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H A Dserver.h131 void remote_open (char *name);
H A Dgdbreplay.c95 remote_open (char *name) function
308 remote_open (argv[2]);
H A Dserver.c375 remote_open (argv[1]);
H A Dremote-utils.c53 remote_open (char *name) function
H A Dremote.c90 static void remote_open (char *name, int from_tty);
368 remote_open knows that we don't have a file open when the program
2067 remote_open (char *name, int from_tty)
2072 /* Just like remote_open, but with asynchronous support. */
4777 remote_open (name, from_tty);
5271 remote_ops.to_open = remote_open;
2061 remote_open (char *name, int from_tty) function

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