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H A DV3.wechochar.c48 #undef wechochar macro
50 wechochar(WINDOW *win, _ochtype c) function
H A D_echochar.c51 return (wechochar(stdscr, ch));
H A Dpechochar.c64 * previously called), call wechochar on it. Otherwise, call
65 * wechochar on the pad itself
71 rv = wechochar(padwin, ch);
76 return (wechochar(pad, ch));
H A Dwechochar.c52 * wechochar(WINDOW *win, chtype ch) is functionally equivalent to
57 wechochar(WINDOW *win, chtype ch) function
H A Dwgetch.c97 (void) wechochar(win, (chtype) inp);
H A Dwgetstr.c162 (void) wechochar(win,
179 (void) wechochar(win, (chtype) ch);
H A Dechochar.c65 #undef wechochar macro
68 wechochar(WINDOW *w, chtype ch) function
H A Dechochar.c62 (wechochar)(WINDOW *w, chtype ch) function
67 __m_trace("wechochar(%p, %lx)", w, ch);
73 return __m_return_code("wechochar", code);
H A DMakefile.com63 V3.wattrset.o V3.wechochar.o V3.winsch.o baudrate.o can_change.o \
95 wclrtobot.o wclrtoeol.o wdelch.o wechochar.o wgetch.o \
H A Dcurses.h578 extern int wechochar(WINDOW *, chtype);
927 #define echochar(ch) wechochar(stdscr,ch)
929 #define wechochar(w,ch) (waddch(w,ch)?ERR:wrefresh(w)) macro
H A Dcurses.h677 extern int wechochar(WINDOW *, const chtype);
873 #define echochar(ch) wechochar(stdscr, ch)
875 #define wechochar(w, ch) \ macro
H A DMakefile364 wechochar.3xcurses \
542 wechochar.3xcurses := LINKSRC = echochar.3xcurses
H A DMakefile537 wechochar.3curses \
588 wechochar.3curses := LINKSRC = curs_addch.3curses

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