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H A Dspa.c6077 return (spa_vdev_exit(spa, NULL, txg, error));
6079 spa->spa_pending_vdev = vd; /* spa_vdev_exit() will clear this */
6090 return (spa_vdev_exit(spa, vd, txg, EINVAL));
6094 return (spa_vdev_exit(spa, vd, txg, error));
6101 return (spa_vdev_exit(spa, vd, txg, error));
6115 return (spa_vdev_exit(spa, vd, txg, EINVAL));
6119 return (spa_vdev_exit(spa, vd, txg, EINVAL));
6130 return (spa_vdev_exit(spa, vd,
6166 * initializing metaslabs; sync the config cache (via spa_vdev_exit());
6173 (void) spa_vdev_exit(sp
H A Dvdev_removal.c1178 (void) spa_vdev_exit(spa, NULL, txg, 0);
1197 (void) spa_vdev_exit(spa, vd, txg, 0);
2086 return (spa_vdev_exit(spa, NULL, txg, error));
2148 error = spa_vdev_exit(spa, NULL, txg, error);
H A Dspa_misc.c219 * The vdev configuration is protected by spa_vdev_enter() / spa_vdev_exit().
224 * spa_vdev_exit() Release the config lock, wait for all I/O
1313 spa_vdev_exit(spa_t *spa, vdev_t *vd, uint64_t txg, int error) function
H A Dspa.h923 extern int spa_vdev_exit(spa_t *spa, vdev_t *vd, uint64_t txg, int error);

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