 *scrub = prp->pfr_scrubenv;
844 pfexec_call(const cred_t *cr, struct pathname *rpnp, cred_t **pfcr, boolean_t *scrub) argument
H A Dpcisch.c2933 * scrub = 1 : cleanup all error bits in tlb, called in FAULT_RESET case
2934 * scrub = 0 : log all error conditions to console, FAULT_LOG case
2938 iommu_tlb_scrub(iommu_t *iommu_p, int scrub) argument
2964 if (scrub)
2969 if (scrub)

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