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H A Dlibzfs_jni_ipool.h49 extern char *zjni_vdev_state_to_str(vdev_state_t state);
H A Dlibzfs_jni_pool.c83 /* vdev_state_t to DeviceStats$DeviceState map */
182 static jobject zjni_vdev_state_to_obj(JNIEnv *, vdev_state_t);
767 * Converts a vdev_state_t to a Java DeviceStats$DeviceState object.
770 zjni_vdev_state_to_obj(JNIEnv *env, vdev_state_t state)
1176 zjni_vdev_state_to_str(vdev_state_t state) {
H A Dvdev.h107 extern void vdev_set_state(vdev_t *vd, boolean_t isopen, vdev_state_t state,
121 vdev_state_t *);
H A Dzfs_mod.c152 vdev_state_t newstate;
555 vdev_state_t newstate;
H A Dlibzfs.h242 extern const char *zpool_state_to_name(vdev_state_t, vdev_aux_t);
297 vdev_state_t *);
H A Dlibzfs_pool.c185 zpool_state_to_name(vdev_state_t state, vdev_aux_t aux)
2834 vdev_state_t *newstate)
H A Dzfsimpl.h793 } vdev_state_t; typedef in typeref:enum:vdev_state
1672 vdev_state_t v_state; /* current state */
H A Dzfs.h765 } vdev_state_t; typedef in typeref:enum:vdev_state
H A Dzfsimpl.c1363 state_name(vdev_state_t state)
1393 print_state(int indent, const char *name, vdev_state_t state)
1429 vdev_state_t state;
H A Dvdev.c3299 vdev_online(spa_t *spa, uint64_t guid, uint64_t flags, vdev_state_t *newstate)
3303 vdev_state_t oldstate;
4164 vdev_set_state(vdev_t *vd, boolean_t isopen, vdev_state_t state, vdev_aux_t aux)
H A Dzfs_ioctl.c1999 vdev_state_t newstate = VDEV_STATE_UNKNOWN;
H A Dzpool_main.c4471 vdev_state_t newstate;
H A Dztest.c3504 vdev_state_t newstate = VDEV_STATE_UNKNOWN;

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