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H A DV3.m_newterm.c49 m_newterm(char *type, FILE *outfptr, FILE *infptr) argument
51 return (newterm(type, outfptr, infptr));
H A DV3.newterm.c51 newterm(char *type, FILE *outfptr, FILE *infptr) argument
54 return (newscreen(type, 0, 0, 0, outfptr, infptr));
H A Dnewscreen.c68 * infptr, outfptr: input and output stdio stream file pointers
73 FILE *outfptr, FILE *infptr)
94 fprintf(outf, "NEWTERM(type=%s, outfptr=%x %d, infptr=%x %d) "
96 fileno(outfptr), infptr, fileno(infptr), isatty(2),
130 SP->input_file = infptr;
142 (void) typeahead(fileno(infptr));
143 (void) tinputfd(fileno(infptr));
72 newscreen(char *type, int lsize, int csize, int tabsize, FILE *outfptr, FILE *infptr) argument

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