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H A Dchanges.txt10312 Modified the new OSL cache interfaces to use ACPI_CACHE_T as the type for
10316 implementation. For example, ACPI_CACHE_T is defined as kmem_cache_t for
H A Dacglobal.h249 ACPI_GLOBAL (ACPI_CACHE_T *, AcpiGbl_NamespaceCache);
250 ACPI_GLOBAL (ACPI_CACHE_T *, AcpiGbl_StateCache);
251 ACPI_GLOBAL (ACPI_CACHE_T *, AcpiGbl_PsNodeCache);
252 ACPI_GLOBAL (ACPI_CACHE_T *, AcpiGbl_PsNodeExtCache);
253 ACPI_GLOBAL (ACPI_CACHE_T *, AcpiGbl_OperandCache);
513 ACPI_GLOBAL (ACPI_CACHE_T *, AcpiGbl_RegCommentCache);
514 ACPI_GLOBAL (ACPI_CACHE_T *, AcpiGbl_CommentAddrCache);
515 ACPI_GLOBAL (ACPI_CACHE_T *, AcpiGbl_FileCache);
H A Dacpiosxf.h389 ACPI_CACHE_T **ReturnCache);
395 ACPI_CACHE_T *Cache);
401 ACPI_CACHE_T *Cache);
407 ACPI_CACHE_T *Cache);
413 ACPI_CACHE_T *Cache,
H A Dactypes.h365 #ifndef ACPI_CACHE_T
369 #define ACPI_CACHE_T void * macro
H A Dacdragonfly.h224 #define ACPI_CACHE_T struct acpicache macro
H A Dacdragonflyex.h160 ACPI_CACHE_T *Cache,
H A Daclinux.h246 #define ACPI_CACHE_T struct kmem_cache macro
H A Daclinuxex.h217 ACPI_CACHE_T *Cache) in AcpiOsAcquireObject()