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H A DPzone.c48 char *pn_path; member in struct:path_node
133 if ((pn->pn_path = strdup(path)) == NULL) {
149 free(pn->pn_path);
177 (void) strlcpy(path, pn->pn_path, PATH_MAX);
671 if (strcmp(zpath, pn->pn_path) != 0)
H A Dsmb_ktypes.h1500 char *pn_path; member in struct:smb_pathname
H A Dpathname.h56 * do so by changing pn_path and pn_pathlen. pn_pathlen is redundant
62 char *pn_path; /* remaining pathname */ member in struct:pathname
H A Dst_pathname.h45 char *pn_path; /* remaining pathname */ member in struct:st_pathname
55 *((PNP)->pn_path) : (char)0)
57 #define stpn_getpath(PNP) ((PNP)->pn_path)
H A Dtlm_traverse.c223 char *pn_path, long *dpos, longlong_t *cookie,
253 (void) snprintf(file_path, PATH_MAX, "%s/", pn_path);
222 fs_getdents(int fildes, struct dirent *buf, size_t *nbyte, char *pn_path, long *dpos, longlong_t *cookie, long *n_entries, dent_arg_t *darg) argument

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