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H A Drelease.txt3183 hiding the non-last functions on the engine.
H A Dgrub.texi1028 hiding/unhiding technique.
H A Dgrub.info-1933 the partition hiding/unhiding technique.
H A Dgrub.info933 the partition hiding/unhiding technique.
H A DAUTHORS53 Jason Thomas added Linux DAC960 support and support for hiding/unhiding
H A Dpplib.h304 int hiding; /* number of symbols in hiding */ \
H A Dppcontrol.c940 else if (pp.hiding && (var.symbol = ppsymref(pp.symtab, pp.token)) && var.symbol->hidden) in ppcontrol()
1761 pp.hiding++; in ppcontrol()
1783 pp.hiding--; in ppcontrol()
H A Dproto.c389 …t; char* include; char* prefix; struct ppmember* member; int hidden; int hiding; int level; struct… member
H A Dsoftcore.fr238 set-current \ stop hiding words