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H A Dchip_intel.c564 uint32_t cols, rows, width, ranks, banks, i; in mc_dimm_create_v1() local
701 &ranks) == 0) { in mc_dimm_create_v1()
703 TOPO_PROP_IMMUTABLE, ranks, &err); in mc_dimm_create_v1()
713 if (topo_node_range_create(mod, dimm, RANK, 0, ranks - 1) < 0) { in mc_dimm_create_v1()
724 for (i = 0; i < ranks; i++) { in mc_dimm_create_v1()
H A Dimc_dump.c126 nvlist_t *ranks[IMC_MAX_RANK_WAYS]; in imc_dump_channel() local
184 ranks[i] = r; in imc_dump_channel()
186 fnvlist_add_nvlist_array(nvl, "ich_rankileaves", ranks, i); in imc_dump_channel()
188 nvlist_free(ranks[i]); in imc_dump_channel()
H A Damd64.esc61 * all dimms, ranks and cpus on the same chip (since chip appears in the
185 * limit bounds the maximum real response to page faults across all ranks
335 * chip-select and associated dimms and ranks, and produces an ereport for each
H A DAMD.po323 msgstr "The system BIOS has failed one or more ranks of this DIMM during test.\n Refer to %s for m…