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H A D_echowchar.c42 return (wechowchar(stdscr, ch));
H A Dpechowchar.c62 rv = wechowchar(padwin, ch);
67 return (wechowchar(pad, ch));
H A Dwechowchar.c43 * wechowchar(WINDOW *win, chtype ch) is functionally equivalent to
48 wechowchar(WINDOW *win, chtype ch) function
H A Dwgetwstr.c139 (void) wechowchar(win, (chtype) ch);
H A DMakefile.com106 waddwch.o waddwchnstr.o wechowchar.o wgetwstr.o \
H A DMakefile538 wechowchar.3curses \
613 wechowchar.3curses := LINKSRC = curs_addwch.3curses

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