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H A Dswab.c24 * swab implementation
28 __STDPP__directive pragma pp:hide swab
30 #define swab ______swab
36 __STDPP__directive pragma pp:nohide swab
38 #undef swab
43 NoN(swab)
54 swab(const void* src, void* dst, ssize_t n)
H A Dswab.c36 #pragma weak _swab = swab
46 swab(const char *src, char *dest, ssize_t n) function
H A Dswab.c34 static char sccsid[] = "@(#)swab.c 8.1 (Berkeley) 6/4/93";
42 swab(const void * __restrict from, void * __restrict to, ssize_t len) function
H A Dstring.h134 void swab(const void * __restrict, void * __restrict, ssize_t);
H A Dunistd.h461 void swab(const void * __restrict, void * __restrict, ssize_t);
H A DMakefile.inc60 SRCS += $(LIBSRC)/libc/string/swab.c
68 strpbrk.o strrchr.o strsep.o strspn.o strstr.o strtok.o swab.o
H A Datapi.c1158 swab(aidp->ai_drvser, aidp->ai_drvser,
1160 swab(aidp->ai_fw, aidp->ai_fw,
1162 swab(aidp->ai_model, aidp->ai_model,
H A Data_common.c1235 swab(aidp->ai_drvser, aidp->ai_drvser,
1237 swab(aidp->ai_fw, aidp->ai_fw,
1239 swab(aidp->ai_model, aidp->ai_model,
H A Data_disk.c3132 swab(aidp->ai_drvser, aidp->ai_drvser,
3134 swab(aidp->ai_fw, aidp->ai_fw,
3136 swab(aidp->ai_model, aidp->ai_model,
H A Dstdlib.h166 * swab() has historically been in <stdlib.h> as delivered from AT&T
168 * As of Issue 4 of the X/Open Portability Guides, swab() was declared
170 * swab() declaration in this header is only visible for the XPG3
185 extern void swab(const char *, char *, ssize_t);
H A Dunistd.h521 extern void swab(const void *_RESTRICT_KYWD, void *_RESTRICT_KYWD, ssize_t);
H A Daudioplay.c666 swab((char *)inbuf, outbuf, cnt);
756 swab((char *)inbuf, outbuf,
H A Daudiorecord.c680 swab((char *)buf, swapBuf, cnt);
H A Dsata.c2112 swab(sid->ai_model, model, SATA_ID_MODEL_LEN);
2113 swab(sid->ai_fw, fw, SATA_ID_FW_LEN);
3442 swab(sid->ai_model, inq->inq_pid, 16); /* Product ID */
3444 swab(sid->ai_fw, inq->inq_revision, 4); /* Revision level */
3446 swab(&sid->ai_fw[4], inq->inq_revision, 4); /* Rev. level */
3750 swab(p, &page_buf[4], SATA_ID_SERIAL_LEN);
3826 swab(sdinfo->satadrv_id.ai_model,
3830 swab(sdinfo->satadrv_id.ai_fw,
3833 swab(&sdinfo->satadrv_id.ai_fw[4],
12824 swab(msg_bu
H A DMakefile.com135 common/comp/swab.o \
H A DMakefile.com600 swab.o \
H A DMakefile.com629 swab.o \
H A DMakefile.com587 swab.o \
H A Dsunddi.h1574 swab(void *src, void *dst, size_t nbytes);
H A DMakefile567 swab.o \
H A DMakefile499 swab.9f \
H A DMakefile465 swab.3c \
H A Dsunddi.c5368 swab(void *src, void *dst, size_t nbytes) function
H A Dmptsas.c3228 swab(sid->ai_model, model, SATA_ID_MODEL_LEN);
3229 swab(sid->ai_fw, fw, SATA_ID_FW_LEN);

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