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H A Dg_raid.h298 TAILQ_HEAD(, g_raid_disk) sc_disks; /* List of disks. */ member in struct:g_raid_softc
H A Dg_concat.h72 struct g_concat_disk *sc_disks; member in struct:g_concat_softc
H A Dg_mirror.h195 LIST_HEAD(, g_mirror_disk) sc_disks; member in struct:g_mirror_softc
H A Dg_raid3.h204 struct g_raid3_disk *sc_disks; member in struct:g_raid3_softc
H A Dg_shsec.h59 struct g_consumer **sc_disks; member in struct:g_shsec_softc
H A Dg_stripe.h62 struct g_consumer **sc_disks; member in struct:g_stripe_softc

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