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H A Dspa_config.c132 (void) spa_add(nvpair_name(nvpair), child, NULL);
H A Dspa.c5103 spa = spa_add(poolname, nvl, altroot);
5526 spa = spa_add(pname, config, NULL);
5634 spa = spa_add(pool, config, altroot);
5806 spa = spa_add(TRYIMPORT_NAME, tryconfig, NULL);
7093 newspa = spa_add(newname, config, altroot);
H A Dspa_misc.c127 * spa_add() Create a new spa_t in the namespace.
616 spa_add(const char *name, nvlist_t *config, const char *altroot) function
H A Dspa.h868 extern spa_t *spa_add(const char *name, nvlist_t *config, const char *altroot);

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