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H A Decb.c51 void *iov_or_mp; local
69 crypto_init_ptrs(out, &iov_or_mp, &offset);
101 crypto_get_ptrs(out, &iov_or_mp, &offset, &out_data_1,
H A Dmodes.c41 * Initialize by setting iov_or_mp to point to the current iovec or mp,
45 crypto_init_ptrs(crypto_data_t *out, void **iov_or_mp, offset_t *current_offset) argument
65 *iov_or_mp = (void *)vec_idx;
78 *iov_or_mp = mp;
87 * decrypted data. The iov_or_mp argument stores a pointer to the current
91 crypto_get_ptrs(crypto_data_t *out, void **iov_or_mp, offset_t *current_offset, argument
121 vec_idx = (uintptr_t)(*iov_or_mp);
141 *iov_or_mp = (void *)vec_idx;
150 mp = (mblk_t *)*iov_or_mp;
166 *iov_or_mp
H A Dcbc.c60 void *iov_or_mp; local
78 crypto_init_ptrs(out, &iov_or_mp, &offset);
126 crypto_get_ptrs(out, &iov_or_mp, &offset,
197 void *iov_or_mp; local
215 crypto_init_ptrs(out, &iov_or_mp, &offset);
254 crypto_get_ptrs(out, &iov_or_mp, &offset, &out_data_1,
H A Dctr.c173 void *iov_or_mp; local
198 crypto_init_ptrs(out, &iov_or_mp, &offset);
218 crypto_get_ptrs(out, &iov_or_mp, &offset, &out_data,
H A Dccm.c59 void *iov_or_mp; local
79 crypto_init_ptrs(out, &iov_or_mp, &offset);
139 crypto_get_ptrs(out, &iov_or_mp, &offset, &out_data_1,
212 void *iov_or_mp; local
264 crypto_init_ptrs(out, &iov_or_mp, &offset);
265 crypto_get_ptrs(out, &iov_or_mp, &offset, &out_data_1,
H A Dgcm.c142 void *iov_or_mp; local
162 crypto_init_ptrs(out, &iov_or_mp, &offset);
205 crypto_get_ptrs(out, &iov_or_mp, &offset, &out_data_1,

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