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H A Dumem_fail.c98 (void) print_sym((void *)cur_stack[idx]);
H A Dmisc.h71 int print_sym(void *pointer);
H A Dmisc.c237 * print_sym tries to print out the symbol and offset of a pointer
240 print_sym(void *pointer) function
H A Dumem.c1212 (void) print_sym((void *)bcap->bc_stack[d]);
H A Dsym.c292 * Called by print_sym() to determine if a given symbol has the same
412 * Called by print_sym() to display values for a single symbol table.
592 print_sym(SYM_CMD_T cmd, int autoprint, ARGSTATE *argstate) function
1420 print_sym(cmd, 0, argstate);
1452 print_sym(cmd, 1, argstate);

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