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H A Dzil.c115 static void zil_async_to_sync(zilog_t *zilog, uint64_t foid);
134 zil_bp_tree_init(zilog_t *zilog) argument
136 avl_create(&zilog->zl_bp_tree, zil_bp_compare,
141 zil_bp_tree_fini(zilog_t *zilog) argument
143 avl_tree_t *t = &zilog->zl_bp_tree;
154 zil_bp_tree_add(zilog_t *zilog, const blkptr_t *bp) argument
156 avl_tree_t *t = &zilog->zl_bp_tree;
177 zil_header_in_syncing_context(zilog_t *zilog) argument
179 return ((zil_header_t *)zilog->zl_header);
183 zil_init_log_chain(zilog_t *zilog, blkptr_ argument
197 zil_read_log_block(zilog_t *zilog, boolean_t decrypt, const blkptr_t *bp, blkptr_t *nbp, void *dst, char **end) argument
276 zil_read_log_data(zilog_t *zilog, const lr_write_t *lr, void *wbuf) argument
321 zil_parse(zilog_t *zilog, zil_parse_blk_func_t *parse_blk_func, zil_parse_lr_func_t *parse_lr_func, void *arg, uint64_t txg, boolean_t decrypt) argument
412 zil_clear_log_block(zilog_t *zilog, blkptr_t *bp, void *tx, uint64_t first_txg) argument
434 zil_noop_log_record(zilog_t *zilog, lr_t *lrc, void *tx, uint64_t first_txg) argument
440 zil_claim_log_block(zilog_t *zilog, blkptr_t *bp, void *tx, uint64_t first_txg) argument
456 zil_claim_log_record(zilog_t *zilog, lr_t *lrc, void *tx, uint64_t first_txg) argument
483 zil_free_log_block(zilog_t *zilog, blkptr_t *bp, void *tx, uint64_t claim_txg) argument
491 zil_free_log_record(zilog_t *zilog, lr_t *lrc, void *tx, uint64_t claim_txg) argument
517 zil_alloc_lwb(zilog_t *zilog, blkptr_t *bp, boolean_t slog, uint64_t txg) argument
552 zil_free_lwb(zilog_t *zilog, lwb_t *lwb) argument
579 zilog_dirty(zilog_t *zilog, uint64_t txg) argument
605 zilog_is_dirty_in_txg(zilog_t *zilog, uint64_t txg) argument
619 zilog_is_dirty(zilog_t *zilog) argument
634 zil_create(zilog_t *zilog) argument
708 zil_destroy(zilog_t *zilog, boolean_t keep_first) argument
755 zil_destroy_sync(zilog_t *zilog, dmu_tx_t *tx) argument
766 zilog_t *zilog; local
875 zilog_t *zilog; local
1085 zilog_t *zilog = lwb->lwb_zilog; local
1170 zilog_t *zilog = lwb->lwb_zilog; local
1241 zil_lwb_set_zio_dependency(zilog_t *zilog, lwb_t *lwb) argument
1315 zil_lwb_write_open(zilog_t *zilog, lwb_t *lwb) argument
1380 zil_lwb_write_issue(zilog_t *zilog, lwb_t *lwb) argument
1512 zil_lwb_commit(zilog_t *zilog, itx_t *itx, lwb_t *lwb) argument
1753 zil_remove_async(zilog_t *zilog, uint64_t oid) argument
1798 zil_itx_assign(zilog_t *zilog, itx_t *itx, dmu_tx_t *tx) argument
1882 zil_clean(zilog_t *zilog, uint64_t synced_txg) argument
1919 zil_get_commit_list(zilog_t *zilog) argument
1965 zil_async_to_sync(zilog_t *zilog, uint64_t foid) argument
2027 zil_prune_commit_list(zilog_t *zilog) argument
2065 zil_commit_writer_stall(zilog_t *zilog) argument
2099 zil_process_commit_list(zilog_t *zilog) argument
2294 zil_commit_writer(zilog_t *zilog, zil_commit_waiter_t *zcw) argument
2330 zil_commit_waiter_timeout(zilog_t *zilog, zil_commit_waiter_t *zcw) argument
2480 zil_commit_waiter(zilog_t *zilog, zil_commit_waiter_t *zcw) argument
2613 zil_commit_itx_assign(zilog_t *zilog, zil_commit_waiter_t *zcw) argument
2743 zil_commit(zilog_t *zilog, uint64_t foid) argument
2794 zil_commit_impl(zilog_t *zilog, uint64_t foid) argument
2849 zil_sync(zilog_t *zilog, dmu_tx_t *tx) argument
2957 zil_set_sync(zilog_t *zilog, uint64_t sync) argument
2963 zil_set_logbias(zilog_t *zilog, uint64_t logbias) argument
2971 zilog_t *zilog; local
3006 zil_free(zilog_t *zilog) argument
3046 zilog_t *zilog = dmu_objset_zil(os); local
3061 zil_close(zilog_t *zilog) argument
3140 zilog_t *zilog; local
3263 zilog_t *zilog = dmu_objset_zil(os); local
3281 zil_replay_error(zilog_t *zilog, lr_t *lr, int error) argument
3299 zil_replay_log_record(zilog_t *zilog, lr_t *lr, void *zra, uint64_t claim_txg) argument
3382 zil_incr_blks(zilog_t *zilog, blkptr_t *bp, void *arg, uint64_t claim_txg) argument
3395 zilog_t *zilog = dmu_objset_zil(os); local
3427 zil_replaying(zilog_t *zilog, dmu_tx_t *tx) argument
H A Dzfs_log.c53 * of 2 contexts depending on zilog->z_replay:
61 * a sequence number and inserted in the in-memory list anchored in the zilog.
247 zfs_log_create(zilog_t *zilog, dmu_tx_t *tx, uint64_t txtype, argument
263 if (zil_replaying(zilog, tx))
354 zil_itx_assign(zilog, itx, tx);
357 void zil_remove_async(zilog_t *zilog, uint64_t oid);
363 zfs_log_remove(zilog_t *zilog, dmu_tx_t *tx, uint64_t txtype, argument
370 if (zil_replaying(zilog, tx))
389 zil_remove_async(zilog, foid);
391 zil_itx_assign(zilog, it
398 zfs_log_link(zilog_t *zilog, dmu_tx_t *tx, uint64_t txtype, znode_t *dzp, znode_t *zp, char *name) argument
421 zfs_log_symlink(zilog_t *zilog, dmu_tx_t *tx, uint64_t txtype, znode_t *dzp, znode_t *zp, char *name, char *link) argument
453 zfs_log_rename(zilog_t *zilog, dmu_tx_t *tx, uint64_t txtype, znode_t *sdzp, char *sname, znode_t *tdzp, char *dname, znode_t *szp) argument
481 zfs_log_write(zilog_t *zilog, dmu_tx_t *tx, int txtype, znode_t *zp, offset_t off, ssize_t resid, int ioflag) argument
551 zfs_log_truncate(zilog_t *zilog, dmu_tx_t *tx, int txtype, znode_t *zp, uint64_t off, uint64_t len) argument
574 zfs_log_setattr(zilog_t *zilog, dmu_tx_t *tx, int txtype, znode_t *zp, vattr_t *vap, uint_t mask_applied, zfs_fuid_info_t *fuidp) argument
636 zfs_log_acl(zilog_t *zilog, dmu_tx_t *tx, znode_t *zp, vsecattr_t *vsecp, zfs_fuid_info_t *fuidp) argument
H A Ddmu_traverse.c76 traverse_zil_block(zilog_t *zilog, blkptr_t *bp, void *arg, uint64_t claim_txg) argument
90 (void) td->td_func(td->td_spa, zilog, bp, &zb, NULL, td->td_arg);
96 traverse_zil_record(zilog_t *zilog, lr_t *lrc, void *arg, uint64_t claim_txg) argument
114 (void) td->td_func(td->td_spa, zilog, bp, &zb, NULL,
132 zilog_t *zilog = zil_alloc(spa_get_dsl(td->td_spa)->dp_meta_objset, zh);
133 (void) zil_parse(zilog, traverse_zil_block, traverse_zil_record, td,
135 zil_free(zilog);
518 traverse_prefetcher(spa_t *spa, zilog_t *zilog, const blkptr_t *bp, argument
H A Dzfs_vnops.c154 * (7) After dropping all locks, invoke zil_commit(zilog, foid)
187 * zil_commit(zilog, foid); // synchronous when necessary
771 zilog_t *zilog; local
830 zilog = zfsvfs->z_log;
1103 zfs_log_write(zilog, tx, TX_WRITE, zp, woff, tx_bytes, ioflag);
1128 zil_commit(zilog, zp->z_id);
1514 zilog_t *zilog; local
1546 zilog = zfsvfs->z_log;
1673 zfs_log_create(zilog, tx, txtype, dzp, zp, name,
1740 zil_commit(zilog,
1773 zilog_t *zilog; local
2009 zilog_t *zilog; local
2192 zilog_t *zilog; local
2972 zilog_t *zilog; local
3802 zilog_t *zilog; local
4186 zilog_t *zilog; local
4379 zilog_t *zilog; local
5418 zilog_t *zilog = zfsvfs->z_log; local
H A Ddsl_pool.c775 zilog_t *zilog; local
777 while (zilog = txg_list_head(&dp->dp_dirty_zilogs, txg)) {
778 dsl_dataset_t *ds = dmu_objset_ds(zilog->zl_os);
780 * We don't remove the zilog from the dp_dirty_zilogs
785 zil_clean(zilog, txg);
786 (void) txg_list_remove_this(&dp->dp_dirty_zilogs, zilog, txg);
787 ASSERT(!dmu_objset_is_dirty(zilog->zl_os, txg));
788 dmu_buf_rele(ds->ds_dbuf, zilog);
H A Dbptree.c152 bptree_visit_cb(spa_t *spa, zilog_t *zilog, const blkptr_t *bp, argument
H A Ddmu_diff.c110 diff_cb(spa_t *spa, zilog_t *zilog, const blkptr_t *bp, argument
H A Dzvol.c261 zvol_map_block(spa_t *spa, zilog_t *zilog, const blkptr_t *bp, argument
1071 zilog_t *zilog = zv->zv_zilog; local
1074 if (zil_replaying(zilog, tx))
1077 if (zilog->zl_logbias == ZFS_LOGBIAS_THROUGHPUT)
1079 else if (!spa_has_slogs(zilog->zl_spa) &&
1119 zil_itx_assign(zilog, itx, tx);
1597 zilog_t *zilog = zv->zv_zilog; local
1599 if (zil_replaying(zilog, tx))
1609 zil_itx_assign(zilog, itx, tx);
H A Ddsl_destroy.c642 kill_blkptr(spa_t *spa, zilog_t *zilog, const blkptr_t *bp, argument
652 ASSERT(zilog != NULL);
659 ASSERT(zilog == NULL);
H A Ddsl_scan.c1335 dsl_scan_zil_block(zilog_t *zilog, blkptr_t *bp, void *arg, uint64_t claim_txg) argument
1364 dsl_scan_zil_record(zilog_t *zilog, lr_t *lrc, void *arg, uint64_t claim_txg) argument
1401 zilog_t *zilog; local
1412 zilog = zil_alloc(dp->dp_meta_objset, zh);
1414 (void) zil_parse(zilog, dsl_scan_zil_block, dsl_scan_zil_record, &zsa,
1417 zil_free(zilog);
H A Ddmu_send.c663 send_cb(spa_t *spa, zilog_t *zilog, const blkptr_t *bp, argument
1490 dmu_calculate_send_traversal(spa_t *spa, zilog_t *zilog, const blkptr_t *bp, argument
H A Dzfs_acl.c1944 zilog_t *zilog = zfsvfs->z_log; local
2030 zfs_log_acl(zilog, tx, zp, vsecp, fuidp);
H A Dzfs_znode.c1770 zilog_t *zilog = zfsvfs->z_log; local
1826 zfs_log_truncate(zilog, tx, TX_TRUNCATE, zp, off, len);
H A Dspa.c2117 spa_load_verify_cb(spa_t *spa, zilog_t *zilog, const blkptr_t *bp, argument
H A Dzil.h402 typedef int zil_parse_blk_func_t(zilog_t *zilog, blkptr_t *bp, void *arg,
404 typedef int zil_parse_lr_func_t(zilog_t *zilog, lr_t *lr, void *arg,
410 extern int zil_parse(zilog_t *zilog, zil_parse_blk_func_t *parse_blk_func,
418 extern void zil_free(zilog_t *zilog);
421 extern void zil_close(zilog_t *zilog);
425 extern boolean_t zil_replaying(zilog_t *zilog, dmu_tx_t *tx);
426 extern void zil_destroy(zilog_t *zilog, boolean_t keep_first);
427 extern void zil_destroy_sync(zilog_t *zilog, dmu_tx_t *tx);
428 extern void zil_rollback_destroy(zilog_t *zilog, dmu_tx_t *tx);
432 extern void zil_itx_assign(zilog_t *zilog, itx_
H A Ddmu_traverse.h39 struct zilog;
42 typedef int (blkptr_cb_t)(spa_t *spa, zilog_t *zilog, const blkptr_t *bp,
H A Dzfs_znode.h329 extern void zfs_log_create(zilog_t *zilog, dmu_tx_t *tx, uint64_t txtype,
334 extern void zfs_log_remove(zilog_t *zilog, dmu_tx_t *tx, uint64_t txtype,
337 extern void zfs_log_link(zilog_t *zilog, dmu_tx_t *tx, uint64_t txtype,
339 extern void zfs_log_symlink(zilog_t *zilog, dmu_tx_t *tx, uint64_t txtype,
341 extern void zfs_log_rename(zilog_t *zilog, dmu_tx_t *tx, uint64_t txtype,
343 extern void zfs_log_write(zilog_t *zilog, dmu_tx_t *tx, int txtype,
345 extern void zfs_log_truncate(zilog_t *zilog, dmu_tx_t *tx, int txtype,
347 extern void zfs_log_setattr(zilog_t *zilog, dmu_tx_t *tx, int txtype,
349 extern void zfs_log_acl(zilog_t *zilog, dmu_tx_t *tx, znode_t *zp,
H A Dzil_impl.h44 * transitioning from "closed" to "opened" the zilog's "zl_issuer_lock"
48 * via zil_lwb_write_issue(). Again, the zilog's "zl_issuer_lock" must
55 * the zilog's "zl_lock" must be held, *not* the "zl_issuer_lock".
57 * The zilog's "zl_issuer_lock" can become heavily contended in certain
87 * will be protected by the zilog's "zl_issuer_lock". Basically, prior
89 * holding the "zl_issuer_lock". After the lwb is issued, the zilog's
104 list_node_t lwb_node; /* zilog->zl_lwb_list linkage */
121 * the zilog's "zl_issuer_lock" or "zl_lock"; see the functions
171 struct zilog { struct
210 uint64_t zl_dirty_max_txg; /* highest txg used to dirty zilog */
H A Ddmu.h64 struct zilog;
1000 extern struct zilog *dmu_objset_zil(objset_t *os);
H A Dspa.h61 typedef struct zilog zilog_t;
H A Dzdb_il.c64 zil_prt_rec_create(zilog_t *zilog, int txtype, void *arg) argument
100 zil_prt_rec_remove(zilog_t *zilog, int txtype, void *arg) argument
110 zil_prt_rec_link(zilog_t *zilog, int txtype, void *arg) argument
121 zil_prt_rec_rename(zilog_t *zilog, int txtype, void *arg) argument
149 zil_prt_rec_write(zilog_t *zilog, int txtype, void *arg) argument
168 bp->blk_birth >= spa_min_claim_txg(zilog->zl_spa) ?
178 if (bp->blk_birth < zilog->zl_header->zh_claim_txg) {
184 SET_BOOKMARK(&zb, dmu_objset_id(zilog->zl_os),
189 error = zio_wait(zio_read(NULL, zilog->zl_spa,
212 zil_prt_rec_truncate(zilog_t *zilog, in argument
223 zil_prt_rec_setattr(zilog_t *zilog, int txtype, void *arg) argument
269 zil_prt_rec_acl(zilog_t *zilog, int txtype, void *arg) argument
310 print_log_record(zilog_t *zilog, lr_t *lr, void *arg, uint64_t claim_txg) argument
344 print_log_block(zilog_t *zilog, blkptr_t *bp, void *arg, uint64_t claim_txg) argument
398 dump_intent_log(zilog_t *zilog) argument
H A Dzdb.c3155 zdb_count_block(zdb_cb_t *zcb, zilog_t *zilog, const blkptr_t *bp, argument
3162 if (zilog && zil_bp_tree_add(zilog, bp) != 0)
3315 zdb_blkptr_cb(spa_t *spa, zilog_t *zilog, const blkptr_t *bp, argument
3342 zdb_count_block(zcb, zilog, bp,
4527 zdb_ddt_add_cb(spa_t *spa, zilog_t *zilog, const blkptr_t *bp, argument
H A Dztest.c2536 zilog_t *zilog = zd->zd_zilog; local
2540 zil_commit(zilog, ztest_random(ZTEST_OBJECTS));
2547 mutex_enter(&zilog->zl_lock);
2549 ASSERT3U(zd->zd_shared->zd_seq, <=, zilog->zl_commit_lr_seq);
2550 zd->zd_shared->zd_seq = zilog->zl_commit_lr_seq;
2551 mutex_exit(&zilog->zl_lock);
3892 zilog_t *zilog; local
3948 zilog = zil_open(os, ztest_get_data);
3979 zil_close(zilog);
6432 zilog_t *zilog; local

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