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H A Dproto.c269 struct ppmacstk struct
271 struct ppmacstk* next; argument
272 struct ppmacstk* prev; argument
389 …ion; long ro_op[2]; int on; char* symtab; } reset; int truncate; struct ppmacstk* macp; char* maxm…
H A Dppcall.c56 struct ppmacstk* mp; in ppcall()
H A Dppinput.c285 struct ppmacstk* nextmacp; in ppexpand()
H A Dpplib.h188 struct ppmacstk /* macro invocation stack frame */ struct
190 struct ppmacstk* next; /* next frame (for allocation) */ argument
191 struct ppmacstk* prev; /* previous frame */ argument
321 struct ppmacstk* macp; /* top of macro actual stack */ \
439 #define nextframe(m,p) (m->next=m+(p-(char*)m+sizeof(struct ppmacstk)-1)/sizeof(struct ppmacstk)+1)
H A Dppop.c722 pp.macp = newof(0, struct ppmacstk, DEFMACSTACK, 0); in ppop()